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Nov 2017

8 Top Travel Experiences Money Can’t Buy

Put your credit card and traveller’s cheques away right now – the very best travel experiences really don’t have to cost a cent (or a penny, or an øre*, or a rappen*, for that matter!). In fact, some of the most memorable holiday moments come completely free!

(*coin currencies in Norway and Switzerland)

1. Be smart - go beyond the selfie

While on holiday, try using your smartphone’s built-in camera to its full potential. Thousands of precious memories and stunning postcards are waiting to be captured with a simple click. Think beyond the selfies – document your own unique perspective by taking photos of things that interest you. It could be faces of local people you meet, quirky Instagram-worthy architecture, a beautiful field of wild flowers… Even better, shoot a short video clip. 

Make precious memories with EU Holidays

2. Lessons on the go

Travel is the best classroom, by far! Strolling through the great cities of Europe such as Rome, Paris or Vienna brings history lessons alive in the most exciting ways. And if you travel with kids, it won’t be long before you hear them having fun practicing their foreign language skills, competing how to count to ten or trying out simple phrases. Nothing beats seeing their faces light up when they realise they can say hello and ask for a drink in a café using the local lingo. Va bene!

Explore the historical cities of Italy with EU Holidays

3. Free to View

Some of the best live entertainment in Europe takes place for free, right on the street. Street performers, or buskers, come in many fun forms – musicians, magicians, acrobats, clowns, chalk artists, living statues and more… Top viewing spots include outside the Pantheon in Rome, on the Charles Bridge in Prague or on the square outside the Pompidou Centre in Paris. While technically free, these performers will certainly appreciate a small donation for their efforts.

4. Nature's Magic

A glimpse of the northern lights dancing in the night sky, catching falling snowflakes on your tongue, watching an entire field of golden sunflowers swaying in the breeze – you just can’t put a price on these experiences. Star-gazing, sunrises, majestic mountain ranges, unfamiliar flora and fauna – nature serves up some of the best free-of-charge treats you can get on holiday.

Chase the northern lights with EU Holidays

5. Digital Detox

In today’s fast-paced, high-stress world, being able to get away from it all and switch off can do wonders for your general well-being. Even better, when you can leave all your holiday trip planning to the experts you’ll get much more out of your time before and during your trip.

6. Bonding Time

Holidays are a rare chance to spend quality time with your family and friends. Travelling together on a group tour gives you the chance to deepen existing relationships and catch up with loved ones. What’s more, shared travel experiences make for shared memories that you’ll all treasure for years to come. Cultivating a love for travel in your kids is also a priceless experience.

7. Savor some 'me-time'

Group tours make perfect sense for solo travellers, too. For example, this is a chance to get out of your comfort zone and try something new, whether simply sitting in a pretty city square to write a journal or maybe exploring a neighbourhood with no end destination in mind. Who knows, you might learn something new about yourself!

8. Go Local

Looking for free travel tips? Try asking a local while away on holiday and you’ll get to enjoy the destination from their point of view. You never know what kind of hidden gems or insider’s treats they might share. These are priceless experiences you couldn’t have discovered any other way!

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