• 10 December 2016

    10D Italy Fiesta + 2N DubaiRamlah Bte Omar (10 December 2016)

    We just came back from our trip 10 days Italy Fiesta departed on 10 December 2016. It was an enjoyable trip as the transfer was smooth and always on schedule. Our bus driver was superb as he managed his driving through the thick fog which he experienced during most of the journey.

    Our tour manager, Sebastian, was very helpful and very knowledgeable. He always updated us on the history of the cities that we will be visiting and what to look out for in that city. He is also very professional and passionate in carrying out his duties as our tour manager. Well done Sebastian and keep up the good work!

    10 December 2016

    10D7N Italy Fiesta + 2N Dubai 缘中乐 (10 December 2016)

    Tour name : Italy Fiesta
    Departure date : 10 Dec 2016
    Tour Manager name : Sebastian

    We had a great trip to Italy recently. Great co-ordination from Sebastian and we were able to complete the tour on schedule �. Thanks to the great job! Also a good driver facilitated the whole travel plan.

    Thanks EU Holidays for such wonderful arrangements.

  • 4/12/16-16/12/16

    13D Italy Swiss Paris Anna Maria (4/12/16-16/12/16)

    13 Days Italy Switzerland France (4Dec-16 Dec 2016)
    Tour Manager: Kevin Cheng

    It was the first European holiday for my mom and I and we are glad to have chosen this tour package. This package has incorporated elements to appeal to our interests, ranging from sightseeing, breath-taking natural scenery, unconventional activity such as sledging and of course shopping as well. In addition, the accommodation provided were beyond satisfactory with cosy rooms from a combination of 4 to 5 star hotels. Local specialities, especially the Swiss-themed dinner at Bebbis Restaurant in Interlaken, was definitely unforgettable.

    We would like to especially thank Kevin for being a responsible and considerate tour manager who never failed to take into account the needs and preferences of the tour members and made prompt adjustments to the itinerary to make the trip enjoyable and memorable for all.

    Kevin came across as a sincere and attentive tour manager who exuded a sense of calm thus making the members felt assured throughout the trip. Despite the pre-trip briefing, Kevin also sent a comprehensive email closer to the trip on important reminders so that we were well-prepared for the trip. He always inform in advance the duration of each coach ride and ensured that there were sufficient stops for the members to have a toilet break. Kevin was also experienced and kindly advised us on where to purchase drinking water at a more affordable price. Furthermore, most of the stops do not even require us to pay for using the washroom which was different from what we have heard from friends who spent a substantial amount merely for going to the toilet. Kevin also made it a point to update us on the daily program, weather forecast and seek our opinions on the optional tours so that we could better anticipate and mentally prep on what was to come.

    Kevin also prioritised our needs and safety during the trip. He always remind us to take care of our valuables and to stay vigilant at all times. Once, noting that the group was hungry, he kindly arranged for us to have dinner first before checking in. Kevin wanted to ensure that none of our valuables will be taken away and resorted to standing up to eat his dinner while looking after everyone’s luggage at the lobby area so that we could dine with a peace of mind. He also bought the Wi-Fi access and kindly shared with us the password so that we could connect with our loved ones back home. Kevin was also quick in making alternative arrangements such as topping up the additional costs for the group so that the members could enjoy the breakfast without having to scramble for food and table with other tour groups. He also ensured that all members have their share of their meals before his turn and often asked for feedback on the dishes served. He also generously treated the members to gelato, chocolates and ice wine. We are thus appreciative of his dedicated service in executing his duties and on the constant lookout for the welfare of the tour members.

    We are appreciative for Kevin’s prompt decision-making to change the itinerary to make the most out of the trip. Firstly, he checked with his colleagues and did the relevant search to swap the program from the initial trip to Kleine Scheidegg to Titlis instead so that we can see more of the snowy landscape. In addition, on learning of the closure Eiffel Tower due to strike, he made apt arrangements for alternative to visit the Montparnasse Tower which offers equally panoramic view of Paris as well as the Eiffel Tower to avoid disappointment. Furthermore, Kevin brought us for beautiful shots of the Eiffel Tower a second time the following day at glorious sunrise.

    Kevin was also a humorous guy who injected fun and laughter during the trip. It was not easy handling the different cliques in the group and members of different ages. Nonetheless, Kevin made effort to cater to the different preferences, be it meal options or sightseeing choices during free time. He was efficient in the distribution of room keys each night. Kevin also gave good recommendations on dining places and places which offer greater variety and at more competitive prices for souvenirs. Kevin was also helpful with the tax refund procedure, making sure that we arrived at the airport early and helped to check that all members submitted the relevant receipts in the appropriate envelopes.

    Last but not least, we would like to thank Jeremiah for providing clear instructions and ensuring our safety at the tricky turns during the sledging activity. He also recommended where to take amazing photos at Mt Bussalp and helped to take jump shots as well, thus making it a delightful winter sledging experience for all. The local guides engaged were also very engaging in sharing their knowledge, promoting the place and unique culture.

    Overall, we are thankful for the meticulous service rendered and we have enjoyed ourselves immensely during this trip. We look forward to signing up with EU Holidays in future.

    24/11/16 - 4/12/16

    11D8N Adventure to the BalkansCynthia Toh (24/11/16 - 4/12/16)

    Thank you Jeremiah Tan, Tour Manager for our beautiful n memorable 11 days Balkan trip from 24 Nov - 4 Dec 2016.

    Jeremiah has proven himself to be a very professional, caring and outstanding tour manager. This is one of our most enjoyable European trips thanks to Jeremiah. He was always very optimistic about everything and never failed to put on a big bright smile on his face. He was always mingling around with every tour member to ensure that everyone was having a great time.

    The hotel rooms were good and the meals were great but portions were very big and we felt guilty for not finishing our food...haha.. Even with the long coach journey on 1 or 2 days to clear European customs we did not feel tired. With the beautiful views and a cheerful tour manager with lots of interesting stories to share, we never felt bored even for once. Jeremiah was very well informed and knew his work very well. Never once did he rush us to meet his schedule but at the same time, he made sure that the itinerary was running according to plan. We always had wonderful relaxed meal times with chances to chat and mingle with our tour mates.

    I was a little worried before the trip that my younger child may not enjoy the trip as it did not have a single theme park and Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia are all about history with beautiful sceneries, churches and cathedrals. However, Jeremiah brightened the trip with a lot of his personal life stories which I felt was inspiring to my kids.

    You have done a wonderful job Jeremiah! Keep up the good work and continue to share your fantastic stories as they are inspirational! Haha.. hope you get married soon and have a blissful life! Thanks for everything you have done for us and our kids! Everyone had a really great time in the Balkans and now we are all missing the fun of the fast train in Postjana Cave, the adventure of slippery ice walk at Plitvice National Park, the wonderful shopping time during our toilet break and the overpowering wind that almost blew us off on Dubrovnik mountain... haha... Memories are made of these....

  • 3/12/16 - 11/12/16

    10D7N Italy Fiesta + 2N DubaiLiew Yong Chew (3/12/16 - 11/12/16)

    Programme: 10D7N Italy Fiesta (3/12 - 11/12)
    Tour Manager: Sebastian Mak

    This is our first time to Europe. And we always hear about unpleasant experiences in Europe country. But our trip went off smoothly with proper planning under Sebastian and he assisted on every issue we throw into him. With his humour and attractive introduction, this makes the travel time in coach became shorter and keep us engaged. Shopping tips given by him was so accurate and make us able to fully utilise our money and time. Sebastian exhibits professionalism and really know his job well. He is truly an asset to the company .This is our first time travel with EU and I think definitely more to come. Good job , Sebastian!

    3/12/16 - 11/12/16

    10D7N Italy Fiesta + 2N DubaiAlice Chua Ming Li (3/12/16 - 11/12/16)

    Tour: 10D7N Italy Fiesta
    Departure: 3 Dec 2016
    Tour Manager: Sebastian Mak

    It was my first visit to Europe and EU Holidays has definitely made it a memorable trip for me!

    Special mention to our fun, entertaining, engaging and extremely accommodating tour manager, Sebastian Mak. He played a very important role to make my family trip a more relaxed, less stressed and well organized holiday. In addition, he has wide experience and knowledge in other areas, a constant source of conversation, information and pleasure. His entertainments onboard the coach while traveling to different cities were superb!

    I will definitely join another tour package lead by him in the near future.

    Last but not least, EU Holidays really delivers what they promised, and more. I will strongly recommend EU Holidays, a "blue chip" travel company to my friends.

  • 2 December 2016

    13D10N Highlights of Eastern Europe Janie Cheang (2 December 2016)

    just returned from our 14 day tour in Europe. was very lovely and a reason why this tour was so excellent was because of.our tour manager, Mui Koon. From the start, she took extra initiative to take care of us. For example she took the extra effort to ensure that families were staying right next door to each other during our hotel stays. She knows her job extremely well, down to the history of the country and its culture. She is even able to constantly entertain us with folklore of the country. She is also persistent in ensuring our comfort and enjoyment, telling us the best restaurants and photo spots in the area.

    On behalf of the Chee family, we would like to thank Mui Koon for her great service as our tour manager. Hope to see her again!

    3/12/16 - 11/12/16

    10D7N Italy Fiesta + 2N DubaiBay Andeline (3/12/16 - 11/12/16)

    Tour: 10D7N Italy Fiesta
    Date : 03Dec2016
    Tour Manager: Sebastian Mak

    This is the first time we booked our tour through EU Holiday .
    The Tour was excellent. We had a lot of fun troughout the travel. Our tour manager Sebastine has got a very good sence of humour along the wisdom of knowledge. The itinerary is well designed. All the arrangement was excellence. I would like to thanks Sebastian for his professional service & he made our trip more memorable & valueable. 
    I am looking forward to travel with EU Holidays again !

  • 3/12/16 - 11/12/16

    10D7N Italy Fiesta + 2N Dubai Jasline Leow (3/12/16 - 11/12/16)

    10D7N Italy Fiesta + Dubai 
    Tour Mgrs: Sabestian Mak & Harry Chong. Both tour mgrs are v helpful, hardworking & easy going people who take pride in their job. Two �� Up for both of them!

    3/12/16- 11/12/16

    10D7N Italy Fiesta + 2N Dubai Geraldine Chua (3/12/16- 11/12/16)

    Programme: 10D7N Italy Fiesta (3/12 - 11/12)
    Tour Manager: Sebastian Mak

    This marks my 2nd trip with EU with the mum. It went smoothly with Sebastian's detailed planning from time keeping to allocating our seats for our meals. A songbird at heart, we were entertained with his renditions of Thai and Vietnamese songs during a long drive! Thanks to Sebastian, we managed to cover three villages in my much anticipated visit to Cinque Terre and scored really pretty photos. 
    Lastly, i'd like to extend my sincere gratitude to Sebastian whom remembered i had misplaced my handphone till the very last day and took great effort to assist me in reporting my lost mobile to the Italian police. 
    Hope the kind service continues and i look forward to more tours with EU.

  • 30 November 2016

    11D8N Europe HighlightDesiree Lim (30 November 2016)

    It was the second time we booked with EU and this time was a sign-up for 11D8N Europe Highlights.

    Tour Manager Tammy was very considerate and attentive towards all tour mates through several arrangements.

    Her encouragement to us when it was the day we were scheduled for sledging and took the lead, got us all to take up the game except for my mother-in-law who had bad knees and another older mate, if I remb correctly. This was understandable.

    Great service from Tammy and good arrangement of local tour guide, accommodation and food... we were also appreciative to the coach drivers who kept smiling, helpful and showing positive attitude.

    Appreciate the team's work from EU, keep it up � �

    19 November 2017

    10D7N Scenic Eastern EuropeIris Ching (19 November 2017)

    My sister & myself had just returned from this wonderful 10d 7n scenic Eastern Europe Tour with EU Holidays.
    Tour Manager: Mr Kelvin Cheng
    Places covered : Budapest (Hungary), Bratislava (Slovakia), Vienna ( Austria), Cesky Krumlov, Pilsen, Karlovy Vary, Prague (Czech Republic ).
    Most of the meals were covered and lots of shopping spree for branded goods and other local market places.
    It was indeed a relaxing holidays with beautiful sceneries to call it "let''s go again'. Kelvin is a very responsible and helpful tour manager.Well do come 
    again with EU Holidays. Kelvin, Thank you and hope can join your tour again.