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Princess Cruise

  Princess Cruise packages from eu holidays
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  Princess Cruise packages from eu holidays
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  Princess Cruise packages from eu holidays
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There's nothing quite like standing on the deck of a cruise ship, watching as new and exotic lands glide by. With multiple destinations packed in a single trip, cruising offers an all-inclusive experience that allows you to see the world and relax at the same time. There is no need to worry about packing and unpacking, or finding a place to stay each night. Instead, you can simply sit back and tick every location off your travel wishlist. 

Disembark at one of the many stops along the way to experience everything from world-famous museums to gripping historical sites. You can also make the most out of the onboard amenities that make the journey itself enjoyable. Take your pick from luxury dining and spa treatments to live entertainment and pools. If you are looking for a cruise from Singapore, you can explore EU Holiday’s ongoing packages for your dream vacation. 

Princess Cruises

Planning your next adventure? EU Holidays offers Princess Cruises packages to Southeast Asia, Europe, Alaska and more. Hop from one city to the next and feast your eyes upon a wide range of must-see tourist attractions you won’t want to miss. 

Best Places to Visit in Southeast Asia 

From the Imperial City of Huế in Vietnam to Fort Cornwallis in Penang, Southeast Asia offers travellers a seemingly endless array of places to explore. For example, the Petronas Towers are one of the most iconic landmarks in Malaysia. These twin skyscrapers are located in Kuala Lumpur and offer breathtaking views of the city from their observation decks. 

Or take a step back in time and marvel at UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the shrines of Kyoto and Mount Fuji to enrich your travel experience. You can explore more places in detail in the cruise package brochures for Southeast Asia – reach out to EU Holidays for more information.

Best Places to Visit in Europe

Europe is a continent steeped in history and culture. In Vatican City, for instance, the Vatican Museums are some of the most famous museums in the world, and for good reason. From the ancient Egyptian artefacts to the Renaissance paintings, the Vatican Museums provide a glimpse into the past that is both enlightening and inspiring. Even if you're not normally interested in art, the Vatican Museums are worth a visit for the experience alone. 

You can also head to Barcelona, Spain to view Park Güell, one of the most unique parks in the world. Designed by world-famous architect Antoni Gaudi, the park is a colourful explosion of mosaics, sculptural elements, and undulating landscapes. You can take a look at the various attractions covered in the cruise package brochures for Europe – reach out to EU Holidays for more information. 

Best Places to Visit in Alaska

Alaska is a land of amazing natural beauty, from its towering mountains to its pristine glaciers. It's also home to some of the most iconic frontier towns in America. Up on your list should be Glacier Bay National Park, where you'll see massive glaciers and wildlife up close. And don't forget to visit Icy Strait Point, where brown bears roam freely throughout the area. These are just a few of the countless tourist attractions that Alaska has to offer. You can view the full itinerary in the cruise package brochures for Alaska – reach out to EU Holidays for more information. 

Inquire Today

With so much to see and do, it is no wonder that cruising is one of the most popular vacation options. So what are you waiting for? From Princess Cruises packages right down to Genting Dream Cruise by Resorts World Cruises, start planning your next cruise today! Apart from our available cruise deals in Singapore, you may also browse through Norway tour packages, Perth tour packages, Maldives tour packages and many more for your upcoming travel plans. 

To get started, simply get in touch with us to view your options today. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Cruises in Singapore 

1. How much does a cruise in Singapore cost?

A 3-day cruise from Singapore typically starts from $500. However, the total cost can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the destinations, length of the voyage, and amenities offered onboard. Whether it’s a Princess Cruises package or the Genting Dream Cruise by Resorts World Cruises, it is advisable to speak to a travel agent like EU Holidays to find the best cruise deals in Singapore. 

2. Do you need a passport for a cruise?

Yes, if you're planning a cruise, you'll need to make sure you have all the proper documents before you board the ship. In addition to your passport, remember to have your cruise documents in order to sail from Singapore. 

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