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10D 7N Winter Adventure Finland + King Crab Safari departure 20 December 2018This is our 1st time with EU Holiday Pte Ltd. We are glad to have TM Nichole Lim. She is very knowledgeable, friendly, responsible, helpful & take good care of us.EU provide convenient accommodations.Happy New Year to EU management & staffs

Lee Christina

  • Tour: 12EFN10W20/18AY
  • Tour Manager: NICHOLE LIM
  • Date: 20/12/2018 - 30/12/2018

Tour name : 11D8N Europe Highlight + Extension to U.K Departure date : 15th Dec 2018Tour Manager : Mr Wang JiafuThis is the 1st time we join EU Holidays and it’s also the 1st time, me and my son went on a tour on our own, therefore I am quite worried initially but luckily we were under this group lead by Mr Jiafu, who’s able to make me feel less stressed as he was a very nice & helpful tour manager who sees to every member’s needs and make sure we are at our comfort zone to the best he can.He was also a very organised tour manager, he make sure we check in to every hotel smoothly & fast. I noticed we didn’t have to wait for our meals too. Whenever we reached the restaurant, our meals will be served shortly without much delay.We appreciate his effort to plan itinerary for us on our free day and accompany us throughout, last but not least he also make sure our VAT forms are all properly Done by gg through with each and every members individually at night after our day trip.As we are gg to U.K on our own, we have some doubts and uncertainties , Mr Jiafu was a very approachable man too, he gave us important advise and even help to arrange our transfer from hotel to airport. After he check with the hotel, he came back to us and suggest why not we take the free shuttle bus service provided by the hotel instead of spend money on cab. So thoughtful of him on this part. His duty as our tour manager doesn’t end when we parted ways , he continue to keep in touch with my son, showing his care and concern for us, making sure we arrived safely in U.K. He also told us should we encounter any problems in U.k , feel free to contact him and he will assist us in any way he can. This kind gesture of his deeply touches us. Overall, we would like to compliment Mr Jiafu as a very good, responsible & knowledgable Tour Manager, ! Thank you EU Holidays & Mr Jiafu for letting us experienced a wonderful & memorable winter vacations 2018, esp the sledging part which my son enjoyed the most ! Hope we will be back with Mr Jiafu as our tour manager again soon to other parts of the world .. ~ Ang S.H & Gerald

Sharon Ang

  • Tour: 12ECCHLW15/18EK
  • Tour Manager: ONG KAH HOO JIAFU
  • Date: 15/12/2018 - 26/12/2018

Tour: 13D Italy, Swiss and Paris, plus 2N DubaiFrom 16 Dec 2018TM: Rin LeowThis is our first time with EU, and I think there are good and bad of this tour. Good is that our TM Rin is experience and she takes good care of us. She told us where is the good photo point and help us with the family photos. She knows the places and history which she will talk through during our long bus rides. She always make sure that our group stays within her sight. If time permits, she will go the extra miles.Bad - I understand that we are in Central Europe so can’t compare to Eastern Europe.. however I’m comparing the breakfast in Novotel (which is of a lower standard) in day 1&2, to our day3 in Hilton, when we expected to be better but it’s not. We are being isolated from the main breakfast area and given limited choices. Anyway I’ve feedback to EU and their response is quick. Last 2 days in Paris 5stars hotel, we knew it’s going to be set breakfast, there is a good spread of breads but thereafter just a small bowl of scrambled eggs with cheese and tiny hams.

Michelle Kay

  • Tour: 12ECERPW16/18EK
  • Tour Manager:
  • Date: -

Tour: 13D10N Italy, Switzerland & France + 2N DubaiDate: 10 Dec 2018 - 26 Dec 2018Tour Manager: Eddie OngGroup Size : 24 membersOur first time joining EU Holidays Pte Ltd and it was a magnificent experience. We are blessed to have Mr Eddie Ong as our Tour Manager and he has done a great job to ensure everything goes smoothly throughout the trip. Eddie always put our safety as his first priority and he will constantly remind us not to be a victim of pickpockets.Eddie is a professional and he always plans ahead, keeping us updated on the situation of the protest days before we reach Paris and depart from Paris. He makes quick adjustments to the itineraries to allow the group to leave Paris earlier (on Saturday) as we head to La Vallée Village, to avoid a massive jam caused by the disruptive protestors.We would also like give our special thanks to the following persons:a) Our Bus Captain “Nick” for being a responsible and attentive driver throughout the journey from Rome to Paris;b) Our Customer Service Consultant, Ms Chong Whyee, for her patience and quick responses on many queries regarding this trip. I’m truly amazed by her professionalism; andc) Our Sledging Instructor, Mr Russell Tan, for his immense enthusiasm when he coached our group how to sledge safely and enjoy the thrill.Overall, I am very satisfied with this trip except having to tolerate a family who are tidsoptimists.Once again, thank you EU holidays and Eddie Ong for giving us a wonderful experience. I am looking forward for my Eastern Europe trip and I will choose EU Holidays again.


  • Tour: 12ECERPW10/18EK
  • Tour Manager: GARY TEO
  • Date: 10/12/2018 - 23/12/2018

I am only thirteen, but I am very fortunate to had already been to most of the places in Europe,however,this’s my first time joining a tour group. This first experience was very warm and pleasant ,because of our tour manager, Jerry Ong! He really take care of both the old and young very well!I am very impressed with his great attitude towards his work, he is very passionate and he will be a good example for me!Thank you very much, Jerry Kor Kor!From,Sarah Chen Finland trip 18 December 2018

Sixuan Chen

  • Tour: 12EFN10W18/18AY
  • Tour Manager: JERRY ONG
  • Date: 18/12/2018 - 28/12/2018

Glad we’ve chosen EU for our Norway Northern Light chase. Very organised, very accommodative to our Muslim needs (all fish meals, thk u). Thank you Sammy our Tour guide for being helpful & thoughtful at all time. It has been the best-test journey of our lives, hoped to travel with EU again.

Seri Sappuan

  • Tour: 12EFN10W14/18QR
  • Tour Manager:
  • Date: -

We had an amazing and wonderful europe trip (16-27 Dec) with our excellent tour manager, Rin Leow.She took real good care of us, went out of her way to make our trip a safe and enjoyable one.We highly recommend this Europe tour.From Family 5

Amutha Nanbha

  • Tour: 12ECERPW16/18EK
  • Tour Manager:
  • Date: -

13D Italy/Switzerland/France + 3D DXB Tour Manager: Sabestian MakTo say that I had an awesome trip would be a complete understatement! This trip was extremely fulfilling, all thanks to our guide Sabestian!Just as how his name "SaBESTian" has the word "best", it suggests how he is pretty much the "best" tour guide I have come across after multiple trips with various guides across different agencies.What's important is his affable personality. The ability to bond complete strangers. Laughter is ALWAYS heard on bus rides. Be it through his corny jokes or his laughable Q&A sessions, in which he will reward Belgium chocolates to the person with the correct answers.He bothered to make sure we had the full blast of our holidays. He always made we had opportunities to try local food (not included in the itinerary). We had the "BEST" carbonara, gelato, tiramisu, ham chim Peng, potato chips, burgers and all kinds of food throughout our trip. And true to his word, they were really "the best"!Sabestian really cares about the experiences of his tour members. He bothers to sing Vietnamese and Thai songs to entertain us on arduous long bus rides. He bothers to tell funny jokes that he cooked up himself. He also took meticulous care and effort to remind us constantly of the threat of pickpockets in Europe. It heightened our vigilance and made us much more aware of the problem, one that may have been overlooked if not for him.He is conscientious in making sure that we know the activities expected of the next day and the kind of weather to brace for. This happened daily without fail. having travelled with other agencies and tour leaders before, I must say that the informing of nitty gritty details like temperature and daily activities often remain overlooked by the managers. Not for Sabestian.Thanks Sabestian for being the BEST tour guide out there!

Faith Gabrielle Mok

  • Tour: 12ECERPW09/18EK
  • Tour Manager: SEBASTIAN MAK
  • Date: 09/12/2018 - 22/12/2018

Wen 2 europe with 34 pplOur guide MayPhua was greatdoing her best 2 accomodate 6 of us who were muslims enjoy very much n d group was fabulousThanx so much MayPhuaU cantik macam bunga

Mohd Jubray Hasan

  • Tour: 12ECDISW10/18EK
  • Tour Manager: MAYBELLE PHUA
  • Date: 10/12/2018 - 25/12/2018

Salute to our TM Eddie. Thinking on our next trip to Eastern Euorpe with Eddie as our TM again

Albert Per

  • Tour: 12ECCHLW23/18EK
  • Tour Manager: EDDIE ONG
  • Date: 23/12/2018 - 03/01/2019

15 Dec to 26 Dec: Adventure to the Balkans Tour Manager: Elvin MokIt has been a really enjoyable trip to the Balkans for my family and myself. Elvin took great care of us, from the first day where he do the tour briefing till the last day where we collected our luggages from the belt at Changi Airport. Alternative meals were also properly arranged. He would also give an introduction before visiting every places of interest which helps in better understanding the history and culture of the place. He also gives frequent reminders and keep a lookout on pickpockets for us. As Balkans involve crossing borders within Europe, he gave us guidance and lead us through. In addition, we were being assigned a skillful driver in navigating through the mountaineous regions. Overall, the trip is a success. 

Felicia Lim

  • Tour: 12EEBALW15/18EK
  • Tour Manager: ELVIN MOK
  • Date: 15/12/2018 - 27/12/2018

Tour Name :10D7N Italy Fiesta + 2N DubaiDeparture Date:06-12-18 ~ 17-12-18Tour Manager: JiaFUThis is our 1st time joining EU Holiday and we are very satisfied of the trip. The tour manager JiaFu is very professional, helpful, well organized and taking care of the group .Thank you very much JiaFu for making the enjoyable trip. Looking forward for other journey with EU Holiday again next time.

Nicole Yer

  • Tour: 12ECCIFW06/18EK
  • Tour Manager: ONG KAH HOO JIAFU
  • Date: 06/12/2018 - 16/12/2018

13D11N Europe + 2N Dubai Tour- 9th Dec to 24th Dec.Tour Manager: Sebastian MakMany Many thanks to Sebastian Mak for this enjoyable Holiday trip for my family. He is the best!

Laura Chan

  • Tour: 12ECERPW09/18EK
  • Tour Manager: SEBASTIAN MAK
  • Date: 09/12/2018 - 22/12/2018

11days 8 nights Finland Norway with King crab safari lead by Jeremiah Tan. We really enjoy the whole tour and the itinerary was great n fun. Thanks to Jeremiah our tour leader he has made the tour even more fun he always try his very best to accommodate our request. We will definately recommend EU to our family and friends.

Mok Suet Ling

  • Tour: 12EFN10W11/18QR
  • Tour Manager: JEREMIAH TAN
  • Date: 11/12/2018 - 22/12/2018

Tour: 13D10N Italy , Switzerland & Paris + 2N DubaiDate: 09 Dec 2018 - 24 Dec 2018Tour Manager: Sebestian MakFor the first time joining a tour group for holiday, I must say it's an awesome and amazing experience !!! Our group have 27 members and each of them is very nice and cooperative person which made everything going smoothly throughout the whole journey Sebestian is a funny + patience and very responsible tour manager who ensured everything was in place for the trip including keep reminding us on ways to avoid being the victim of pickpockets....he also shared his travelling experiences with us and telling jokes so we won’t felt boring during the bus ride.....Most importantly, he brought us to try THE BEST PASTA, THE BEST TIRAMISU, THE BEST GELATO, THE BEST “ITALIAN HAMJINBANG” & etc...in Europe Overall, I’m very satisfied with this trip Thank you EU holidays and Sebestian for this awesome experience, if I shall plan for my next travelling trip I will definitely choose EU again....

Sept Ee

  • Tour: 12ECERPW09/18EK
  • Tour Manager: SEBASTIAN MAK
  • Date: 09/12/2018 - 22/12/2018

Best service provided by Sebastian from EU,bring us around and showed us best food and sceneries as well,gave us best chocolates as well and provided us with the best experience as the tour guide

Vishwah Supramaniam

  • Tour: 12ECERPW09/18EK
  • Tour Manager: SEBASTIAN MAK
  • Date: 09/12/2018 - 22/12/2018

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