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A big thank you to Mr John Foo for guiding us delicately during our Europe trip. Mr Foo's responsible attitude definitely enhanced the experience of the whole trip. Not only that he also took the initiative to celebrate some of the group members' birthday. A big thumb up for him!

Liza Lee

  • Tour: 08ECERPS19/17EK
  • Tour Manager: JOHN FOO
  • Date: 19/08/2017 - 01/09/2017

I signed my 79-year-old mom & myself up for this tour, and we had a blast! Since we also had several millennials on the tour, it felt like a multi-generational family vacation!As a tour mgr, Ricardo is knowledgeable, considerate, resourceful & patient. Our long-distance travels on the coach were peppered with great humour, memorable history lessons pertinent to the cities we were approaching. We often arrived at a tourist spot armed with JIT info to appreciate its history, culture, people, cuisine, fashion, shopping (!), etc. It helped that Ricardo worked well with our coach captain. They made a great team, and that enhanced our experience.Ricardo took great care of my mom. It also helped that we had great tour mates, and everyone looked out for her. At Mt Titlis in Switzerland, amid strong winds, he held her by his hand to cross the Cliff Walk. She was able to admire the grandeur of the Swiss Alps via different angles from 10,000 ft. We also appreciated Ricardo's excellent time mgt. On most occasions, he steered us away from waiting in long lines, and crowded places amid scorching heat. But we were still able to visit iconic places during Europe's high travel season. We crossed multiple countries, cities & borders in the comfort of our well-maintained coach, whilst admiring a picturesque Europe. We also survived cities notorious for pick-pocketing, and returned home safe and sound!Special thanks to Ng Huiqing for being a professional & patient tour consultant. She was the main reason we signed up with EU. I highly recommend EU Holidays, and hope they continue to thrive in this cut throat industry. Thank you, Ricardo & Huiqing!Photo: Tour Mgr, Ricardo Tiang (orange windbreaker), gripping my mom's hand (grey outfit) as they braved strong winds crossing the cliff walk at Mt Titlis, Switzerland.

Lesley Tay

  • Tour: 08ECCFPA03/17EY
  • Tour Manager: RICKY TIANG
  • Date: 03/08/2017 - 16/08/2017

Ref TB016997 which was lead by Jiafu gave me a very good impressions of his tour management and human factor skills .The whole group does enjoy the holiday under his tour leadership skill. For this coming holidays ,several of our friends had booked the Northern Europe Tour Code -EFN10W and duly look forward to Mr Jiafu leading this coming tour of the aforesaid tour reference.

Peter Teo

  • Tour: 04EEBALS28/17EY-I
  • Tour Manager: JEREMIAH TAN
  • Date: 28/04/2017 - 11/05/2017

My family and I are really glad that we made the choice to travel with EU holidays. The tour package is value for money and it gave my family an unforgettable experience in Europe. The quality of the local tours are good and gave great insights on the places of interest.Ricardo is an experienced tour manager and has taken care of the group really well throughout this journey. He is jovial and entertaining, making the trips on the bus more bearable. He tries his best to impart some historical knowledge on the places of interest and crack jokes on the bus to make the journey between cities more enjoyable. Apart from that, he constantly reminds us to be aware of the crime syndicates in Europe and took special care for the elders. He also took extra efforts to plan the itinerary well so as to avoid crowds and long queues.We are inspired by his dedication to work and are grateful to him for such an enjoyable journey in Europe. My family and I will definitely choose EU holidays in our future trips.

Fiona Tan

  • Tour: 08ECCFPA03/17EY
  • Tour Manager: RICKY TIANG
  • Date: 03/08/2017 - 16/08/2017

My kids flew in from Canada to join me for the tour that began in Milan along with the rest of the tour group. To begin with, the Italian food was authentic and nothing short of spectacular! We had a lot of opportunities for photo taking and shopping all over the tour across the various different cities in Italy.Generally speaking, the tour was great, but there was one difference that I personally feel made our tour special. This was our superb tour manager Ann Soo! She really took care of us, ensuring our safety and satiety when eating. She always went the extra distance to make sure our dietary requirements were met as they are slightly different in comparison to the rest of the group.If not for Ann, we probably would not have had this memorable experience in Italy. We definitely would recommend this tour again especially with our talented tour manager Ann!

Rita Dutt

  • Tour: 06ECCIFA16/17EY
  • Tour Manager: ANN SOO
  • Date: 16/06/2017 - 26/06/2017

It's an amazing tour with comprehensive itinerary which covers many cities in Central Europe mainly London, Paris, Lucerne, Milan, Venice, Florence, Pisa and Rome. I would like to also give the special credit to our tour leader, Mr. Ricardo, who is knowledgeable, caring and most importantly, very funny. He is a reliable person for such a long days Multi-counties tour since we do not need to worry anything about transport, meals and even timing as he planned all the tour programs quite well every day. He also has the talent to draw his passengers interests when he explains about history related to the visiting sites along the tour. Therefore, I strongly recommend EU Holidays and Mr. Ricardo for your next European holidays.

Ye Thu Aung

  • Tour: 08ECCFPA03/17EY
  • Tour Manager: RICKY TIANG
  • Date: 03/08/2017 - 16/08/2017

Being our first time to Europe me and my wife would want to have a very memorable holiday By choosing EU Holidays our dreams come true. EU itinerary is well planned and covered the famous places of interest without any rushOur Tour Manager Ken Yong is also superb and he makes lots of difference. The total tour members 34 and we were all strangers. But Ken had made it like we are travelling with groups of bestie. Tour members plays a part but most important is to have good Tour ManagerKen is very experience, friendly, approacheable and helpful. Ken is always ready to help to take photos for all 34 of us. Ken even taught us how to take photos from which angle to get best shot. Overall this trip is Wow wow wowNo regret choosing EU and we will choose EU again in future

Yin Yuan

  • Tour: 07ECERPS06/17EK
  • Tour Manager: KEN YONG
  • Date: 06/07/2017 - 18/07/2017

Going to Europe for holidays has been my dreams. To celebrate our wedding anniversary as well as my birthday in July we search for package that had departure in July. Found the package that EU offered matching well with our wedding anniversary date as well as my birthdayI am lost with words to express the happiness and how much me and my hubby had enjoyed the trip. And this all happened by having a SUPER Good tour manager Mr Ken Yong. With his friendly attitude, sharing his valuable experience, taking good care of all the tour members (32 adults & 2 young kids). Without fail Ken would always remind us to take care of our personal belongings, beware of pick pocket. Recommend us good food and let us have ample free time to venture and explore on our own.No feeling of rushing at all. I have joined other package tour with other travel agency which mostly touch and go. But this is totally not touch and go. The tour member also awesome. Ken even personally bought me a box of chocolate as my birthday present. So sweet of him. Ken and the 34 tours member sang a birthday song for me.It has been very memorable trip for me and I really give thumbs up to Ken Yong to make such wonderful and memorable trip. No regret booked with EU and will start saving$$$ to book oyr trip. Travel agent? Of course we will choose EU again.Keep up the good work EU team

Sally Ng

  • Tour: 07ECERPS06/17EK
  • Tour Manager: KEN YONG
  • Date: 06/07/2017 - 18/07/2017

We have an awesome tour group and an experienced street smart tour manager. Our trip was fun and enjoyable�

June Chai

  • Tour: 07ECERPS06/17EK
  • Tour Manager: KEN YONG
  • Date: 06/07/2017 - 18/07/2017

This was our 1st package holidays after years of F&E n self drives for a family of 5 with 3 elders. While I was impatient with the waits and loss of controls at the start, I learnt to appreciate EU Holidays and the tour manager Sheue Juan as the journeys continues and each iternary spelled was visited.We are happy and satisfied with the hotels, Mario the bus driver and the local tour guides who are very detailed in their explanation ad well as their passion to share their country.The breakfasts are great that our instant noodles are eaten just because we had to free luggage space. While some of the local cuisine does not always sit well with our taste, it's an experience well enjoyed. We especially lives all the ice cream shop introduced by Sheue Juan.We benefited from the great synergy that Sheue Juan shared with Mario who had kindly allowed us to feast on his bus. Time flies as we munch our chips and nuts and dozes with a happy stomach. The break stops were great and we says good bye to our $$ with cheers.We very much appreciate Sheue Juan on her effort to call before the trips on rooms n food request and reorganized the rooms plus negotiated for room change when the aircon failed. Her effort in building the time consciousness of the group,sgaring quality purchased and even ensuring that each of us received our luggage when we reached Singapore deserved to be applaud.Thank you EU Holidays for ensuring great partners n workers that our holidays are happy treasured memories.Regards,Seow Hia

Teo Seow Hia

  • Tour: 06EEBALS18/17EK
  • Tour Manager: LEOW SHEUE JIUAN
  • Date: 18/06/2017 - 28/06/2017

Dear Sir, Letter of Appreciation My daughters and I would like to commend your staff, Tour Leader Miss Ng Lay Kim, who had recently concluded guiding the 11- Day Europe + 2- Day Dubai Tour June 2017 for a job well carried out. We appreciate her attention to detail and relentless effort in providing great service to the group. Miss Ng displayed professionalism by taking care of each of our concerns and needs; giving relevant advice on attire, purchases and safety concerns. She was always quick in giving aid to unwell members and bringing group members to the clinic, collecting medicine on their behalf and advocating good moral values for the kids in the group. During the trip, Miss Ng had gone beyond her duties in ensuring the safety of the members, drivers as well as non-acquaintances who were trying to cross the dangerous roads in Europe. Miss Ng has an enviable ability to stay cool and gather the group patiently when some tend to stray away for a longer time than they should. Her sense of humour and great story telling skills have made the frequently long journey in the coach bearable. We admire her enthusiasm, energy, and organizational abilities; planning for good meals, allocating seats efficiently and ensuring timely breaks for us to freshen up. Her historical knowledge of Europe’s places of interest and sense of direction and orientation have ensured the smooth journey across the different places and our familiarization with the historical aspect of the countries we had visited. Miss Ng also went the extra mile to generously purchase food samples for us so that we could experience the unique cuisines peculiar to some places. Miss Ng is a true gem and is one-of-a-kind. We are appreciative of the passion displayed and have enjoyed our time with her as our tour leader. Please convey our appreciation to her. The service from EU Holidays Pte Ltd has exceeded our expectations! Thank you for making our vacation a memorable one! Best Regards, Christine Lee  

Lee Christine

  • Tour: 06ECCHLA06/17EK
  • Tour Manager: KIM NG
  • Date: 06/06/2017 - 16/06/2017

Message : Re: Thank you EU Holidays and Mr Gary Teo for a wonderful tour around Spain & Portugal Tour information: Tour Leader: Mr Gary Teo Tour Package: 13D10N Spain & Portugal Tour Dates: 2017 (25/4 - 5/7) 2016 : Last year (Aug/Sep 2016), my family of 4 comprising my husband (Choong Teck Min) & I and our 2 sons Gabriel & Daniel, travelled for the 1st time with EU Holidays to Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia. We had a great time and were well taken care of by Tour Leader Ms Mei Wai Kuan. My son, Daniel Choong, posted some feedbacks (to your email and your Facebook) on our satisfaction with the tour then. 2017: Following our satisfaction with EU Holidays last year, my family decided to travel again with EU Holidays on a 13D/10N tour to Spain & Portugal from 25/4-7/5 2017. This time, we brought along my 82 years old mother-in-law. Although we had requested for Ms Mei, we were assigned another Tour Leader, Mr Gary Teo. Our family of 5 had a great time in Spain & Portugal. Thank you to EU Holidays. We are especially grateful and appreciative to Mr Gary Teo who had taken very good care of our 3 generation family’s needs. (1) He made sure we were always seated together and our rooms were in close proximity. (2) He was mindful & attentive of my old mother-in-law’s slow pacing, stepping over uneven grounds, mandarin translation needs for tour instructions, and was constantly helping with her baggage; (3) Besides looking after the 21 tour group members’ needs, he went out of his way to help to arrange a birthday celebration for my son Gabriel on 5/5/17. (a) We were unable to purchase a birthday cake along the tour as we were traveling the whole day from Salamanca to Madrid. He also encountered problems getting a birthday cake at the dining places for both lunch (Suckling Pig at Segovia) and dinner (Chinese Buffet at Madrid) as both venues already had desert provided and weren’t able to help to get a cake from outside the restaurants. So he very creatively arranged for the cutting of a Suckling Pig to a cutting of a birthday cake for Gabriel plus added a slice of Segovia’s local cake into the catered dessert. Gabriel was overjoyed and was very happy to share & celebrate the special day with the whole tour group, and (b) When we arrived at Madrid in the evening, Gary made use of some extra time prior to dinner to make a stop at Real Madrids’ Football Stadium (the tour program was supposed to just drive past the stadium). Gabriel, who is an avid football fan, was thrilled and high with excitement. He was able to take lots of pictures beside the stadium & the huge posters of football players, as well as buy some Real Madrid football mementos. My family is very satisfied with the Spain & Portugal tour and thank Gary very much for all his arrangements for the tour group and my 3-generation family. 

TIO Chieu Yoke

  • Tour: 04ESMADS25/17LX
  • Tour Manager: GARY TEO
  • Date: 25/04/2017 - 04/06/2017

Having great time and really enjoy thru out the 14 days. 14 days are long when we are stuck with strangers but John’s bubbly character makes everyone feels like home and we got warmed up quickly. We had fun, good laugh, good stay, good foods, great tour mates, great tour manager. He made sure that the whole group are well informed and time management are well control. He’s very knowledgeable and friendly. He also gave us good advices regardless of shopping or tour. It’s an enjoyment trips. The only challenges for us are how to make ourselves enjoy the holiday without any worries.  Overall the stay, meals and trip are nice and enjoyable. Our tour manager will always remind us to take care of our valuables and be extra alert at places with higher risk of pickpockets.  We feel safe when our group is united and take care of one another. John’s has gone for an extra mile for both of us making arrangement for our airline seats after his working hours is over. He came down to the lobby to help me. Once again, thank you for making this trip AWESOME! Very responsible tour guide We will recommend EU Holidays Pte Ltd to our family and friends.   Mr & Mrs Kong

Mr & Mrs Kong

  • Tour: 04EEMUCS30/17SQ
  • Tour Manager: JOHN FOO
  • Date: 30/04/2017 - 10/05/2017

Hi, My family and I join the 10D7N Mama Mia Italy(Summer) tour which departed on 29 May 2017. The purpose of the Email is to compliment our tour leader Mr Chong, about a week before the trip he started getting in touch with the us and sent us all the necessary details on the trip and also answered all our queries on the trip. Even thou he was overseas his replies were prompt as I forgotten to mention that I am on a vegetarian diet(on the return flight) during the tour briefing I drop him a whatsapp and to my surprise even with his busy schedule he remembered to make the request for me.   During the trip Chong Ensure that everything went smoothly(From daily tour itinerary, to bringing us to get the items we wanted from each shop and even to getting our tax refund done). He took his rest time to arrange all our tax refund documents to Ensure that the process at the airport would be smooth. At the Bologna airport he was at the counter to assist us all with our tax refund, as I had 5 receipts submitted I did not check the refund documents and wanted to leave after I sign the documents and Chong was sharp to spot that only 4 out of 5 were processed. And thanks to him I managed to get back the right amount. When in Dubai, we were only suppose to be given a guided city tour on the last day however Chong went the extra mile to bring us the the Dubai mall on 7 June 2017. At every place that we visit Chong was never pushy about any optional tours or getting us to make any purchases from the stores. This I would say is the best guided tour I ever had, I have stop joining tours for more than 5 years due to the poor past experience I have had but this itself has definitely changed my perspective on guided tour. And with such wonderful service from the tour manager and value for money tour prices I would definitely return to EU Holidays should I be heading for any guided tour packages and recommend all my friends and family. Once again Thank you so much for making this trip such a memorable one Mr Chong. Best Regards, Yihao Sent from my iPhone

Heng Yi Hao

  • Tour: 05ECCITA29/17EK
  • Tour Manager: CHONG HWEE MIN
  • Date: 29/05/2017 - 08/06/2017

Tour package: 13D9N Best of Eastern USA and Canada Travel date: 12- 22 June 2017 Tour Manager: Timothy Wee Just came back from 13 days 9 nights best of Eastern USA and Canada where the tour manager is Timothy Wee. The trip depart 12 June 2017. This was one of the best tour as the people in the tour was fun. Credit need to be given to Timothy Wee, our tour manager where he has brought the whole group of stranger together and have fun through out this trip. He is very knowledgable,caring and the most important fun and funny!He manage situation professionally. Definately, if you are going to this trip, get him as your tour manager, no regret and I am sure he manages other tour as good, seem to be very experience in Northern Europe as well~~ thanks for making this trip a good one for me and my wife. Our memorable honeymoon !

Englup Tan

  • Tour: 06USECSS12/17EY
  • Tour Manager: TIMOTHY WEE
  • Date: 12/06/2017 - 26/06/2017

13D10N #Italy #Switzerland #France +2N #Dubai Departure Date : 9 Jun 2017 Tour Manager : Connie Hay #EUHolidays #HappyCustomers #iloveEU Connie Hay This was our first trip to Europe and we thoroughly enjoyed our whole trip with EUHolidays... The itenary was very well planned from the moment we left from Singapore.. They made sure we covered all the places...Staying at Trubsee lodge was the best experience ever... A special mention to our tour manager Connie Hay, who was always cheerful,very helpful, funny, very patient and our body guard too���...She made sure we had no inconvenience whatsoever at any place...She also made sure of my meal preferences of no beef or pork...thanks a lot Connie for always being there... Overall very Happy with EU holidays and would travel with them again...

Chaitali Mahajan

  • Tour: 06ECERPS09/17EK
  • Tour Manager: CONNIE HAY
  • Date: 09/06/2017 - 22/06/2017

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