• 9 Sep - 26 Sep 2016

    15D12N Europe DiscoveryGenzo Wakabayashi (9 Sep - 26 Sep 2016)

    Thank Kevin tour leader for the 15 Days of Europe discovery + 2 night stay at Dubai. From 9 Sep - 26 Sep 2016. He is very nice and friendly "giant". He provided all the good services and share his knowledge to all the tour members. He made the trip to be enjoyable and fun.I really enjoy the trip with my wife. Thank to Kevin and Eu Holidays.

    9 Sep - 26 Sep 2016

    15D12N Europe DiscoverySusan Kuan (9 Sep - 26 Sep 2016)

    I would like to thank Kevin (the gentle giant) our Tour Leader for taking good care of the group during the trip. He is really patience and accommodating. I really enjoyed the itineraries planned.

  • 15 Sep - 27 Sep 2016

    12D9N All-In-Europe FootprintElaine Tai (15 Sep - 27 Sep 2016)

    12 days 9 night All In Europe Footprint
    15 sept to 27 sept 16
    Tour manager Jiafu michael
    Driver: Pinno

    This is my first time taking up EU holidays. Enjoyable and termendous trip even though it was very hectic trip for all of us. Changes hotel almost every day. Some of the hotel room is very cramp and bed is uncomfortable which i think Eu holidays should look into it. 
    Our nanny Jiafu who takes up his job responsibility very well even though he is very sick. Take care of our safety. Our coach break down during florence trip and reach hotel almost 11pm and we have to wake up 6.30am the next day. Although everyone are super tired especially Pinno our coach driver who has to drive back 4 hrs back to get back his own coach. Not forgetting Pinno we have to thank him for our safety throughout this trip. Jiafu you are doing great too.

    9 Sep - 26 Sep 2016

    15D12N Europe DiscoveryLoh Aik Seng (9 Sep - 26 Sep 2016)

    Thank Kevin tour leader for 15 Days Europe discovery + 2N Dubai 9 Sep - 26 Sep 2016. He very nice person and friendly. All service he gave us very good.I very enjoy the trip with my wife. Thank to Kevin and Eu Holidays.

  • 2 Sep - 17 Sep 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland FranceKelvin Tan (2 Sep - 17 Sep 2016)

    13D10N Italy Switz France
    Tour manager : Fenoline yong

    Sign up the 13days Italy, Switz, Paris with 2 nights Dubai package with EU holidays. Second time travelling with a tour group and this is definitely the best experience we had.

    5 stars to our tour manager fenoline(fefe)who took care the 29 of us throughout the whole trip and with her unique laughter and humorous character, warmed up the whole trip from start to end. 
    Kudos to her for planning the itinary to fit our needs and also adding more shopping time to cater to the group.

    A sweet touch from her to plan a live music performance on the gondola ride for the honeymoon couples.

    She never fail to step up immediately when situation arise. EU will be proud to have such a valuable staff.
    We would definitely join EU in the future.

    3rd - 12th September 2016

    10D7N Central Europe 6 CountriesAmy Seah (3rd - 12th September 2016)

    My sisters and I have just returned from the 10-day central Europe trip and I must say that it was one of the most hassle free and relaxing trips we've ever had, mostly due to the fact that we had a fantastic guide in Connie Hay. We hardly write in to provide feedback on our tour guides but my sisters and I saw that it was necessary to express our heartfelt and profound gratitude to Connie for being such a wonderful guide.

    From the get go, Connie was very efficient in managing the whole logistics for the trip. Due to her capability and her dedicated service, and obviously her experience and knowledge, we were able to have a stress-free sight-seeing and tour and hence enjoyed the entire trip knowing we were in capable hands.

    We have travelled many times over the years and especially to Europe in the last few years and have never met a guide who would always put the comfort and safety of her charge before anything else.

    Connie is a nice and friendly person and very approachable. She is knowledgeable of the cities we went to and well-prepared so was able to provide us with Information of each place before hand. She was ever mindful of our needs and always showed concern for our well-being. On top of that, she was always available and on hand to help us.

    Although experienced travellers, we still felt pampered by the utmost care and attention to details showered on us by her.

    This is the first time in the many trips we have taken whereby we did not have to worry about our luggages as Connie personally took charge of them and single handedly pushed our luggages from the bus to the hotel receptions and vice versa. In fact we offered to help her at times as we felt that some of the luggages seemed bigger than her. But she would not hear of it as she didn't want us to get hurt or inconvenienced.

    Additionally, our constant worry about the problems with the submission of our tax-free refunds at the airport were unnecessary as Connie handled everything for us and all we needed to do was get the forms stamped at the airport.

    I believe that EU tours are lucky to have such a passionate and dedicated staff like Connie. I will definitely request for Connie to guide us again when we next book tours with EU.

    Again please convey our thanks to Connie for making our trip a wonderful and memorable one!

    Amy Seah (and on behalf of Lilian Seah, Nellie Seah and Jennie Seah)

  • 4 to 14 Sept 2016

    11D8N Spain & PortugalFreddie Kee (4 to 14 Sept 2016)

    11 days Spain/ Portugal tour. 4 to 14 Sept 2016. Tour Manager Sebastian Mak. This is my 1st experience with EU Holidays. I m truly impressed with the following:1 The Tour Manager, Sebastian Mak has been extremely professional in performing his duties. He displayed great patience with our group n is always going out of his way to make our trip an enjoyable one. His knowledge if Spain n Portugal is impressive.
    2. Whilst a handful of d group members had been more demanding, Sebastian handled them with patience n tack. 
    3. The meals provide were very good n an experience for me.
    4The accommodation was good too.
    Overall, I must say that this very successful n enjoyable trip was due mainly to d efforts of Sebastian Mak, our efficient Tour Manager.
    Rest assured I'll b a customer of EU Holidays after this experience. All this because of Sebastian. On behalf of my wife, Thank you very much Sebastian Mak for making this possible for us.

     3rd - 12th September 2016

    10D7N Central Europe 6 CountriesJayden Lien ( 3rd - 12th September 2016)

    10D7N Central Europe 6 Countries
    Date: 3rd - 12th September 2016
    Tour Manager: Ms Connie Hay

    This is the second time we booked our tour through EU Holidays. I'm proud to be part of the pioneer group of 22 to this new itinerary.
    Under the leadership & capability of our tour manager, Ms Connie Hay, our tour went smoothly without a hitch.

    Tour Manager – Ms Connie Hay, being au fait with the European history & culture made everyday enjoyable & enchanting. Connie never fails to lend a helping hand in loading & unloading all our luggages. Our luggages are not light at all, yet she can carry it without any complaints. This shows how utilitarian & effervescent she is.

    Connie would always share her stories and give us an insight of all the countries we visit. 
    Connie is also a neat & organised person. She would collect all our tax refund forms & organise them neatly so as to facilitate a quicker custom inspection.

    Possessing such remarkable traits & skills, Connie is definitely a valuable asset to EU Holidays.

    At the end of the trip, Connie gave each and everyone of us a pen as a souvenir & as an appreciation. I strongly believe for all of us, Connie have already given us the best gift and souvenir of all; An illustrious & memorable trip.

    To us, Connie is family.

    - Jayden & May

  • 25 Aug - 4 Sep 2016

    11D8N Adventures To The BalkansDaniel Choong (25 Aug - 4 Sep 2016)

    Tour Leader: Ms. Mei Wai Kuan.
    Tour Destination: Croatia

    I like the fact that EU Holidays have English speaking guides as my family is more English educated and have a poor command of Chinese. Yet the fact that Ms, Mei offered both English and Chinese explanations helps the tour so much as some do not understand English as well.

    Ms, Mei Wai Kuan has been super helpful throughout the trip be it hotel rooms or restaurant foods and various aspects

    Hotel Rooms:

    Ms. Mei was more than willing to change rooms with others who were not satisfied with their rooms. Also, she would spend half an hour in the hotel lobby daily just to ensure that customers were satisfied with their rooms and had no other issues no matter if she was tired or not.

    Also, she would take care of the baggage in the morning while others went for their breakfast. It really is very commendable of her to do so and not many people are willing to, even tour guides.


    On the two Chinese cuisines that were offered, Ms. Mei added extra food for us using her own pocket money.
    For the first meal, she added vegetables and fruits and the second being prawns and fish. Of course, the vegetables and fruits may not cost as much but the prawns and fish would definitely be expensive though not a bomb.

    The type of consideration she offers is what of a mother. She was like a mother to us who not only ensured physiological needs but also safety and love, She would stand at the side even in the hot sun behind us at a distance to ensure we do not get robbed when the city guides were talking to us. Most guides would stand directly behind us if it was hot.

    She would also constantly apologize for things she could not help out with like whenever there was a huge walk that would take 2-3 hours, she would say sorry before we did the walking and after. Also, she would bottle her feelings up no matter how angry she is and is always willing to say the first sorry even though she is not in the wrong.

    For instance, there was an issue due to time constraints on the trip and that made some pretty rowdy but she managed to plan her itinerary and convince others in a soft and understanding tone even though others were loud and rude to her.

    Also, there was a family that was pretty defensive with regards to their personal details and scolded her when she was asked to collect their passports for the hotel to key in. Instead of fighting back, she explained in a calm and understanding tone to them.

    She also made everyone feel so loved, united and harmonized as if a family. We were so thankful to her though we may not have noticed but she really did do a lot. At the end of the tour when we arrived back in Singapore, everyone started to say thank you to each other for being such great people on the tour. Ms, Mei made us realise that and I am so thankful for that.

    This is what a genuine and pure heart can do for the company. I'm not sure if it's due to the fact that it's a premium tour thus more experienced tour guides but I can assure that she is the best tour guides ever even though I've travelled to many countries and it's my first time travelling with EU holidays, I would definitely join more tours if there are tour guides like her as the harmonization she provides is one in a million, like a hidden gemstone.

    I believe that she is the one who made this whole tour great and is one of the best tour leaders ever.

    4 - 16 Aug 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland FranceElaine Tong (4 - 16 Aug 2016)

    Trip: 13 days Italy Switzerland France
    Date of travel: 4 - 16 August 2016
    Tour manager: Jia Fu

    My parents totally enjoyed the trip! Jia fu is a dedicated and responsible tour manager. All information was updated clearly before the trip. It is easy to tell when a person is working for passion. He is a rare gem in the travel industry. As a whole I am very impressed with EU Holidays. Thank you so much!

  • 6 - 20 July 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France Thong Nyoot Ha (6 - 20 July 2016)

    My daughter and I had just travelled to Italy, Switzerland, Paris and FOC Dubai trip on the 6/7/16- I must say though very expensive to pay $4488 per person, it was a very memorable trip and we all had fun, laughter and most importantly, I must praised your tour Manager, Ms Connie Hay. She had made our trip so much safer, all the good advices and the best part was she could carry two big heavy giant- sized luggages of mine just on her own- EU certainly has a highly commendable tour Manager and she is an asset to the company. Also a word of praise for the bus driver, Joe, who constantly looked after our safety and a very careful, meticulous driver indeed. Despite so many luggages with the group, he and Connie managed to do all the lifting and carrying,until he sprained his hands by doing so. Thank you for the wonderful trip and memories.Will certainly travel with EU again if Connie and Joe are around. Well done. 

    Mdm Thong $ Cherylynn

    23 Jun  - 7 Jul 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland FranceElsie Tan (23 Jun - 7 Jul 2016)

    13D Italy / Switzerland / France
    Travel Dates : 23-Jun to 5-Jul 2016
    Tour Manager : Susan Tan

    We came back from a 13days Central Europe holiday, albeit tired but fulfilling trip indeed. It was indeed an eye opener to see the magnificent architectural designs of The Vatican, the various chapels in Italy and France, the Grand Canal in Venice, etc, etc. Visiting the Alps has never been on our wish list as we are more comfortable with free and easy trips around the Asean countries. The wonderful Moulin Rouge show is a must watch, a once in a lifetime kind of performance!

    We are glad that along the way, we have made some newfound friends too!

    Last but not least, we want to say a big THANK YOU to Susan (especially from Wendy), for her patience and care for some of the ‘older’ folks. Also her vast knowledge of these countries is inexplicable (loved to listen to her rattling about all the facts and figures). EU is indeed lucky to have such a loyal and conscientious staff. Keep up the good work Susan, we missed you!

    Thank you EU for an unforgettable trip and we hope to join your tours in the near future!