• 20 Nov - 4 Dec 2015

    13D Italy Switzerland FranceSerene Bok (20 Nov - 4 Dec 2015)

    A most memorable and unforgettable 13D Italy Switzerland Paris Trip with Tour Manager Steve Loh on 20 Nov. We journeyed from the historical monuments of Rome, picturesque town of Siena, ventured through the grand canals of Venice, to the breathless scenery of Jungfrau Joch in Switzerland, stopped for snow fun at Lake Titisee in Germany, sightseeing and shopping in the beautiful city of Paris and finally to the warm desert sands of Dubai.

    A big thank you to Tour Manager Steve Loh, who provided us with comprehensive pre-tour itenaries and was very assuring when we had pre-tour jitteries about the attacks in Paris. He is very experienced and knowledgeable and shared with us a lot on the history, culture of Europe and his past tour experiences. A bit naggy on pickpockets, walks a bit too fast but we know it's good for us - walk faster, more time to see more. My 5 year old son was struggling to keep up, but luckily managed to get into Steve's good books and slowed him down a bit tongue emoticon.

    It was not easy organising for a large group of 42 and our trip was not without hiccups - punctured tire, sprained ankle, motion sickness, snow storm on Glacier 3000 (God's will as Steve says), bus "black box", hotel room cock-ups etc. but we got through it all with "Steady" Steve. Kudos also to all tour members who were co-operative, helpful and patient.

    Overall, a great experience and will definitely recommend this tour to others.

    20 Nov - 4 Dec 2015

    13D Italy Switzerland France Chen Yinghui (20 Nov - 4 Dec 2015)

    My tour manager Steve Loh is the best tour manager one can ask for. He is dedicated, passionate and very experience. He never fail to take good care of our safety and always want the best for us. I will choose EU holiday again if you are still with EU Holiday. Thanks and cheers!

  • 15 Nov - 27 Nov 2015

    13D Italy Switzerland FranceChan Foong Yee (15 Nov - 27 Nov 2015)

    Fantastic experience led by Tour Manager, Tammy! Super caring, comical and thoughtful lady - the BEST tour manager! 

    Tammy always go the extra mile to ensure all our tour mates are happy! Accommodating to the different needs of our tour mates, especially to my young children. Really appreciate her kindness and thoughtfulness. Highly recommend you to join Tammy's group! Looking forward to the next trip with her.



    8 Nov - 21 Nov 2015

    11D Central Europe HighlightsJhayna Canaveral (8 Nov - 21 Nov 2015)

    11D Central Europe
    Tour Manager: Veronice Lee

    It is my first time to join a tour group and i really enjoyed it. We were given enough free time to enjoy the scenery and relax. I can say that the tour is worth the money paid . The meals included are all delish and the hotels are also good! Would like to thank my group mates for being extra nice and cooperative. Of Course Special thanks to Veron for making the tour enjoyable and fun. I learned a lot from you! She is the queen as what we all say! Snaps finger! Good job Veron. I am recommending EU Holidays to my friends. See you soon!!!! Mwah mwah mwah!!!!

  • 15 Nov - 27 Nov 2015

    13 Days Italy Switzerland France Manasee Agarwal (15 Nov - 27 Nov 2015)

    Out first tour through a travel agency in Singapore - EU Holidays... And I must say it was a wonderful experience traveling to Europe on a 13D10N package (Switzerland, Italy, France). A special mention goes to our tour manager Tammy Tan who made this trip an unforgettable experience. She is such a good human being with exceptional management skills. The planning and execution of the plans was done meticulously. She was sensitive to everyone and their needs throughout the tour. Especially after what happened in Paris last week, she assured all of us that we all were safe and shall be well taken care of. Now that the trip is coming to an end, it's befitting to applaud Tammy and EU Holidays for giving us wonderful memories that will be etched in our minds for a long time. Surely recommending EU Holidays to friends and family .

    1 Oct - 14 Oct 2015

    13 Days Italy Switzerland France Allysia Ling (1 Oct - 14 Oct 2015)

    1st Oct our 15 days trip to Italy/Switzerland/France/Dubai with Tour Leader Kelvin Cheng.

    Prior before the trip, Kelvin had contacted us for some advance preparation before the departure.

    It was never easy to lead a tour of 30+ pax with different age groups and expectations. He was always patient to listen to feedback be it negative or positive and meeting each expectations such as food, shopping, tax refund, night view of magnificent Eiffel Tower at 9pm.

    Though I am a person who always go for free and easy and this is my 3rd trip on package tour. I must say this is for sure not an easy group to lead.

    Ensuring all our safety and theft in Italy. Up the mountain at Mt Mont Blanc and Mt Titlis. We had extended hours of shopping at Paris and 8pm view of Eiffel Tower on the River Cruise and 9pm view as well. Arriving Dubai at wee hours. Making couple of changes to the itinerary to meet the expectations of the majority.

    Well Done Kelvin Kudos

  • 22 Nov - 3 Dec 2015

    13D Italy Switzerland FranceBen Lee (22 Nov - 3 Dec 2015)

    We had a wonderful time in this honeymoon trip/ 13 day Italy-Swiss- Paris Europe trip with EU Holidays. Hotels were good except for ultra tiny lifts and more variety for breakfast. Haha perhaps more time for free n easy (shopping) Other than that, The rest of the meals and itinerary were fantastic! The tour members are very nice and cooperative too!

    In addition, our tour manager, Ms. Mei (a motherly figure) meticulously managed the tour very well. Her instructions were always clear and paid attention to every little details. She is very knowledgeable to all the places that we've been through and provided the tour member an in-depth culture of the places we were visiting. Most importantly, Ah Mei did an extra mile for all the tour without being calculative and trying all her best to accommodate everyone's needs which was never an easy job to begin with as a tour manager.

    Lastly, Ah Mei has displayed calmness and great attitude when situation in Paris overturned due to the terror attack. Her assurance and openness were very important as she had to strike a balance between over commitment and under commitment to the tour group. Having Ah Mei as our tour manager made us fully aware of not taking things for granted and have a carefree mood during the whole trip. I have learnt a lot as a young adult from Ah Mei...not limited to just enjoying myself as a customer...

    Wai Kuan Mei (ah Mei) thank you once again, you are indeed an asset to EU travel. A very tactful and experience tour guide who constantly display passion and dedication in her job!

    4 Nov - 12 Nov 2015

    12D Central Europe FootprintRui Stitch (4 Nov - 12 Nov 2015)

    Our 12 days Euro footprint tour with Eu Holidays was so fun! We had, Kevin Cheng, the best tour manager with us throughout the trip. Kevin is a caring, thoughtful, patient, attentive, fun and humorous guy.

    We travelled by sea from London to France. It was drizzling when we reached Dover port and we had to unload our luggage from the bus to the ferry. Without any hesitation, Kevin got us into shelter and asked us to have our lunch at the cafe area. He stayed behind in the rain to make sure our luggages were properly transported to the ferry while all of us were comfortably sitting in the cafe having warm coffee. After an hour or so, he came back to us with a big smile on his face (as usual) saying its all settled. Because of this, he missed lunch and had to do it on the ferry.

    Kevin makes a good babysitter at times. We had this cute toddler in our tour group and Kevin was always giving a helping hand by carrying the toddler as the family load or unload their luggages.

    He thought of ways to make slight changes to the trip and make it smoother to help increase the free time we had. MORE SHOPPING TIME!

    The driver was giving some problem at the last 2 days of the trip and Kevin handled it professionally. Thumbs up!

    Kevin can be quite a nag (oops) but we all know it was for our own good. He always warned us about pickpockets and what we should do to avoid being scammed or conned.

    Of course there were some hiccups here and there but because of Kevin's attitude, I rate this trip a 5/5! Well done! Thank you EU Holidays and thank you Kevin for taking good care of us!

  • 4 Nov - 19 Nov 2015

    13D Italy Switzerland FranceRick Chia (4 Nov - 19 Nov 2015)

    We enjoyed the 13D Italy, Swiss and Paris trip. Our tour manager, Wang Jiafu, is very responsible, vigilant, caring, thoughtful and fun loving. He is able to interact very well with the group.
    We are glad to have a cohesive group which watch out for one another. 
    Kudos to EU Holiday for the well planned itinerary and nice hotels like Hilton Stucky on Venice Island. 
    The only regret is the terror attack which happened on our first night in Paris.

    4 Nov - 19 Nov 2015

    13D Italy Switzerland FranceEunice Chong (4 Nov - 19 Nov 2015)

    谢谢家富 Michael Ong 的细心照顾,安全第一.......

  • 4 Nov - 19 Nov 2015

    13D Italy Switzerland FranceTeo Ai Chai (4 Nov - 19 Nov 2015)

    A memorable and wonderful 13D Italy Switzerland Paris trip.. A fantastic group of people who I enjoy my trip with. We joke, laugh, help and take care of each other throughout the whole trip. A BIG thank u to our very experienced, knowledgeable and friendly tour manager, Jia Fu, who ensure that our safety is his top priority. Despite the attack in Paris, he still manage to arrange our shopping times. He is constantly ensuring us that everything will be ok and keeping track of the situation in Paris. Taking good care of us from small little acts like lending us his jacket and gloves, helping the elders to climb the stairs.He also arranges our schedule timely so we can see as much thing as we can and at the same time gave enough rest. Jia fu also shares his experiences and knowledge with us, giving us more knowledge of the history of central Europe. Thanks u EU holiday for arranging such an excellent tour manager to us.

    4 Oct - 13 Oct 2015

    10D Romantic GreeceLee Sen Kiong (4 Oct - 13 Oct 2015)

    Me and my girlfriend joined the Greece tour from Oct 4 to Oct 13 led by a responsible and easy going tour leader Nicole Lim. She took care of the tour members and arranged well on the itinerary. Of course we all understand there are going to be changes from time to time on the itinerary and it's not easy to please everyone in the group. We think she did a good job trying to accommodate the needs for the majority even though she faced some challenges from different members from time to time but she handled the conflicts well. The boat ride from Santorini back to Athens was bumpy as the weather was rough but that was just part of the mother nature. She even hired local guides in Greece on her own expenses to help educate the group on the history and points of interest as this was only her 2nd trip to lead in Greece. At the end, we hit all the places listed on the itineray as promised by EU holidays. This was also our 2nd trip with EU holidays to Europe and we would definitely consider taking a tour with EU again in the future. Thank you Nicole!!! Good job!!! smile emoticon