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What Makes a Good Tour Agency in Singapore?

Are you one of those people who love travelling to different parts of the world? Planning your own itinerary seems exciting if you’re travelling alone or with a partner. But if it’s going to be with a family or group travel, it may be practical to hire a tour agency in Singapore. Seeking the service of a travel agency lets you travel smoothly without any hassle and problems, especially about different transactions and reservations.

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When it comes to going on a holiday with family or group, you need to find an agency that will help you get a good deal. Sure, there are a lot of agencies out there that offer different travel services. But how can you find the right travel agency for you? To help you out, here are some qualities of a reliable agency.

Good Reputation

One of the most important traits of a tour agency is having a good reputation. Offering cheap tour packages is useless if all previous clients of the agency have negative feedback about the service. The acid test of any service is what the customers think of the business and its services. Do your homework by checking the background of the travel agency. Read some comments and reviews on their social media channels and check their testimonial page. Are all reviews favourable or mostly complaints? Take note of this.

Some agencies will brag about their previous clients. If possible, you should ask for a list of clients that you can contact and have a little chit-chat. A trusted agency is willing to provide you with a list of clients they have served before. In today’s time, it is easier to detect the reputation of a tour agency.

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Willing to Go the Extra Mile

Putting the client’s needs first is a golden quality of a travel agency. Sometimes, even the most carefully laid plans can go wrong and askew. When this happens, a good travel agency has an action plan and countermeasures to ensure your safety and aid you even if you are miles away. For instance, if your flight is delayed due to terrible weather and you are stranded in a foreign country, the agency will go an extra mile to help you out. They will quickly re-assemble new travel plans for you or rearrange your itinerary to make sure you are still on track to the original plan.

Some agencies might offer affordable tour packages but their service might end right after you purchase it. So if something came up while you are in a foreign land, you can’t rely on their assistance - you are on your own.

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Reliable Customer Service

What hours does the agency open? Did they respond immediately after you sent an enquiry? Do they have round-the-clock customer assistance? All these reflect the quality of their customer service. From the moment you made enquiries, you can detect if they are a good one. A leading tour agency in Singapore has polite and respectful staff. When you call them to enquire about their service, the agent will entertain you in the best possible way without being too pushy. They won’t force you to get a tour package that doesn’t match with your preference; rather they will listen to your requirements and needs. Once you booked their tour, they will give you a contact number that you can call if you need assistance while you are travelling in other cities.

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