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Home - Family Travel: Best Europe Holiday Packages from Singapore

Family Travel: Best Europe Holiday Packages from Singapore

Planning to travel with your entire family soon? You don’t have to stress yourself out trying to decide where to go as there are several holiday packages from Singapore to Europe. Who doesn’t want to go to Europe? A lot of people think of this region as a dream place, which is why many travel agencies offer packages at competitive prices. It means you can take your family to this place without boring a hole into your pocket.

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From hands-on museums to peerless parks and delicious yet affordable food, various European cities are family-friendly holiday destinations. Travelling with kids overseas will never make your frown since these cities greatly welcome families with children.

Check out the following tour packages to the most child-friendly Europe destinations.

Amsterdam, Netherlands Package

Many travellers think Amsterdam is not a good destination for families with kids, but they are wrong. The laid back culture makes the city a perfect place for families to spend quality time. This city offers more than just the red light district and Heineken tours. Children can enjoy different types of food like pancakes and French fries. One fun activity for the family is to rent a bakfiet and pedal around the town. Alternatively, heading to the Vondelpark - the most famous park in the city will surely delight the little ones with a playground and paddling pool.

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London, England Package

Holiday packages to London are very in-demand among family travellers. From Harry Potter to Peter Pan to Paddington Bear, where else in the world can kids and parents discover the birthplace of such popular characters but in London? Real life guards, towers, and castles are sure to excite children of all ages. The St. James Park is a perfect location to have a picnic where the entire family can walk to the Buckingham Palace towards the Hyde Park and finally end up in Kensington Gardens.

Rome, Italy Package

Rome is a wonderful place to visit with kids. Children will definitely love the most popular food in this city - pizza! It also boasts a rich history, especially about gladiators and battles. Touring Rome usually requires a lot of walking, but there are other alternatives including “hop on hop off” bus, the metro, and pedicabs which make wandering around much easier and fun for kids. Exploring the ancient Colosseum is a memorable activity to experience in Rome. There are more exciting activities to do while in this city that can give the family a perfect holiday.

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Berlin, Germany Package

The city of Berlin isn’t just known as a child-friendly vacation destination but budget-friendly too. In fact, the city was named as Europe’s most family friendly destination in 2014. Why not when it boasts several locations for kids? Aside from the infamous Legoland and AquaDome, the oldest zoo in the country is found in Berlin and it houses the largest number of species in the world. This city is likewise known to be an urban canvas, so your kids will be amazed by all the wall art. Families can also check out pop-up museums or the delicious street meat. These are just some of the numerous reasons why this city is an ideal destination for the entire family. Be sure to find a reliable travel agency in Singapore that can help you plan a trip to this beautiful city in Germany.

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