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Italy Tour Package

Italy Tour Package in Singapore – Creating Lasting Memories

Despite being a relatively small country (less than half the size of Texas!), Italy boasts the most important artistic and cultural heritage in the world –  , to be exact. There are a lot of things to see, besides the world-famous destinations: archaeological sites of incommensurable value, breathtaking natural treasures and picturesque sea-side towns, and much more.


Getting the Best of Both Worlds

At EU Holiday, we are here to take you out for a ride to the world’s most wealthy in cultural heritage and tradition. Our Italy tour package will bring you to larger Italian islands, such as Sardinia and Sicily, making the rounds of the coasts. We will also make stops at charming villages in the inner area to not only discover the heritage and history of Italy, but also enjoy its treasure trove of lively, variegated culture, gastronomical delights, and ancient traditions.  

Immerse yourself in the beauty of this land. Our Italy tour package includes multi-day excursions where you will be accompanied by experienced and accredited guides. Discover the most beautiful and famous landmarks in   – from famous cities like Rome, Tuscany, and the Amalfi Coast, to quaint towns hidden from prying eyes, far from what you would see in classic tourist itineraries.


Italy Tour Packages Available for Corporate

Our Italy tour packages are not only for leisure, we also offer them for corporate employees looking to fly to Italy for their business trips. You can rest easy knowing that we will take care of everything for you – our corporate travel arm in Singapore specialises in business travel management services, expertise, and strategies tailored to suit your market. We will work towards optimising your time efficiency, flexibility, as well as price competitiveness. Knowledgeable and meticulous at every stage, we will also help negotiate with various vendors to ensure your safety from when you take off from Singapore till you return home. We will also coordinate travel insurance policies and assist in travel and expenses management, offering you a hassle-free corporate itinerary.

Revel in the beauty of Italy! Should you have any enquiries regarding our Italy travel tour packages, be sure to contact us!


Frequently Asked Questions About Italy Tour Package in Singapore


1. Does EU Holidays offer free and easy travel packages?

At EU Holidays, we recognise that there are two types of tourists: those who like to cover as many areas as possible and those who wish to kick back and take their time enjoying the trip as they explore. No matter which of the two categories you fall under, we will do our best to suit your needs and preferences. If you wish to have a lax, free and easy tour, let us know and we will help create one of the best trips you will ever have!


2. What are the COVID-19 regulations I should be aware of when travelling to Italy?

To enter Italy, the first thing you will need is to be fully vaccinated or have recently recovered from COVID-19. As such, you will need to present a certificate of a completed initial vaccination cycle within the past nine months or a complete cycle with a booster. Conversely, you can also present a certificate of recovery from COVID-19 within the past six months, or a negative test result taken within 48 hours (antigen) or 72 hours (PCR) of departure. Those who do not present the correct documentation are required to quarantine for five days on arrival, and test negative before exiting quarantine – which is a waste if you are looking forward to spending your days out and about. So be sure to have the correct documentation with you!

Aside from bringing these documents, you will also need to fill in a self-declaration form. Moreover, anyone flying to or from Italy is also required to wear an FFP2 mask. If you are still not too sure how to navigate this cumbersome process, let us know!


3. What happens to my tour package if Italy’s border restrictions and COVID-19 regulations change?

With the state of the world right now, we fully understand that there would be travel uncertainties and anxieties that follow. We will always place the safety of our customers as our top priority. As such, if there are any changes to the border restrictions and quarantine regulations in Italy before departure, we will provide you with a full refund.


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