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I went on the first VTL by EU Holidays to the Netherlands, Germany and France (11D8N). I feel very comfortable with their style, itinerary and price. Our tour manager Sabestian Mak is very passionate, dedicated and professional. He takes care of the group well, making it an enjoyable experience for us. We appreciate it. Hope to book another tour with EU Holidays soon.

Lilian Seet

  • Tour: 11ECAGFW20/21SQ
  • Tour Manager: SEBASTIAN MAK
  • Date: 20/11/2021 - 01/12/2021

So glad I choose EU holiday again,I been with their tours group many times. Had a smashing time dep on 20-Nov,11days tour on this three countries name 1st VTL group tour to Amsterdam荷兰 Germany 德国 France Paris 法国,by SIA Singapore airline. Hope in future I will join Mr S Mak tour again. My memorable trip was make possible,by an excellent,experience professional tour manager Sebastian Mak. Kudos to Mak.

Jess Eng Frankland

  • Tour: 11ECAGFW20/21SQ
  • Tour Manager: SEBASTIAN MAK
  • Date: 20/11/2021 - 01/12/2021

Travel 10days Netherlands Germany, France and Paris on 20/11/2021 lead by tour manager Sebastian Mak. He's very professional and he really take care of us during this 10days.Well done Sebastian, hope in future you will lead us another destination

Teresa Kok

  • Tour: 11ECAGFW20/21SQ
  • Tour Manager: SEBASTIAN MAK
  • Date: 20/11/2021 - 01/12/2021

We recently joined the first VTL group to Busan in korea. We have waited two years for this trip to happen. Although there were a lot of procedures/documents to be processed before departure, EU arranged a good team leader (Yan Ni) for us. She is a responsible and enthusiastic person. When we encountered problems, she was very patient and attempted to help us come up with solutions. In addition to the team leader, we also had two very good Korean tour guides(正训 & 智沿) throughout the 8 days itinerary. They were humorous, enthusiastic, patient and responsible. Everytime we went to a new hotel, they would come and check on us individually and make sure that the rooms were okay. Whenever we encountered language barrier, the tour guides were readily available to offer their assistance. They even went out of their way to bring us to the subway station and teach us how to get the tickets and take the subway on our free day. I really appreciated the two tour guides and our team leader for making the journey so enjoyable and also for leaving us with many good memories.

Toh Sock Leng

  • Tour: 11KRBB0816/21SQ
  • Tour Manager: TEE YAN NI
  • Date: 16/11/2021 - 23/11/2021

Had a great time on their 1st VTL group tour to Germany. They did a fantastic job adjusting to the new norms of travel.  Their preparations for all eventualities were impressive. Hotels were great & top class. We enjoyed many German speciality dishes.  Our memorable trip was made possible by the very professional tour manager, Gary Teo.  His wealth of tour experience & knowledge meant there were no hiccups on the trip.  He was always on the lookout for our safety, comfort & wellbeing.  Eg, he did a takeaway dinner for me when I did not join in the scheduled group dinner as jetlag got to me.  I was pleasantly surprised & touched.  His quick wit & interesting commentary livens our coach journeys.  In my 30 years of travel have not met a better tour manager than Gary. Kudos to EU for having such a loyal, hardworking exemplary staff.Thanks again for the lovely memories.

Wee Tee Theresa Wong

  • Tour: 09ECGRRA21/21SQ
  • Tour Manager: GARY TEO
  • Date: 21/09/2021 - 30/09/2021

I was in the 11 day VTL tour of Netherlands, Germany & France  from 20 - 30 Nov 2021. It was a very enjoyable and wonderful experience. Special thanks to our tour manager Sebastian Mak. He is very professional and handled various hiccups very well. He is also patient, helpful and knowledgeable. Sebastian really enhances our group’s visits to the various attractions in the three countries. Look forward to being in his tour group again.

Sandra Chuah

  • Tour: 11ECAGFW20/21SQ
  • Tour Manager: SEBASTIAN MAK
  • Date: 20/11/2021 - 01/12/2021

We joined a 10 days/7 nights tour to Finland on 21 February 2020. Our tour guide, Jeremiah Tan was very knowledgeable, patient, fun & caring too. He was always on the lookout for our tour members, especially for my parents-in-law who are in their 70s. As not the entire group was lucky to see the Northern Lights by almost the end of our trip; he made special arrangements with the driver to bring us to a special place where we managed to see the lights. While waiting for the lights to appear, he even entertained the group to help us take our minds off the cold weather! I would like to extend a special & heartfelt thanks to Jeremiah Tan for helping to make our trip so memorable.

Julie Goh

  • Tour: 02EFN10W21/20AY
  • Tour Manager: JEREMIAH TAN
  • Date: 21/02/2020 - 29/02/2020

13D Eastern Europe Trip with Family! We always travel with EU Holidays because of their interesting itineraries and caring and experienced Tour Managers. Mr John Foo was our Tour Manager our family really enjoyed this trip!

Ng Nancy‎

  • Tour: 09EEMUCS24/19EK
  • Tour Manager: JOHN FOO
  • Date: 24/09/2019 - 06/10/2019

We had a fantastic time on the 12D9N Adventure in Balkans led by Alicia Phang. The itinerary, transport and accommodation were great, and we had very professional local guides at different cities. Alicia was a very caring and helpful guide who went to great lengths to make sure everyone was happy with everything. EU Holidays was very generous and considerate in changing our itinerary because of the Covid-19. We appreciated all the hard work in providing us with an excellent service. Thank you, EU Holidays. Will definitely recommend your company to all my friends.

Yvonne Lo

  • Tour: 03EEBALW03/20EK
  • Tour Manager: ALICIA PHANG
  • Date: 03/03/2020 - 14/03/2020

We signed up for the 10d7n Winter Adventure in Finland + Norway (4 March to 13 March 2020) and our tour manager was Andy Yuan! Went for the pre-tour briefing that was conducted by Andy was glad to hear that he was going to be our tour manager. The trip was well planned and Andy was accommodating with our many requests. He also told us interesting stories and jokes during the long bus journeys. Many people from our tour group are “in love” with him haha! He is funny and was always willing to help anyone out with many suggestions and pre-empting us on what to expect or prepare before each activity/ leg of the itinerary. Of course in the itinerary, there are some misses with the food (especially at the Saariselkä hotel) but can’t ask for too much. The activities were super fun too and I’m glad that there was definitely something new and exciting to look forward to each day. How I wish they could extend the trip or have more aurora hunting days as we were quite unlucky with cloudy nights. Nonetheless, well done EU holidays! Thanks for also helping us when we had issues flying back (we extended our trip) due to covid-19 and most of Europe was almost in a lockdown.

Sherlene Ong

  • Tour: 03EFN10W04/20AY
  • Tour Manager: ANDY YUAN
  • Date: 04/03/2020 - 13/03/2020

We certainly enjoy our trip Adventure To Balkans... Is real adventures.. No jokes.. Thanks to EUThanks to our tour manager Sebastian Mak.

Moses Boon

  • Tour: 03EEBALW07/20EK
  • Tour Manager: SEBASTIAN MAK
  • Date: 07/03/2020 - 18/03/2020

Tour: 12D9N Adventure to BALKANS Date : 7 - 18 March 2020 Tour Manager : Sebastian Mak This is our family’s first package tour with EU Holidays , and it has such an enjoyable and satisfying trip that we completed. Visits to the many rich UNESCO heritage sites in the Balkans was well planned and well executed. The local and western meals arranged was delicious with much local flavour and quality, including the Roast Port Ribs @Bled Castle, Black & White seafood Risotto, beef Sahan. Hotels provided was up to expectations. Our trip was very well take care by Sebastian, and would like to compliment for his many fine qualities in executing his role. From the onset of tour of small group of 12, Sebastian’s warm and candid personality keeps us comfortable as a group travelling together. He lead the team with great professionalism and has very good product knowledge, sharing with us the many historical , political, religious and cultural history of the Balkans, background to the churches and castles. I learnt many new insights to the Balkans which I never knew of. Also, we are always reminded by Sebastian to stay vigilant when touring various places, and he keep us engaged on long bus rides by sharing many travel tips and jokes with us. He is very meticulous, caring and responsible in executing the travel programs, sending us notification of next day’s program details, weather, so that we are well prepared to enjoy our day’s program. Of special mention is his superb skill in crisis management. Our trip was mired in very uncertain times due to Covid-19, whereby everyday , new rules and changes were imposed by the various Balkan’s governments. In spite of travelling in such unprecedented uncertain times, we thank EU Holidays for sending us such an experienced tour manager that handled the changes and various unforeseen situations with such calm and composed temperament, focussing on the best interest for our group. He keep us promptly updated to the situations and the changes needed, clearly explaining to us the whys and hows, thus keeping the group very much at ease, that we are in good hands throughout the trip. He is caring to listen to our feedback and meeting our respective needs best possible. I could see the passion, drive and commitment that Sebastian delivered on his job, representing very well the company he served in. Great asset to EU Holidays. We would definitely recommend EU Holidays to the other travellers, having such wonderful memorable first trip to the Balkans. As for my family, we will embark on future travels with EU Holidays again, hopefully again having Sebastian as our tour manager. Thanks again Sebastian and EU Holidays. God Bless. Regards, Victor & Jane Lee

Ngernjoo Koh

  • Tour: 03EEBALW07/20EK
  • Tour Manager: SEBASTIAN MAK
  • Date: 07/03/2020 - 18/03/2020

Hi, I would like to compliment your tour manager, Tevin Sua. He has practice his patience, friendly and professionalism to our group needs. His approachable attitude has made our trip comfortable and relaxing. He offers to help the groups as when we are in need. Tevin deserves a thumb up and definitely a value staff. We definitely consider EU holidays as our priority choice if we book our tour again.


  • Tour: 03EFN10W06/20AY
  • Tour Manager: TEVIN SUA
  • Date: 06/03/2020 - 15/03/2020

I would like to commend your tour manager Jimmy Lau for his professionalism and dedication to assist his customers in their needs. I had issues with my bookings and he went beyond his duties to help me and my travel groups solve our problem. He is definitely a great staff to have and we will definitely book our next tour with him again.


  • Tour: 02EFN10W29/20AY
  • Tour Manager: JIMMY LAU
  • Date: 29/02/2020 - 08/03/2020

Joined the 10-days EU tour to Finland (including King Crab meal and a one night stay at an Igloo Hotel) on the 15th Feb.2020. Very happy to have Mr Peter Teh as our tour Manager - he really takes good care of every one and make sure every things goes right. Very lucky this time as we witness the northern light on our first and second night. We went to the Santa Claus Village, has the reindeer ride while it was snowing, and the night mobile ride was fun. Thank you Peter.

Doreen Lam

  • Tour: 02EFN10W15/20AY
  • Tour Manager: PETER TEH
  • Date: 15/02/2020 - 23/02/2020

Our recent family vacation in Finland (5 - 14 Mar 20) under the lead by tour manager Steve Loh ( 小罗) was totally enjoyable. Steve is patient, caring, knowledgeable and experienced. Impeccable service and though at many times, long winded, it was for the group’s good. Bit of tired with the few late nights chasing Aurora. Nevertheless, the group never complained. Lucky to catch a glimpse of the faint Northern Lights outside the glass igloo. Great experience with the few activities like king crab safari, husky safari, snow mobiles, reindeer sleigh ride and ice floating. Overall, a great tour highly recommended.

David Leong

  • Tour: 03EFN10W05/20AY
  • Tour Manager:
  • Date: 05/03/2020 - 14/03/2020

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