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Incentive Travel

Incentive Travel

Planning A Team Incentive Travel Trip    

Every employee deserves a treat every once in a while. Why not treat your team to a fun overseas getaway with our Incentive Travel programme?


Your team is the heart of your organisation, and incentive travel programmes are a great way to inspire and reward all their hard work. EU Holidays' Incentive travel programme is a perfect means of showing appreciation to your team for their contribution to the success of the company. It also gives your employees a chance to bond with each other and understand one another better. This way, future collaborative works between them can be more productive than ever.

Give your business a competitive edge with a custom group programme that is perfect for your organisation, with planning and logistics made easy through our curated incentive travel programme.


Incentive Travel Motivates Employees

Through providing incentive travel opportunities, you can motivate your employees in a way that encourages individual excellence and enhances overall company performance. The healthy and friendly competition fostered by incentive travel programmes can be enjoyed between employees and teams across departments, or even among different locations.

You can plan and proactively create an incentive travel programme carefully customised around the particular preferences of your group.

Finding a strategic balance between your company’s budget constraints, corporate goals and employee schedule can help you create a truly memorable travel experience and a travel incentive trip that motivates your employees, improves performance, and pleases the management — all at once.


Types of Travel Incentives    

Hotel/Destination Travel Incentives

Check out our flexible incentive travel programme for budget-adjustable travel incentives that offer your employees limitless lodging options. These incentive travel packages can range from a one-night stay in a nearby city to a spectacular week-long escape to a faraway destination anywhere in the world. There are even hotel packages that include other benefits such as massage service, tour service, and buffet meals.


Cruise Travel Incentives

There are so many destinations and ships to choose from under our cruise incentive travel options, making this luxury getaway a highly sought-after incentive travel option. Our cruise travel incentive packages comes in numerous tiers to fit various budgets and can range in length from as little as three days to more than three weeks. Some of our cruise travel incentive packages cover several destinations, which allow the incentive travel recipient to explore and experience other interesting locations while relaxing the mind and body from all office workloads.


Sports Travel Incentives

An ever-popular reward, sport-themed incentive travel packages are perfect for the high-achiever, best-performing corporate group, an exceptional employee, or even your best client. You can create customised incentive travel packages to exciting professional sporting events around the world. For instance, you can book a seat at the Australian Open Tennis Championship for tennis lovers, Grand Prix for racing enthusiasts, or even the Super Bowl or FIFA World Cup for football and soccer fanatics. There are many famous sporting events across the globe which can create lasting memories that receipients will treasure; memories that they will tie back to the you, your company, and your gift of an incentive travel trip to express your appreciation for them. Even individuals and teams who don’t particularly enjoy travelling will be motivated to perform better if sports travel incentives are offered.


Recreation Travel Incentives

Celebrate your employees' success and achievements with some well-deserved fun and relaxation through our recreation travel incentives. You can create a perfect custom getaway for any member of your teamned for respite and rest. Motivate your employees by offering their favourite activities in exciting destinations throughout the globe — you can offer recreation incentive travel involving an exhilarating snow skiing in Canada, island hopping in Maldives, a winter adventure in Switzerland, a safari experience in Africa, or even snorkelling in Bahamas. With our recreation travel incentive packages, the sky’s the limit — literally!


Build Your Own Travel Incentive Package

Looking for something completely one-of-a-kind? Create the perfect unique incentive travel experience that incorporates your company’s needs, budget, and goals. Think of unique places that your team has aspired to visit or activities they’ve dreamed to try out. For instance, offer a travel incentive trip to Finland where the recipient can stay in a glass igloo to watch the Aurora Borealis during the night. There are many other incentive travel programmes you can consider that will surely motivate the teams to bring in more productivity and commitment to meeting company goals. The travel incentive package you plan doesn’t even have to be super expensive; as long as it is something they’ve never tried before, it will surely catch their interest!


Plan a Travel Incentive Programme with EU Holidays Today

Check out our gallery to take a sneak peek at your travel options, and get in touch with our team today to plan a travel incentive programme for your deserving employees.


Frequently Asked Questions About Incentive Travel Packages


Are incentive travel packages still available with the ongoing pandemic ?

Yes, fully vaccinated Singaporeans can still travel to many destinations through VTL flights. Our incentive travel packages take this into account, and offer numerous destinations accessible via VTL flights by vaccinated Singaporeans eligible for travel.


When is the best time to book a travel incentive trip for my company?

It really depends on the type of travel incentive trip you’re looking to provide, as well as the destinations you’d like to include in your incentive travel package. In general, we’d recommend that the trip is planned such that it follows shortly after performance reviews, such that recipients are inclined to naturally link the rewarding experience to their exceptional performance, yet still have ample time to make adequate preparations for travel incentive trip they’ve been given.


Do incentive travel programmes really motivate employees?

Yes. In fact, incentive travel programmes are known to be one of the most appreciated and effective forms of incentives a company can give to their employees. Travel incentives have been proven to work a lot better than even cash bonuses, as cash is fleeting, ordinary, intangible, and private. By providing a planned trip as a reward, you effectively give employees memories that last forever, a unique experience that is extremely tangible, and something they’ll talk about publicly that may motivate others around them to perform exceptionally well in hopes of receiving such a reward as well. Altogether, incentive travel programmes don’t just work, they work better than all other alternative forms of corporate rewards!


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