• 7 Sep - 16 Sep 2015

    11D Central Europe HighlightsJamaliah Shariff (7 Sep - 16 Sep 2015)

    7.9 15 - 19.9.15 Europe n Dubai Tour, excellent service, friendly, patience, always looking n asking if we are comfortable n most of all gave us good information on each countries that we visited, will definitely recommend others on EU travel n would like to follow ur travel agencies in future...provided Kevin Chng is our tour leader...3 Angels♡

    7 Sep - 16 Sep 2015

    11D Central Europe HighlightsAuraKazz Ws (7 Sep - 16 Sep 2015)

    Europe Trip 7/9/15- 16/9/15 was a good excellent experiences.We are enjoying ourselves-
    Laughter & jokes. It's just like old friends.
    The tour leader was great ! He was a very responsible person . Never say no & he will try to accommodate with us.He is an Excellent Tour Leader.I will recommended to all my friends & off course I will book EU Holidays in future. All the Best 
    to you Kevin Cheng!

  • 12 Jun - 26 Jun 2015

    15 Days Highlights Of Eastern EuropeConnie Wan (12 Jun - 26 Jun 2015)

    Just a quick commendation to Raynard Tan, who after an earlier tour continued to take us on another 15 Day tour over E.Europe.

    As commented by others before, different travellers have different expectations and despite various demands, some ridiculous,  Raynard stood firm and did his job well, ensuring that we are well taken care of.

    Commendations to EU Holidays too for having good and responsible staff who make our holidays enjoyable, safe and return home soundly.

    Good job and cheers to Raynard!!

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    10 Jun - 28 Jun 2015

    15 Days Europe Discovery + 2N DubaiHazel Sid (10 Jun - 28 Jun 2015)

    My family just concluded a 17 day Europe + Dubai tour. Truly an amazing journey to four of us. It kick of in cozy Skyview Lounge @ Terminal 1, where we ate and lazed around before boarding. Tour manager, Kevin Cheng, was accommodating from day 1. He created and passed to each of us a detailed plan of the whole trip - that made us more eager and at ease to start each day of our travel. Our safety and comfort were his priorities ( really appreciated!). His dedication to his work is seen in his enthusiasm every single day. He exemplified patience to many circumstances -like dealing with our grumpy Italian driver- yeah Mr Mamma Mia grumbled everyday!) Salute to Kevin, he maintained his calmness and performed efficiently all thru out. He's a walking GPS too!!
    The journey went smoothly - local guides were very knowledgeable - fed us with the many highlights and history of each city ( an educational tour ). The tour able to cover the whole itinerary despite of some constraints like traffic and unpredictable weather. Just some concern, EU should allot more time for sight seeing , photo taking, and exploring - ( we travelled miles n miles of distance- worth to have ample time to appreciate the place), entry fee for other attractions shod be included / offered in discount (as a group) and hotels shld be located within the city/ town. 
    To sum it up, a wonderful, first encounter with Europe!

  • 6 - 18 June 2015

    13 Days Italy Switzerland ParisSheryl Ng (6 - 18 June 2015)

    Thanks EU for appointing tammy as our tour guide, We really felt fortunate in our travel with her. Is Awesome Trip!
    we enjoyed the entire tour for the fact that we have a dedicated,responsible guide going beyond the call of duty to achieve excellent service.

    She is caring,enthusiasm,good humour and too very energenic personality.Tammy had leave us with many memories
    through this 17 days of togetherness.

    A group of 38 paxs, she manage us extremely well, ensuring us with safe journey...tirelessly looking after our luggages
    and checking to see that our rooms and meals were meeting our expectations. None of us were neglected, she took very good care of us,
    making sure of everyone is comfortable. Tam help us through all enquireies and attend to our needs. And too, being our photographer too
    Most interestingly extra activities that Tam had arrange for us was a Night Fellowship aft we settle down with our shower..
    will always have drinks,fruits n bits for us to get to know each and other.
    We become closer to one another just in a few days..the glue that held the tour together was still this marvelous guide.

    Tammy, thanks for the home cook noodles that u specially done for us , celebrating birthday with us and too swim and have fun with us in Dubai beach.
    is a real memories to bring back home...

    Last but not lease, kindly extend our appreciation to Tammy and hope the management will recognize this young talent for her professionalism.
    Once again,on behalf of the group and especially, we, the  7 sisters who is together in this trip, would loves to take tis special
    moment,to thanks EU holidays who had made our trip a memorable fun experience with Tammy..cheers

    17 Jun - 27 Jun 2015

    11 Days Central Europe HighlightsPete Pui Meng (17 Jun - 27 Jun 2015)

    I am one who prefers to travel at my own pace without having to rush from one place to another. However, as I had no time to adequately plan for a trip to Europe, I decided to go ahead with this 11-day tour at Central Europe with EU Holidays. 

    We were a huge group of travellers, with a whopping number of 26, consisting of individuals with very varying needs and demands. Honestly, there were some tour mates who were highly opinionated and extremely difficult to please. There were also others who had genuine needs that had to be taken care of. Nevertheless, Sheue Juan, our tour leader, did a marvellous job in the way she related to everyone. She did her best and went the extra mile to ensure that our needs were well catered for. I could see her high level of professionalism and sensitivity, as she dealt with challenging situations at times. 

    As for the itinerary for this 11-day package, I would like to suggest that the number of days within Paris to be increased to three days, instead of two. I understand that higher costs could be incurred, but that would also mean that a more comfortable pace can be ensured than the mere allocated two-day stay. At the same time, do consider striking off Ibis Paris Porte D-Orleans Hotel from your options of stay in Paris. Firstly, there were apparent safety hazards within the hotel rooms. I had a bad accident in the bathroom. Being a careful person, I firmly stand by my view that the accident happened due to the very slippery surface of the bath area, with neither floor mats to improve friction nor handles to hold on to. I shuddered to think how the elderly members of my tour group could manage in such a situation. Secondly, there were also many other aspects of services and attitudes among the staff members that were intolerable. I will be writing to the hotel directly with regard to specific details of my concerns. 

    Nevertheless, as someone who did not like to go on group tours, I still feel I had a good time on this trip. Much of this satisfaction has to be credited to the excellent work by Sheue Juan. I would like to suggest for EU Holidays to consider this commendation of mine seriously, and give Sheue Juan the due credit she deserves for being an outstanding employee in your company. Thank you.

  • 17 Jun - 27 Jun 2015

    11 Days Central Europe HighlightsFang Ang (17 Jun - 27 Jun 2015)

    Thanks tour leader Ms Liao
    10days tour to Europe 27/6 -26/6
    She is professional cover all the places 
    keep us busy during long hours bus journey by update us the history place of interest n play games

    10 Jun - 28 Jun 2015

    15 Days Europe Discovery + 2N DubaiJenelle Mohana (10 Jun - 28 Jun 2015)

    I went on a 17 days central Europe tour with Kevin cheng as the tour leader. The entire trip was well planned. Kevin ensured sufficient stopovers for breaks and made sure that everyone well safe throughout the trip. He went an extra mile to get ointment for my mum when her knees hurt. He was polite and caring. It was an enjoyable trip. Thank you!

  • 10 Jun - 28 Jun 2015

    15 Days Europe Discovery + 2N DubaiAnnabelle Santiago (10 Jun - 28 Jun 2015)

    I've got the 17 days Europe tour package (8 countries) and it was one of the greatest tour I have! The places which were covered in the tour are amazing, as well as our tour leader Mr. Kevin Cheng. He has been very considerate, helpful and kind to us all thru out the tour. His skills on leading us and the information he has on the countries we went thru is superb.

    Although the tour is quite exhausting as we need to be on the road almost everyday, it was all worth it since we were able to cover a lot of countries. I appreciated a lot since I will not always be able to go to Europe. This has given me a taste of different culture for each of the countries we visited and a very unique experience. Most part of the tour is great except for some of the hotels of the hotels we stayed on, like the Novotel in Paris and Best western in Rome, Italy. It's very far from the city and no near shops from the hotel. Comfort wise, i don't it's comparable enough with the other hotel we have in other countries like Austria, Germany and Dubai. I hope Eu will try to make improvement on this area. I would also like to comment on the optional tour included. Most of the good places are included on the optional tour, EU can make it better by including some of these optionals as part of the package like the Sistine Chapel and Seine River Cruise for fast phased tour. As for the food, I think there should be an improvement. EU should focus more on the local food per country instead of having more chinese food, to add to the tourist experience.

    Apart from these, everything is great. Also, The knowledge of most of the local tour guides were also great, they were able to explain a lot about the places of interest and culture of each countries they have guided us thru. Over all, i would give this tour an excellent mark for making most of the best of the 13 days we spent in Europe. And thanks again to Kevin for his guidance and great help to make this tour a memorable one :)

    6 - 18 June 2015

    13 Days Italy Switzerland ParisZhao Chun Yan (6 - 18 June 2015)

    我参加了6月6号至18号的Italy Swiss Paris 旅行团,eu holidays 的导游Ms Tammy Tan 对团友热心服务,十分负责,当有的团友身体不适,或遇到难题时,她都能尽心尽力,及时帮助解决。我肠胃不适泻肚子还有点发烧,她主动问侯,送药,送温水,找厕所。令我很感动。对于最后一天的自由行她为大家制定了几种方案,让大家选择,令团友十分满意,她时刻把我们团友的利益放在第一位,处处照顾大家的感受。总之,Tammy 让我们觉得eu holiday是值得信赖的。
    团友:Zhao chunyan 17Jun2015

  • 6 - 18 June 2015

    13 Days Italy Switzerland ParisQiao Jin Qiu (6 - 18 June 2015)

    6月18日飞机平安降落在樟宜机场,回家的路上躺在出租车后座仿佛还在旅行巴士上,期待我们的领队Tammy Tan 上车点名出发,回顾十三天的意大利、瑞士、巴黎游还是很兴奋,一路上Tammy像一个开心果尽量消除团友们在长途行驶的寂寞,介绍所到之处的历史文化典故,每天到酒店后尽快安排大家去休息,她自己却在大厅等候到很迟才回房间休息,随时准备帮忙解决团友可能会遇到的问题,为了让团友们増进了解,她还买水果,酒水请大家聚会聊天,虽然中途因自己不小心撞痛尾骨,我没带药膏,她赶快从她准备的药物中找出药膏给我,一路关心我痛不痛。其他团不舒服也尽快帮忙。为了大家游玩开心顺利,她随机应变调整行程,推荐给大家的东西也都很好,让人感觉到她的真心,旅行社对酒店的选择也基本上都很不错,下次旅行还会选择EU Holiday Pte Ltd,Tammy, 还要你带队哟!
    团友:Qiao Jinqiu

    30 May - 15 Jun 2015

    14 Days Swiss Paris Amsterdam + Free 2 Nights Dubai Hotel StayGoh Ah Moi (30 May - 15 Jun 2015)

    谢谢<欧美假期>,因为贵公司的Ms Mei当我们的领队,令我们享受此次旅途的乐趣和增长了知识。Mei是一个不可多得的领队人才,她除了把旅途的大小事情安排得妥妥当当,还费心地关注个别团员的需求和感受。在旅途中她除了重点介绍当地的美景外,还进一步介绍欧洲的历史,记忆力过人的她对历史事件的发展的过程,交代得非常清楚,起初我们还以为她看稿,后来证实她完全是根据她的认知和记忆,这令团员们佩服不已。在旅途中对历史和风土民情的介绍令许多团员增长了知识,让已有这方面知识的团员有重温欧洲历史的机会。更难得的是,她用华语讲解后,立刻用英语把同样的内容再说一遍。而且语气不徐不疾,语调悦耳动听,这和只会说黄色笑话或介绍自己的光荣历史或只顾着睡大觉的多数领队完全不同。因为有Mei我们的旅途有了色彩和意义,以后有机会出游,多数的我们肯定会到贵公司找Mei同游。希望贵公司好好珍惜不可多得的员工。谢谢!