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Nov 2018

Never Thought About Going To Uzbekistan? This Might Change Your Mind

There's even a chartered flight involved.


There are some holidays you can plan even if you’re half asleep (hello, Bangkok/Seoul/Tokyo!). Then there are beautiful, exotic destinations that you may have stumbled across on Instagram, but are so obscure, you may not even have a clue how to get there. Like the enigmatic Uzbekistan, where it’s not like you can hit your pals up for restaurant recommendations.


Bukhara city in Uzbekistan

Well, now there’s a tour agency that’ll do all that troublesome legwork for you — EU Holidays is organising an 8D/6N trip to Uzbekistan from Dec 21 to 27. So you can be reassured that it’s safe to travel to Uzbekistan, one of the few countries in the world that droves of tourists have yet to discover. So let someone else deal with the hassle and logistics like planning inter-city transfers for you, while you take in the sights and snaps you need for those Instagrams, where you’ll surely wax lyrical about the rich culture and heritage of a country that was a key stop for traders traversing the Silk Road hundreds of years ago. And you thought guided travel tours were just for retirees.

The Registan public square in Samarkand

The $2,288 per pax price tag includes a chartered return flight on Uzbekistan Airways (the only airline to fly direct from Singapore), accommodation and activities on the itinerary across four cities in the heart of Central Asia. Among them is Samarkand, the second-largest city, known for its incredible mosques and mausoleums, and has earned a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list.  Also on the list: Bukhara, one of the major commercial stops on the Silk Road, and travel there via the desert Kyzyl-Kum.  

Dec 21 to 27. From $2,288 per pax (excluding taxes and service fees). For more info, call EU Holidays hotline 6535-8535

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