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Winter Europe Special

Savour the End of the European Promotion

10/12D Italy Fiesta + Dubai

Enjoy an exploration of the historical cities of Italy and all the famous attractions and landmarks.

13/14D Highlights of Eastern Europe

Rediscover Europe’s richest cultures on a voyage through the beautifully antiquated cities of the east.

9/10D Best of Russia

Explore a country steeped in history and culture as you marvel at the remarkable sights of Russia.

13/15/17D Italy Swiss Paris + Amsterdam / London + Dubai

Revel in the rich history and culture Europe as you catch a glimpse of ancient Rome as you wander on the streets of Italy, Switzerland, and bask in France’s art and culture.

11/12D Adventure to Balkans

Gain a deeper understanding of the tumultuous pasts of Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and admire their wealth of ancient treasures. 

11/13/15D Scandivania + Baltics/Iceland

As a country famed for its geological contrasts of fire and ice, Iceland mesmerises you with its natural wonders and gorgeous sceneries. 

Arctic Aurora Specialist

10D Winter Adventure in Finland + Norway King Crab Safari

Indulge in a myriad of Arctic activities that brings out the best of this winter wonderland.

10D Aurora Chasing in Norway + Northernlights Island*

Open sea to the west, where the Northern Lights often lit and nature’s own music from rolling waves!


11D Great Caucasus

The spectacular scenery, wonderful walks and picturesque old villages are part of a trip to the Great Caucasus.

12D Great Morocco with Sahara & Chefchaouen

Filled with ancient cities, sandy beaches, vast desert landscapes, colourful spice markets and towering peaks.

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