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Oct 2021

Korea Busan Bucket List Feature




The announcement of the upcoming launch of the Vaccinated Travel Lane with South Korea was immediately met with much enthusiasm from many Singaporeans, and we’re not surprised why. It comes hot on the heels of the booming popularity of the Netflix series “Squid Game”, and given our ongoing fascination with Korean dramas and K-pop, it’s clear that our love for South Korea isn’t going away any time soon.


Its proximity as a regional destination adds to its attraction as well, as families looking to travel with older parents might prefer the shorter flight durations compared to European countries, and the familiar culture and food are all pluses in our books.
Even before the pandemic, we’re sure that most of us have already been to South Korea, and its capital city, Seoul, at least once. But hold up, have you properly explored Busan before? Of course, you might have heard of the city from the famous zombie thriller “Train to Busan”, but amidst the apocalyptic setting you might have missed all the delightful charms that this bustling port city has to offer.