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Holiday Packages Singapore

Unbeatable Value For Holiday Packages From Singapore


Enjoy Cherry Blossoms at Osaka is one of holiday packages from Singapore

Holiday packages from Singapore to other countries are many and varied. They offer different prices based on the accommodation types, the airlines of their choice, the food and the number of customers in a group for the holiday package.

Visiting Sydney Opera House on Australia holiday package

Some of the large scale seller of the more popular holiday packages, such as the Europe tour package, USA tour package, Japan tour, Australia tour and cruises are able to offer an unbeatable prices and unparalleled value for your holiday package.

Holiday Packages During The Travel Fair Event

Travel Revolution Fair 2015 has been carefully planned and organised to best suit the consumers’ interests and needs. During the Travel Revolution Fair, most of the travel agencies are offering value for money and discount for most of the travel destinations.

The Singapore Outbound Travel Agent Association have organised the travel fair with 37 outbound travel agencies participating.

You can see wonderful sights on your holiday packages from Singapore to Europe

More than 56 travel agencies, cruises companies, car rental companies, airlines, National Tourist Organisations and banks have participated in the Travel Revolution Fair at Marina Bay Sands last July. They include big names such as EU Holidays Tour Agency, CTC Travel, Chan Brothers Travel, Dynasty Travel,SA Tours, Nam Ho Travel and others.

Welcome to Hollywood - One of the most famous holiday places in the world

The Travel Revolution Fair offered many awesome travel deals and plenty of travel promotions for everyone.  Organisers said destinations such as Europe and Japan are the most popular due to the weaker Euro and Japanese Yen.

So get ready to rally around glorious rewards as you discover new destinations for your holiday packages from Singapore.    

This is THE year to visit Europe or Japan. A favourable Euros currency and Japanese yen has enabled the holiday packages to be more affordable.

Make a date with EU Holidays for incredible holiday packages from Singapore and other travel deals. EU Holidays is here to make your travel experience remarkable from start to finish.

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