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EU Holidays offers the perfect Egypt tour packages for those looking to explore one of the most mysterious and fascinating cultures in the world. From the Great Pyramids of Giza to the Valley of the Kings, you'll be amazed at everything Egypt has to offer. And with our convenient tour packages, you can easily customise your trip to ensure that you visit all the landmarks you’ve been curious about. Whether you're interested in ancient history or modern culture, EU Holidays has got you covered with an exceptional range of tour packages to suit all your travel needs. 

We know that planning a vacation can be overwhelming, so we've done all the work for you. Our Egypt tours are led by expert guides who will take you to all the must-see sights while also providing insights into the history and customs of this incredible country. Now all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your vacation. 

Award-winning tour agency and travel management solutions provider, EU Holidays, offers travel itineraries and packages across the stunning country of Egypt. Our tour packages will cover all the popular tourist attractions in Egypt and also let travellers experience the rich culture and ancient history of the country. 

Wonders of Ancient Egypt

The Egyptian kingdom found its roots way back in 30 BC. Throughout its rich history, the civilisation was known for its jaw-dropping man-made pyramids, ancient tombs, mummies as well as unique artefacts. 

Egypt has been a tourist hot spot for decades. Many visitors love to tour around the magnificent ancient pyramids, stunning Nile River, and the city of Cairo. Our team of travel experts in Singapore has researched, observed and discovered the unique sites of Egypt to bring forth a range of tour packages that are family- and kid-friendly, as well as travel itineraries for travellers who want a free and easy travel plan that brings them to all the must-sees in the country. Our programmes take travellers back in time – we will showcase the ancient artefacts that Egyptians hold dear. In addition, we will introduce participants to the contemporary and recent developments in Egypt like shopping districts as well as national cuisine. All in all, our tour packages take participants on an adventure through Egypt unlike any other.

If you are travelling to Egypt for the first time and have no idea what to expect, fret not. Some sites you can look forward to when you sign up for our tour packages include the Nile River, Great Sphinx of Giza, Egyptian Museum, Abu Simbel Temples and Giza Pyramid Complex as well as the city of Alexandria. 

Book a Tour to Egypt with EU Holidays Now

If you are keen to join us on our adventures through Egypt, then sign up for our tour packages now!

However, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Egypt Tour Packages

1. What is the weather like in Egypt?

The weather in Egypt is typically hot and dry, with very little rainfall. Summers are especially hot, with temperatures often reaching over 40 degrees Celsius. humidity levels are also high during this time of year. Winters are much cooler, with temperatures averaging around 20 degrees Celsius. There is also more rainfall during the winter months, which helps to ease the burden of the hot, dry summers. Despite the harsh conditions, the weather in Egypt is one of the country's biggest draws for tourists as the heat and the lack of rainfall make it a perfect destination for all-day sightseeing. 

2. Is travelling to Egypt safe for tourists?

Tourists have been flocking to Egypt for centuries, drawn by the country's rich history and tantalising mystery. In recent years, however, Egypt has been beset by political turmoil and violence. As a result, many potential visitors have been wondering whether the country is safe for tourists. While it is true that there are some risks associated with travel to Egypt as there are with any other foreign destination, the vast majority of visitors enjoy a trouble-free experience. The Egyptian government has made a strong commitment to ensuring the safety of tourists, and security forces are highly visible in popular tourist destinations such as Cairo and Luxor. With a little common sense and caution, travellers can easily stay safe while exploring all that Egypt has to offer. Our team at EU Holidays also abides by a strict set of safety rules and regulations to keep travellers on our tour safe and we will keep you informed of any potential dangers if any.


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