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Best European Cities: Top 5 Holiday Packages from Singapore

Europe is one of the most sought-after travel destinations around the world. Many holiday packages from Singapore are available at competitive prices all year-round. It is recommended to visit at least one place in this region in their lifetime. Tourists from all over the world visit different places in Europe for either leisure, education or business purpose. This region offers a wide variety of exotic destinations and cultures.

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Are planning to visit this continent soon? To help you plan your trip to Europe here is a list of vibrant and popular cities known for their tourist attractions including museums, architecture, restaurants, recreation, nightlife, and shops. These must-see destinations in Europe will surely give you endless of fun memories.


With its golden stone facades and infamous Eiffel Tower, who haven’t heard of the city of lights? Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and is widely known for its densely packed collection of villages. One can discover intimate gardens and courtyards behind those grandiose boulevards, museums and palaces. Perhaps the real clue to Paris’ unwavering appeal is that it is intensely lived-in despite being one of the most visited cities in the world. There are unlimited options on what to do in Paris whether you travel alone, with special someone, or with family.


When talking about the best cities to visit in Italy, Venice is always included on the list. This city never loses its capability to enchant tourist no matter what time of the year. During summertime, one can expect a thick crowd of tourists in the city due to its sheer loveliness and exquisite sceneries. Venice is a city that seems miraculously built on water, making it truly romantic for couples. Tourists should check out the churches and museums in the city to witness some of the most precious antiques from hundreds of years ago. Venice is truly a unique and magical travel destination 365 days a year. However, you must be ready to share this memorable experience with thousands of other tourists.

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Amsterdam is yet another popular destination in Europe with several holiday packages from Singapore. It is small enough to cycle or walk almost anywhere you desire, however, it is rarely boring or dull. This city boasts various dinky gabled buildings, lovely bridges, and quiet canals, giving it a village-like beauty, yet tourists can find stunning art museums and world-renowned orchestras. What makes Amsterdam truly fascinating is that it combines its glittering past with a wry contemporary edginess.


A trip to Italy is never complete without going to Rome. The city’s mild Mediterranean climate has attracted lots of visitors from different parts of the world, specifically from the cool north. Rome has great neighbourhood trattorias, buzzing incredible scene, and quirky shops. The biggest challenge that tourists often face is deciding what not to do in the city. There are several archaeological sites, churches, museums, and paintings to see.

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Berlin is becoming one of the most popular destinations in Europe. In fact, one can easily find many holiday packages from Singapore to this beautiful city. It is considered as one of the most stimulating cultural centres in this region. Nowadays, Berlin is known to be a city of many faces, a hedonistic hub, and a magnet for history enthusiasts. It has likewise become a destination for families due to its wealth of green spaces, like the sprawling Tiergarten, the Volkspark Friedrichshain, and the Sunday flea market at Mauerpark.

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