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USA Tour Package

USA Tour Packages

Undoubtedly one of the greatest nations in the world - the United States Of America (USA) is also one of the finest tourism destinations around. As the setting of many famous Hollywood classics, network shows and historical moments, the USA is always high on many people’s wishlist and bucket list for places to visit for their dream holiday.

Take in the vibrant diversity of history, food, culture, and traditions that make up this expansive country on one of our tour packages to the USA from Singapore. On the West Coast, soak in the bright California sunshine by visiting one of the world’s most iconic cities in Los Angeles and feel like a star when you take a leisurely walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Unleash your inner fan and try to spot your favourite celebrities’ names along that stretch. This might be the closest most of us will get to our admired stars so do not hesitate to snap some pictures to bring home, where you will be the envy of all your friends Explore San Francisco where the renowned Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman's Wharf at Pier 39 await. Then take a moment to slow down and appreciate life's little pleasures as you busk in the beauty of nature at one of America’s most beloved national parks - the Yosemite National Park. Spend some time in the picturesque park during the fall and admire the brilliant autumn colors. Enjoy the best of both worlds - marvel at men’s ingenuity in creating the impressive Hoover Dam and be in awe of nature’s creation in forming the vast Grand Canyon. But the East Coast is not to be outdone. Visit the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the Empire State Building, and other classic landmarks in the bustling city that never sleeps, the alluring New York City. Let your eyes feast on the natural splendor of Niagara Falls. If you are a history buff, you will love exploring the important monuments and memorials erected in Washington, D.C., that commemorate revolutionary events & people in USA’s rich history.

Experience the gorgeous landscape and cityscapes of the USA hassle-free – sign up for a travel package with EU Holidays, the award-winning travel agency in Singapore. With cabin fever reaching its peak where we were forced to stay home in Singapore over the past few years, the news about travel restrictions easing up is like a breath of fresh air for many of us.

However, even with the opening of borders for tourism comes a long and complex list of rules & restrictions to navigate that makes taking a holiday seem like even more work. But not to worry, our vaccinated travel lane tour packages will help you do all the planning needed to navigate the travel restrictions and whisk you away from your hectic lifestyle in Singapore to the USA. Our team of travel specialists with more than a decade of industry experience are ready to make your dream trip a reality and an enjoyable, fuss-free experience.


USA Travel Packages To The West Coast

When it comes to spectacle, excitement, and glamour, the West Coast in the USA is unparalleled. Featuring a myriad of world-famous sights and attractions ranging from the Hollywood sign to the Las Vegas Strip,  the West Coast holds a  special cultural and historical fascination that captivates millions of visitors every year. From sprawling metropolises such as San Francisco to rolling beaches at Pebble Beach and sandy desert landscapes in Arizona, there is natural beauty and breathtaking sights everywhere. Join a West Coast USA Tour Package from Singapore and enjoy the best of the West Coast attractions today!


USA Travel Packages To The East Coast

History comes alive on USA’s East Coast region that is littered with landmarks, historical treasures, and towns filled with American heritage. Take a sneak peak of what it is like to be the president of the United States when you tour the White House in Washington DC. Delight in the stunning cityscapes and skyscrapers of The Big Apple in New York City and visit prominent tourist hotspots like the Empire State Building, Times Square and Rockefeller Center. Purchase an East Coast USA Tour Package and feast on the East Coast’s historic beauty now!


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Frequently Asked Questions


Should I Visit The East Coast Or West Coast?

Both the East and West Coast have their own appeal with abundant scenic sights and landmarks & we encourage you to go for USA tour packages to both coasts. However, if you could only choose one, we would recommend the West Coast for young families as children would be more interested in all the theme parks and shopping provided. On the flip side, the East Coast is perfect for history lovers to explore all the monuments and landmarks that young children may not know how to appreciate.


Do You Have Tours That Cover Both Coasts?

Unfortunately, as the USA is such a vast country, it is more cost-effective and efficient to explore one coast at a time to be able to fully take in all the sights  on each coast. Hence, our tour packages to USA from Singapore do not explore both the East and West Coast at the same time.


Are We Able To Visit The USA?

Yes, you can book a tour package to the USA. Singapore has launched Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs) to 32 countries, including the USA where vaccinated travellers are able to enter the country.

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