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Tour Agency Singapore

Tour Agency Singapore

A tour agency is a person or a company that arranges and organises services related to travel and tours. In Singapore, a tour agency is any entity that provides travel and tour packages involving travel by air, sea or land.


How to Start a Tour Agency in Singapore: A Guide to Obtain a Tour Agency Licence in Singapore

As one of the leading tour agencies in Singapore, we at EU Holidays are happy and honoured to share a guide on how to start a tour agency in Singapore and obtain a travel agent’s licence in Singapore.


Who Needs a Tour Agency Licence?

A tour or travel agency in Singapore requires a licence in order to conduct business as a travel agent. The Singapore Tourism Board (STB), the government body responsible for issuing the licence, has defined a travel agent as providing the following services:   

  • Sells tickets entitling an individual to travel, or otherwise arranges for a person a right of passage on any conveyance.
  • Arranges or conducts tours within or outside Singapore.
  • The above definitions cover companies that provide travel services, excursions, sightseeing, tours (including freelance individuals), tourist services and ticketing agents for airlines, tour buses and cruise ships.


Prerequisites for a Tour Agency Licence in Singapore 

Before filling in the application form for a tour agency licence in Singapore, you must be aware of the following requirements:

  • Company Registration – You must first set up a Singapore company with the intention of conducting business as a travel agent.
  • Paid-up Capital – The company must have paid-up capital of at least S$100,000.
  • Key Executive – The company must appoint an appropriate person for the position of key executive. A key executive is responsible for the day-to-day running of the business and his/her appointment must be approved by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). He/She must be a Singapore citizen, permanent resident, or employment pass holder.
  • Character – The company’s executive and managerial appointments must be of good moral character and fame. Proof, such as police clearance, credit background checks and letters of good conduct from relevant government agencies are required.
  • Email Address and TRUST – The company must have a website to operate the business. The company must also observe the Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Travel Related Users’ System (TRUST).
  • Office Space and Signboard – The company must set up a business office dedicated solely to travel agency operations. The space cannot be shared with any other type of business.


Renewal of Tour Agency Licence in Singapore

The Singapore tour agency licence is valid for two years and expires on 31st December of the following year irrespective of the month in which you initially made your application. You must renew your licence one month before it expires.


Frequently Asked Questions About Tour and Travel Agency in Singapore


1. Is EU Holidays a top trusted travel agency in Singapore?

EU Holidays is a licensed and trusted travel agency in Singapore for more than a decade. We were established in 2010 with the sole intention of offering customers a whole new travel experience. Within five years, we expanded our business operations and set up three other subsidiary offices after understanding and wanting to cater to the various needs of our customers. In 2013, the EU MICE office opened up for corporate travel with a focus on corporate meetings, conventions and events and EU Asia was set up for customers who are interested in travelling within Asia. EU Vacations was launched in 2014 to serve the Malaysian market.

By providing quality and value-for-money travel and tour packages and services, exemplary customer service, going the extra mile and constant improvement, we have become a top of mind choice when customers think of traveling to Europe, America or many of our other destinations. We have received significant recognition from both customers and industry professionals and have been presented with various prestigious awards and accolades.


2. Does EU Holidays have any awards or accreditations?

Eu Holidays has received many awards that give us recognition as one of the top travel agencies in Singapore by both customers and the industry. Some of the accolades include the Asia Excellence Award 2013, the Singapore Excellence Award 2013, Singapore Quality Brands 2014 and Singapore Trusted Quality Brand 2015. In 2017, we also received the Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA). 

EU Holidays has also gone through a year-long Customer Centric Initiative (CCI) program and successfully attained the Singapore Service Class certification under the Ministry of Trade and Industry agency, SPRING Singapore, with a niche Business Excellence (BE) standard for service accreditation.


3. How can customers benefit from choosing EU Holidays as their preferred tour agency in Singapore?

Our main driving force is to provide reasonably priced and carefully planned tours to many parts of Europe, America and Exotic travel destinations for customers of all ages and interests. We aim to satisfy customers’ desire of traveling to distant destinations at an affordable cost without compromising on quality. With our focus and professionalism, we can provide better service and better experiences for our customers.

Eu Holidays has consistently proven its ability to provide a great customer experience and our recognition for it has grown over the years of our operation. Not only do we provide travel services, we also create unforgettable experiences which propels our growth as one of Singapore’s top travel agencies, and allows us to win both the market attention and establish customer loyalty.

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