• 10 Dec - 23 Dec 2015

    14D Spain Portugal & Andorra Chu Chai Lee (10 Dec - 23 Dec 2015)

    My husband and I had just returned from 14D Spain, Portugal and Anddora tour with Sabestian Mak as our tour manager on board. A beautiful and lovely trip we had, all made possible by Sabestian. He was so efficient that he even updated us about the weather just days before we left. During our travel there, he had 100% knowledge of the places of interest and also suggested on good food that we should try in each country. That was not all. Even on our free days he was ready to assist us and give us directions and suggestions of the places to go. I am sure the rest of our group members had a great time too. We would like to thank EU HOLIDAYS for having wonderful and trustworthy tour manager for us. Thank u & well done Sabestian.

    10 Dec - 23 Dec 2015

    14D Spain Portugal & AndorraAryn Chen (10 Dec - 23 Dec 2015)

    Spain Portugal 10 to 23/Dec
    2015. Review:

    The tour is very successful! Everything goes smoothly as planned. The success is very much attributed to our very efficient tour manager, Mr Sebastian, who is really taking care of every aspect of the well being of the group member during the tour. He is so humorous and cheers the group every now and then. He is very knowledgeable and manages the tour very professionally. We are very very thankful to him for this memorable tour! Sebastian, you are great!

  • 10 Dec - 23 Dec 2015

    14D Spain Portugal & AndorraEllisha Jessie Ng (10 Dec - 23 Dec 2015)

    I with my sista & good friend join the 14 days Spain + Portugal & Andorra trip with EU Holiday which is my first time with this tour agent. I am very impressed by the hotel (4-5 stars) arrangement and the tours that was provided that can be said is equal good then those well known travel agent and my package price is very reasonable. Last but not less I want to praise our tour manager- Sebastian Mak, during the whole entire trip. He had been taking good care and make sure everything going smoothly with such a big groups (42pax). With his professionalism... we have safety ended the tour with 
    hassle-free... especially in Spain which well known of pick pocket. Thumb up to u Sebastian and hope that EU will treasure such a good & well trained tour manager. Beside Sebastian, another tour Manager - Roger from another group, I thanks him for his helpfulness. I will strongly recommend my friends to take up the tour package with EU. 
    Great jobs Sebastian.

    10 Dec - 23 Dec 2015

    14D Spain Portugal & AndorraPauline Khoo (10 Dec - 23 Dec 2015)

    We had a wonderful time on our 14 days Spain, Portugal and Andorra trip from 10 to 23 Dec 15. Credit goes to our tour manager Sebastian Mak who takes good care of us throughout our trip. Would strongly recommend him to anyone who is planning on a holiday with EU. He is a very humorous, friendly and a very helpful tour manager. Most importantly he make sure that everyone in our group is safe and sound especially in a country where they are well-known to have alot of pick-pockets. Thank you Sebastian for all your hardwork and we the 8 fairies look forward to our next holiday with you again. God bless...

  • 20 Nov - 4 Dec 2015

    13D Italy Switzerland ParisJocelyn JC (20 Nov - 4 Dec 2015)

    My husband and I booked our honeymoon trip, 13 days Italy Switzerland Paris trip with EU Holidays.

    Before this, we were always doing free & easy for all our holidays and were quite reluctant to join a tour but based on my aunt's good review on EU Holiday, we decided to try and we were glad, 
    we have made the right decision! This couldn't have been possible with our awesome tour group, accompanied by our very experience tour manager Steve Loh.

    Our tour manager, Steve Loh was the most passionate tour manager we have encountered, he always strive to give us the best and sight seeing experience in Europe as much as time permits.
    Even before the commencement of the trip, he took the effort to reply our whatsapp queries, send us recommendations and info, which better assist us in planning for our 1 free & easy day.
    With his years of experience and knowledge in this industry, he always give good advices along the trip, making us feel comfortable and at ease throughout our holiday.
    Steve always place his tour members interest first before himself and that touched our hearts.
    Thank you, Steve and all the cooperative tour members in making our holiday a memorable one. 
    Merry Christmas to all & a Happy new year!

    9 Dec - 21 Dec 2015

    11D Central Europe HighlightsJohn Tan (9 Dec - 21 Dec 2015)

    We had the best tour manager bringing us around Europe, many thanks Kevin Cheng for making this a memorable honeymoon for Amanda and myself

  • 9 Dec - 21 Dec 2015

    11D Central Europe HighlightsKopi Soh (9 Dec - 21 Dec 2015)

    我们刚刚从13天欧洲的假期旅行回来。领队是 Kevin Cheng。谢谢Kevin帮助我们使所有的安排顺利进行, 让我们过得愉快假期!旅游价格合理, 免费多一晚在米兰和巴黎.

    8 Dec - 16 Dec 2015

    10D Winter Adventure in Finland Dave Cheu Ming Lim (8 Dec - 16 Dec 2015)

    Very well organised tour and we had a great tour manager with Jeremiah Tan in Finland. Great price and good package.

  • 5 Dec - 17 Dec 2015

    13D Italy Switzerland FranceSalmah Omar (5 Dec - 17 Dec 2015)

    Kudos to all EU staff for the excellent job. I had great and memorable holidays and is very satisfied with the service from the booking of my Italy, Switzerland and Paris tour dated 5th to 17th Dec 2015 till the end of the holidays. I was served by Mark during the revolution fair. Being a Muslim, he was warm and shown no hesitation in accepting my family and I in joining their tours.
    Rick Cheong, our tour manager has shown excellent service and dedication throughout our holidays. He gave us tips on what and where to shop and even on how to pack our baggage to maximise our space . He showed us where we could have our meals. He took great effort to make sure that there were no pork or alcohol in my food. He shown concern about our well- being and always reminded us about our safety and keeping ourself warm. 
    The hotels provided were clean and good especially the Hiltons hotel. 
    Keep up the good work and I will definitely recommend my families and friends! Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    26 Nov - 6 Dec 2015

    11D Spain & Portugal黃珮柔 (26 Nov - 6 Dec 2015)

    11 Days #Spain & #Portugal
    Departure Date: 26 Nov 2015
    Tour Manager: Sebastian Mak

    It is a great trip for our family. I would like to say BIG thank you to our Tour Manager - Sebastian, his is very professional, experienced & very caring does extra things out of his duty for us. I will definitely recommend my friend to EU travels! Keep it up!

  • 26 Nov - 6 Dec 2015

    11D Spain & Portugal Rachel Vintedge (26 Nov - 6 Dec 2015)

    11 Days #Spain & #Portugal
    Departure Date: 26 Nov 2015
    Tour Manager: Sebastian Mak

    Sebastian is definitely a fantastic tour manager! He is very knowledgeable, caring, helpful as and when you need help. Especially, appreciate his help for the hotel rooms arrangement for our big family. He always remind us on take good care of our belongings. He also look out for danger during the trip and ensure our safety. 3 cheers to Sebastian!

    26 Nov - 10 Dec 2015

    13D Italy Switzerland FranceOng Bee Bee (26 Nov - 10 Dec 2015)

    My family and I are glad that we have chosen the 13D10N Italy/Switzerland/France with EU Holidays. We were desperately looking for a Europe trip which departs around end Nov and visited few tour operators. We were lucky to have met Kevin who recommended the wonderful EU package. He had been helpful when we made an enquiry call, so we decided to visit EU and were delighted with his very sincere, patient and professional advice. More importantly, he managed to squeeze out 4 seats which fitted our schedule. The EU package is valued for money, well covered and interesting (refer to EU catalogue). Luckily for us, Kevin was also our tour manager who made the trip very smooth and enjoyable. The EU team is very well communicated and updated information shared to ensure safety and smooth daily activities. Cheers...we were the first 2015 group to enjoy sledging on Mt. Bussalp. Thank you EU Holidays and Cute Kevin.