• 31 Mar - 12 Apr 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France (Summer 2016)James Hoe (31 Mar - 12 Apr 2016)

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + Dubai
    Departure Date : 31 Mar 2016
    Tour Manager : Jia Fu

    I will like to compliment our Tour Manager Jia Fu who fully represent the Epitome of Service Excellence. Our Tour group is a mixture of 2 groups which is arriving via SQ and Emirates and handling the 2 different timings without affecting the itinerary is a big challenge. Jiafu had managed it well thru repeated clear instructions which put the entire group on the same page.

    During the trip, His emphasis on safety was consistant throughout the trip. The consistent "nagging" of "Please check your belongings" ingrained in us the concept of safety that we had taken for granted in Singapore .

    Despite nursing a bad sore throat which we noticed the tonality of voice change, he still carries our his professionalism to explain the places of interests and the other Europe Destination while we are in the bus.

    There are hiccups like the bus brokedown which cause a delay of 2 hours which cause a ripple effect to the day's schedule but he managed it effectively with efficiency to reschedule the venice boat ride.

    Our trip to dubai was also well briefed by Jiafu and who to look for and what to look out for during our stay there.

    In all, EU holiday are very fortunate to have a professional and experience tour leader like Jiafu and do keep up the good work moving forward.

    31 Mar - 12 Apr 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France (Summer 2016)Karin Toh (31 Mar - 12 Apr 2016)

    13D Italy Switzerland France (31 March – 12 April 2016)
    Tour Manager: Wang Jiafu

    I’ve been on tours (with family) twice when I was younger and do not have good experiences thus it did not give me a good impression that tour works (I’m a big believer of free and easy).

    Initially, my friends and I placed deposit with another travel agency but due to low take up rate, we had to withdraw. There was second thoughts of dropping package tour (the insecurity of low take up rate does dampen mood) and walk Europe ourselves.

    However, EU holidays was brought up and we decided that tour agency should be given another shot.

    A day before the trip still does leave us very sceptical about how this whole tour works. Will we be able to fully enjoy ourselves despite the packed schedule? Will our tour manager be a fun and knowledgeable person since he has to handle most of the itinerary with just a few city guides in between?

    It turns out that we had worried a little too much - there was so much fun & laughter during the 13days! So glad that we made the right decision.

    Of course, this couldn't have been possible without the awesome tour group, accompanied by an experienced tour manager – Wang Jiafu for delivering that. He was very fun-loving, experienced, naggy (but in a good way as he reminds us every single day about being vigilant and safe), brought us to get pocket friendly souvenirs, gave us suggestions on where we can have our meals (frankly they taste better than the one provided in the package), shown excellent service and dedication.

    We had hiccups with the bus breaking down in Italy and the bad attitude personnel at Courtyard @ Marriott and Jiafu handled it well without comprising our schedule.

    Tour managers are very important and it’s a tiring job for them. They have to take care of the needs of 25 different individuals from day to night, making sure that we are comfortable, well fed with information (as we only have a couple of city guides and the rest are on him) and make us happy.

    I have to thank him for making me think otherwise about tours, for making this trip so delightful and incredible. Thank you EU Holidays for having such a good employee and the others who rendered great service during the booking .

    This trip, we made good memories and linked up friendships. We will definitely recommend EU Holidays to our relatives and friends!

  • 31 Mar - 12 Apr 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France (Summer 2016)Annie Tan (31 Mar - 12 Apr 2016)

    Tour Manager: Jia Fu
    13D10N Central Europe (Italy, Switzerland & France) from 31 Mar to 12 Apr 2016

    On 12 Mar 2016 (Sat), I decided to go to France for holidays and decided to join a guided tour instead of going Free & Easy trip due to safety reasons & high risk of pick pockets there. So, I quickly called all travel agencies advertised in The Straits Times but only managed to shortlist EU holidays & another big XXX agency because left these 2 agencies have available airline seat, itinerary covers France & travel period fit my schedule; others are either fully booked or travelling dates do not fit my schedule. The next day, I first visited EU holidays' office at Chinatown Point to find out more information in person. Within 5 minutes, I made decision to join their tour & made full payment due to the following reasons: 
    (1) quality - EU's price is about $900 more expensive than XXX agency. However, in consideration that EU offered 2 more nights in Europe, 4 or 5 stars hotel accommodation, SQ direct flight, western + Chinese food versus XXX agency only offered 3 or 4 stars hotel accommodation, Qatar airline (non-direct flight), all Chinese food. 
    (2) personal encounter - my previous guided tour experience to South Korea with XXX agency many years ago didn't meet my expectations; felt short changed & the Singapore tour manager who joined us the trip failed his duty badly. Given feedback to agency also had no response from them.
    (3) no harm trying - willing to try out new travel agency's service to make comparison.

    Given EU agency size (not as big as XXX agency) & lack of advertisement (neither I nor my friends have heard of them), I didn't have much expectations from this trip; only expect that I'm able to travel & tour around safely. This is to avoid having high expectations & caused disappointment if didn't meet mine.

    To my surprise, this is the BEST & MOST enjoyable guided trip I have ever joined. I counted myself lucky to have Jia Fu as our tour manager. Jia Fu really made this trip a great difference from those other guided tours because:
    1. He is very responsible & diligent - he took great care of ALL of us at all times especially safety. He shows NO favouritism (almost equal attention to all tour mates - don't know how he could manage this weighing scale lol) - he really made effort to build friendship with us and we treat him like a friend too.
    2. He went extra miles to make sure that we have MAXIMISED full value of our trip & enjoyed ourselves even sometimes at his personal expense such as $ or working overtime (late at night).
    3. He always make us LAUGH (he is really a joker hahaha)... really out to entertain us especially when travelling on the coach (worried that we are bored). Instead of trying to catch up with his sleep (obviously lacking), he sacrificed his napping time to entertain us; stop entertaining us only when most of us can't force our eyes open anymore to listen to him (reason: dozed off already lol). 
    4. He always gave us little sweet surprises ^^ - eg. played guessing game to win present (bought with his personal money), etc. The most unforgettable surprise is he booked our river cruise in Paris at evening time so that we have chance to see lighted Eiffel Tower & its light show at 9 pm (without our knowledge of course) - we didn't know about this light show & didn't expect to see Eiffel Tower lighted up at the end of our river cruise. After the river cruise, we boarded the coach planning to return to hotel. Suddenly, we saw the Eiffel Tower lighted up & were so excited & busy taking photo of lighted Eiffel Tower. Upon seeing this, Jia Fu just told us that he will bring us to a place to take good photo of this lighted Eiffel Tower. So, when we reached the destination to take good photos of Eiffel Tower, we were really surprised when we saw the light show suddenly appeared while we were taking photos. This sweet surprise actually caused him to work overtime but he doesn't mind & just want us not to miss it, so sweet of him:)
    5. He always find us good bargains ^^ like souvenirs or advised us what to do or buy.
    6. He always keeps reminding us of the do's & don'ts for our safety that we called him long winded (paiseh...so mean of us).
    7. He managed to help us build friendship & create team bonding among our group of 26 paxs through rotating seating arrangements at meal time & inviting all to join personal extra activity ("party at night") to speed up our friendship. Within 4 days, all helped to watch out for each other & look after each other's luggages/belongings. The guys in our group are so kind that they voluntarily helped to carry others' heavy luggages up the flight of stairs in 1 hotel and sometimes uploading/unloading luggages from coach. This is really amazing team work  Counted myself lucky that I have such an awesome tour mates - all are so friendly, helpful & cooperative  What I have gained from this trip is good FRIENDSHIP other than my purchases ^^.

    In conclusion, Jia Fu has demonstrated his marvellous organising & problem solving skills (coach broke down for 2 hrs so he acted quickly to change our ferry schedule to Venice's islands & late check-into hotel with our consent so that our day itinerary is not affected) in a cool way! Most importantly, he has ensured that we have enjoyed our trip & didn't miss out anything! He is the BEST tour manager I have encountered & I would strongly recommend EU holidays to my friends because of this awesome trip experience guided by Jia Fu. My best friend knows that I'm quite a complaint queen (because of own high expectations), so when she learned that I have ZERO complaints but lot of praises for this trip, she is now contemplating to sign up with EU instead of her usual Dynasty travel agency for her next UK trip. Of course, I told her that must look for Jia Fu as tour manager. Please keep up with the excellent service, EU!

    19 Mar - 28 Mar 2016

    11D Europe HighlightsZulhilmi Halim (19 Mar - 28 Mar 2016)

    11D8N Central Europe ECCLA
    Destination: Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands
    Departed on 19 March till 28 March 2016. 
    Tour was lead by Tour Manager Ms Susan Tan

    Total members for this trip was 27 and we had a lot of fun! Everyone was friendly and easy to get along with. It was everyone’s first time to Europe.

    We are blessed to have Ms Susan Tan as our Tour Manager/Guide for this whole trip. She is very friendly, well-experience, responsible and a bubbly person. Before the trip, she informed us on the kind of weather to expect for our trip and advised us on what to wear. During the trip, she gave constant reminders to take care of our belongings as there are a lot of pickpockets.

    Eventhough me and mum are muslims, our hospitality was well taken care of. We were advised to consume seafood for this trip as finding HALAL food is not easy. However, during the trip, occassioally lunch was provided by EU HOLIDAY and it was halal certified too.

    Accomodations were near to METRO and to our surprised, WIFI was provided for free.

    We had a wonderful time in Europe eventhough we were there during winter as the weather was extremely cold and unexpected.

    Thank you once again to Ms Susan Tan and EU Holidays for the affordable yet enjoyable journey to Europe!

  • 18 Mar - 28 Mar 2016

    11D8N Europe HighlightsMiss Lim (18 Mar - 28 Mar 2016)

    To Eu holidays,

    I recently joined your 11 days Europe Highlights to Central Europe. I would like to compliment and thank Miss Susan Tan my tour manager for the trip and Mr Paul Tee whom I made the booking with.

    Miss Susan Tan is very knowledgeable,  responsible and her good time management.
    She had showed her professionalism throughout the whole trip. We really appreciate her care and concern especially during our free day in Paris when we opt out for the optional tour.

    Mr Paul Tee whom I booked this tour with during the travel fair last August is very patient, detailed and knowledgeable. He took the effort to write down all the optional tours and the coach duration on the itinerary. When we couldn't decide whether to take the 13 days or the 11 days he even gave us a week to decide.

    Once again, thank you for the great service rendered which make our trip an enjoyable and awesome one. I will definitely join Eu holidays for my next holiday destination as well as recommend to my friends.

    Kiddos to the good work, keep it up!


    17 Mar - 29 Mar 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France Pearllyn Soh (17 Mar - 29 Mar 2016)

    Joining EU tour for our honeymoon led by Veronica lee was the best choice I ever made. Throughout the whole tour we are well taken care and also had lots of fun and joy ! Not to forget the knowledge sharing session by our guide during the boring times in the bus. Really helps to widen up our knowledge of every destination we goes. A very memorable and unforgettable trip for us

  • 17 Mar - 27 Mar 2016

    10D7N Mamma Mia ItalyJoan Chua (17 Mar - 27 Mar 2016)

    10D7N Mamma Mia Italy 
    Departure Date: 17 Mar 2016
    Tour Manager: Sabestian Mak

    Just got back last week from the Mamma Mia Italy tour. The itinerary of the tour was well-planned and covered the main attractions of Italy. In addition, the optional tours allowed some flexibility for travelers who had additional agenda for visiting Italy, but were a great experience for those of us who participated in them! However, the tour could not have been successful without our tour leader,Sabestian Mak! Sabestian did a great job in ensuring that the itinerary ran smoothly, from coordinating with the various local tour guides and bus drivers, to reshuffling some of our lunch and dinner reservations so that the passengers would have more free time to explore the various tourist destinations. He also had great insights to share about the history of Italy and also some takeaways from his travelling experiences, which definitely made the long bus rides more bearable! All in all, I enjoyed my experience and look forward to more tours with EU Holidays!

    17 Mar - 27 Mar 2016

    10D7N Mamma Mia ItalySu Yin Krishnan (17 Mar - 27 Mar 2016)

    My Husband and I went on the Mama Mia Italy tour in March and enjoyed it a lot. Our tour manager Sebastian Mak was very knowledgable and experienced. His knowledge goes beyond the tour but also covers general knowledge and he's also very good in taking care of the tour members and ensuring everyone is enjoying themselves. This tour really was beyond our expectations, there was time for tourist activities, visiting the places of interest, free and easy shopping and also everyone in our group was so nice. We will definitely consider EU Holidays again for our next holiday. Well done!

  • 17 Mar - 29 Mar 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland FranceBinnie Blythe (17 Mar - 29 Mar 2016)

    (13 days of Europe trip)(17th Mar - 29th Mar)
    A big thank you to my Cute tour guide ~ ♡♡♡Veronica Lee♡♡♡
    She is awesome, experienced, thoughtful, knowledgeable, fun and so much more! A fruitful trip!
    22 Dec  - 1 Jan 2016

    10D7N Winter Adventure In FinlandAgatha Lim (22 Dec - 1 Jan 2016)

    11 Days Winter Adventure in Finland 
    (22 Dec 15 to 1 Jan 16)

    Finally find d time to pen this feedback.
    Feeling so blessed whilst staying at Kakslauttanen - Kelo Glass Igloo on 26 Dec n sighting d Northern Lights. It was so so mesmerising seeing d electromagnetic phenomenon in which shafts and swirls of green light spread across the sky. Wished it will not end but it lasted only 19 mins. Wat an unique n unforgettable experience. Really breathtaking. Simply Mother Nature at her best. I luv to fill myself with these images still - so mesmerising. Thanking God tt our dreams n yearnings hv bn fulfilled. 
    Out of d 3 nights, this was d as d aurora borealis was at its best. D 2nd nite was not as clear during our aurora hunting n d last nite we saw nothing even though d sky was v clear with d moon n many stars n d freezing temp was -30 degrees.

    A big thanks n hugs to Susan, our tour manager. She is indeed a very capable n dedicated lady. She possesses good managerial and leadership skills. In addition to that, I find her to be a competent, responsible, caring, friendly, energetic, positive attitude and ability to handle difficult customers. She possesses good inter personal relationship skills.

    Susan has indeed provided excellent and exemplary services and even gone the extra mile to ensure that our activities were met. 
    Eg when there was no show in the snowmobile aurora hunting, she took her initiative to arrange for a bus to take all 33 of us out instead after we waited more than an hour. She even managed to convince the coach captain to bring us to a number of dark spots and further North to watch the aurora borealis. 
    Another incident was when she sighted the aurora, she was so excited and ran out of the glass igloo, shouted at the top of her voice to alert the group of the appearance of the aurora. During the excitement, she forgot that she was only wearing her bedroom slippers and finally she suffered frost bites on her toes and loss her voice.
    The 3rd incident was a few of us did not want to go aurora hunting on a snowmobile because the temperature was minus 30 degrees and visibility was poor especially for those who wear glasses. Instead what we wanted desperately was to just take photos on a snowmobile. Susan arranged for us to follow the group to the snowmobile station for aurora hunting. When we arrived there, there was a stationery snowmobile and we posed for photos as though we were riding on it. Our requests were met, we took photos on the stationery snowmobile and after that we were taken in a mini bus and went out for aurora hunting whilst the rest went aurora hunting on the snowmobiles.

    Thanks also to all d EU staff who hv provided us d necessary assistance before our trip

  • 17 Mar - 29 Mar 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland FranceBeatrice Tiew (17 Mar - 29 Mar 2016)

    End our 13 days Europe tour with great satisfaction especially the Tour Manager Veron Lee who was so helpful and great responsibility, she also make sure we enjoyed every moment of the tour.

    18 Mar - 28 Mar 2016

    11D8N Europe HighlightsJoanne Tcl (18 Mar - 28 Mar 2016)

    Europe Highlight 11days.
    Thank you so much EU Holidays & very appreciated my tour manager Susan Tan bringing us joy and fun throughout the whole journey. I also met a lot of new friends thought this tour. I'll highly recommend my friends to go with EU Holidays.