• 20/12/16

    11D8N Europe Highlight Calvin Chan (20/12/16)

    Xiao Mai is very informative and great in organising day to day itineraries.
    Although I book an economy packages but I managed to grasp as many places during this trips !
    Thanks bro! My family did enjoy this trips with you !
    � hope we cross path again !
    Blessed wedding (1/1/2017)bro !
    Thank you eu holiday !
    See u next year !


    11D8N Europe Highlight Nellie Toh (20/11/16)

    Thanks Xiao Mai for organising this trips for us .
    We really enjoy all the places we visited and our group's partners�
    We are worry free from hotel to bus transportation and accommodation.
    We took so many pictures and videos from all the places we have visited...
    However,overalls U will great and efficient ! And won't forget our great Italian driver GINO �

  • 14/12/16

    13D Italy Swiss Paris + 2N Dubai Jingping Tang (14/12/16)

    13 days Italy Swiss Paris, 14dec departure With tour manager Wang Jiafu

    The trip was great with super itinerary and 
    experienced / responsible tour manger Jiafu. The tour with him was full of joy and laugh. The programs of sledging and desert safari were unique!

    3/12/16 - 13/12/16

    10D7N Italy Fiesta + 2N Dubai Janet Ng (3/12/16 - 13/12/16)

    Programme: 10D7N Italy Fiesta (3/12/16 - 11/12/16) + Dubai (12/12/16 - 13/12/16)
    Tour Manager: Sebastian Mak

    It was my first trip to Europe. The places of interest were extremely well covered. I highly commended Tour Manager, Sebastian Mak, for his professionalism in making our holiday fun, safe and memorable

  • 14/12/16 - 29/12/16

    13D Italy Swiss Paris + 2N Dubai Kelynn Wee (14/12/16 - 29/12/16)

    Travelling Period: 14 to 29 Dec 2016
    Tour manager: Jia Fu/ Michael

    This was my first time joining a tour group and I did it solely for my elderly parents' safety sake. They were pretty paranoid about the whole pickpocketing saga in Europe. Their mindsets were 'there's safety in numbers' so travelling in a large group made them feel more secured psychologically. In addition, I was too busy with work to deal with the hassle of planning the itinerary so I took the easy way out. Honestly speaking, I didn't have high hope of it to be any good even after we had signed up for the package. Instead, I was expecting it to be bad, as in REAL BAD. I was under the impression that I had to wake up at unearthly hours every day with little time to sleep, given little time to shop (you know ladies right) or take pictures with our loved ones at renowned landmarks and being talked into buying stuff that I don't need by the "commission hungry" tour manager (and yes, we have all somehow heard of such horror stories from that someone around us). However, let me assure you that none of the above mentioned had taken place throughout the trip. In fact, everything turned out to be a total opposite of what I had thought to be.

    On the first look, Jiafu looked like a fierce ah beng/ uncle but he is actually quite a warm and nice man. What I like about him is that he truly cares for the group's safety and well being. How I know? Well, he never fails to remind us verbally to check our belongings every time after we returned to the coach from sightseeing or changed hotels. I mean who would want to waste his/her saliva to do so and bear the consequence of being labelled as a naggy person if there was no genuine concern present in the first place right?

    Another two good points about Jiafu which I deeply appreciated were that he was very thoughtful/ considerate and observant. Bringing two elderly along with me to Europe was no easy feat. Visiting Europe for the first time was an eye opener experience for me and there were so much to learn from the local guides pertaining to the history of the countries. Unfortunately, my parents do not speak English so most of the time, they did not understand what was being said. I had to listen attentively first before finding time to translate and share with them in Mandarin. However, perhaps sensing our helplessness, Jiafu took the initiative to go up to my parents and briefed them on his own in Mandarin on many occasions. He also checked on my mom's health and offered to bring her to see a doctor as her nose was giving her a lot of problems due to the cold climate.

    Overall, it was a pleasant trip. The food was not too bad and the accomodations were great, except for the fact that not every hotel had free wifi provided in the guest rooms. This was a problem to me because I had to stay connected to meet work demands. (The local SIM card is expensive, selling at 90 euros each according to Jiafu). The itinerary was pretty good as I didn't have the feeling of being rushed from one place to another, despite that we managed to visit many places of interest. My parents were coping well given their age. Our tour group did grumble a little as we had to spend hours on the coach travelling from one city to another but that was beyond anyone's control. We understood that so we took good use of the travelling time on the coach to sleep! At times, Jiafu would play movies/music for us to watch/ listen, sing to us or crack lame jokes to keep us entertained. He even went to the extent of getting us to guess his real age as he had lied to us of being 55 and the top three winners would walk away with special gifts sponsored by him. It was the small efforts made by him that counts. Oh and did I mention that he is one resourceful individual aka lobang king? One will not be disappointed if you approach him for recommendations of good and cheap places for nice food and shopping.


    Nothing is perfect in this world so there were of course some hiccups here and there. There was one particular hotel in France (shall remain unnamed) that was undergoing renovation. Regardless of that fact, they still proceeded to accept the hotel bookings from EU Holidays, who was kept in the dark. As a result, some of our tour members had to change rooms due to a foul smell detected and some had their electricity cut off suddenly. As for us, our toilet door couldn't be closed at all, let alone locking it and the water heater took about five to ten minutes to warm up in order to provide us with hot water to bathe in winter. In additon, the Dubai itinerary could have been better as we did feel rushed on our first day of arrival - given only ten minutes for both phototaking and toilet break at the beach and thirty minutes to explore the gold market on our own. We also did not get to visit the apparel and spices market. What a shame!

    Disclaimers: I am not paid or given any benefits of any form for writing this. I am only forking out time to pen down my true thoughts as per Jiafu's request as he had highlighted, not only once but twice, that he would only want honest feedback. If not, I would not have gone through the trouble of doing this. It's because you have earned it with your hard work!


    14D10N Highlight of Eastern Europe Christina Moh (20/12/16)

    Just returned from 13D10N Eastern Europe led by Tour Mamager :Sam Lee This is my 2nd trip with EU. My 1st trip was in Nov 2015 to Central Europe. It was a good trip too. That is why I signed with EU again. Sam is a very caring , generous n friendly tour guide. He even brought along various types of chilli sauce. He provided coins for those who need to use toilets ..he is always so thoughtful and generous. He brought with him sweets, biscuits and snacks and distributed to us for those long travelling hours on the roads from one city to another ...in case we are hungry. In addition, he bought many local gifts & snacks along the way and always created opportunity to give ..like Q&A session to reward us with lotion, chocolate n gifts. Even on the last day of trip, he gave everyone gifts as our birthday pressents..we are so blessed to have Sam as our tour guide . EU is blessed to have Sam as employee too.

  • 20/12/16 - 1/1/207

    14D10N Highlight of Eastern Europe Yvonne Then (20/12/16 - 1/1/207)

    I joined the 13 Days Highlights of Eastern Europe tour led by Sam Lee. Was pretty impressed with the efficiency of the counter staff Michael who served me as I only booked the tour one week prior to the tour departure date. 
    Our tour manager Sam is another gem, though he is more proficient in his mandarin, he had made the entire trip most enjoyable and memorable through his experience and genuineness. He pampered us with his chocs during quiz time while we were on long bus ride, readily made small change available whenever we need to go to the loos in countries using non-euro currency, and provided useful tips on the types of souvenirs/ stuff to buy. He even took his initiative to offer members alternative meals and drinks when he knew some of them were sick of eating chicken, all at his own expense! 
    Though I am not a frequent traveller for tour groups ( after not so good experience in the past), Sam has really changed my perception ( for the better of course) of travelling with a tour group. He took extra mile to make sure all members were as satisfied as they could be and warmed us with his generosity and care throughout the entire trip. 
    Both my dg and myself have enjoyed tremendously and a big thank you to SAM for making our maiden "Mother and Daughter" trip so memorable!!!


    10D7N Winter Finland + King Crab Safari Stephanie Ang (30/12/16-8/1/17)

    We took 10D7N Winter Adventure In Finland + Norway King Crab Safari (30 Dec 2016-8 Jan 2017) for our parents wedding anniversary gift and we would love to compliment and applaud our tour manager, Jeremiah. He is always reachable, super helpful, took amazing photos despite the freezing -42 degrees temperature (how did he do that? woww!) and always keep us updated us on the places our parents visited during the entire trip. Definitely will recommend EU holidays especially Jeremiah as our top choice tour guide to our friends and relatives! Thank you so much for ensuring our parents are very well taken care of, Jeremiah! 10 stars for you!

  • 17/12/16

    13D Italy Swiss Paris + Extra 1D in Fco Fennie Chia (17/12/16)

    I joined the 13D - Italy/Switzerland/France in Dec 16 led by @[539548922:Connie Hay]. I must said this is one of best tour packages I have taken. Reasonably priced with no hidden cost. All optional tour fees and tips were clearly shown and explained to us before the trip - no surprises. Hotels were between 4 - 5 star standards including Hilton hotel and itinerary well paced - ladies..rest assured that there are enough time for shopping and most key attractions in the cities were covered.

    Most importantly, we were fortunate to have Connie as our Tour Manager - not only is she 'strong' in carrying our heavy luggage, she is experienced, professional and ensured that all of us were well taken care of. She started engaging the group via whatsapps group chat a few days before departure to prepare us for the trip. She even went the extra mile on her off day to bring us around on our free and easy day in Paris - we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

    Once again, thank you Connie and EU for making this family trip a memorable one. We definitely are looking forward to the next one with EU.

    3/12/16 - 11/12/16

    10D7N Italy Fiesta + 2N Dubai Geraldine Chua (3/12/16 - 11/12/16)

    Programme: 10D7N Italy Fiesta (3/12 - 11/12)
    Tour Manager: Sebastian Mak

    This marks my 2nd trip with EU with the mum. It went smoothly with Sebastian's detailed planning from time keeping to allocating our seats for our meals. A songbird at heart, we were entertained with his renditions of Thai and Vietnamese songs during a long drive! Thanks to Sebastian, we managed to cover three villages in my much anticipated visit to Cinque Terre and scored really pretty photos. 
    Lastly, i'd like to extend my sincere gratitude to Sebastian whom remembered i had misplaced my handphone till the very last day and took great effort to assist me in reporting my lost mobile to the Italian police. 
    Hope the kind service continues and i look forward to more tours with EU.

  •  17/12/16 - 29/12/16

    13D Italy Swiss Paris Jiayan Li ( 17/12/16 - 29/12/16)

    Tour package: 13d10n Italy Switzerland Paris 
    Travel date: 17th dec - 29th dec 2016
    Tour manager: Michael Yap

    My family and I enjoyed our family trip with special thanks to our tour guide Michael Yap. He is a fantastic tour guide who is well versed in both English and Mandarin. Those who are looking for a tour agency to bring your grandparents/parents who are not well versed in English, EU holidays is the agency you can trust. My parents did not feel left out when we visited the various attractions as he made an effort to explain the history behind each attractions in both English and Mandarin. My siblings and I are very pleased that our tour guide turns out to be a professional photographer too. Haha. He knows how to position the camera to make a normal attraction looks fantastic. This is our first tour with EU holidays but I foresee my parents would be signing up future tour packages with EUholidays. Due to Michael's professionalism, you can be assure that the trip will be a promising and memorable one.

    24/12/16 to 4/1/17

    10D7N Central Europe (6 Countries) Jaeden Jun De (24/12/16 to 4/1/17)

    12D9N Central Europe ( 24 Dec 2016 to 4 Jan 2017)
    Tour Leader: John Foo

    It was a very pleasant journey travelling with EU as it was my first time going Europe with my brother. John, our tour leader was very knowledgable and experienced as he shared alot of information with us on what to look out for and what to buy.

    Overall, he planned the whole flow of the tour very well and was very caring as he consistently reminded us to be to be aware of pickpockets in Paris and some other cities.

    Also, I lost my handphone cable on the 4th day of the tour and John kindly lent me his cable for the remaining days of the trip so that i do not need to spend unncessary money to purchase a cable in Europe which will be expensive. 
    Lastly, i will recommend this tour to everyone who have not being to europe yet before.

    Jaeden Goh