• 23/12/16 - 31/12/16

    9D6N Germany Romantic Route Wong Soh May (23/12/16 - 31/12/16)

    9D6N Germany's Romantic Road
    Date: 23rd to 31st December 2016
    Tour Manager: Mr Chong Hwee Min

    This is the third time we booked our tour through EU Holidays. As expected, we were lead by a wonderful and experienced tour manager. Even before the trip have begun, he will WhatsApp us updates and photos for us to have a general idea on how the attractions look like, and what to look out for. This shows how passionate and responsible he is.

    Mr Chong, knows every single historical event that took place in Europe (He can even remember the exact date of that particular event). Listening to him speak about the history of Europe transports you back to the past.

    Mr Chong would make a renown history academia if his profession wasn't in tour leading His speaking and engagement makes the bus journey a bearable and meaningful one. He would also let us listen to various classical scores and explain in detail, the importance and the stories behind it.

    All in all, Mr Chong is indispensable and a legendary figure in tour leading.

    - Lien Family


    13D Italy Swiss Paris + 2N Dubai Xiaolan Wang (14/12/16)

    13 days Italy Swiss Paris, 14dec departure...This is the first time that we travel to Europe and our tour has been arranged by our tour manager Jia Fu very professionally. The travel and hotel arrangement were great. He is nice and friendly person, very approachable and experienced. He has shared a lot self experience and knowledge of the cities we have visited. Although sometimes quite nagging such as "watch your belongings" but we all know it is for our own good. He has also worked beyond his duties and brought us to our interested places along the journey. Our itinerary didn't include Germany but he managed to brought us for a visit in black forest upon our request.

    The travel distance between cities and countries are very long. But he has tried his best to entertain us with songs and jokes so that our travel time was not boring at all. He even help us with the heavy luggages even though he is not a strong guy.

    Along the tour, meals provided was quite surprising such as Chinese food. 
     I really enjoyed myself and I do appreciate all the knowledge shared and guidance that he has provided for our tour. All the credit goes to Jia Fu and I wish to have him as my tour manager again with EU holidays!

  • 1/12/16-16/12/16

    13D Italy Swiss Paris + 2N Dubai Ashok Samtani (1/12/16-16/12/16 )

    I travelled with Jia Fu for a Europe tour from Dec 2 to Dec 15. Being my first time in Europe, I must say he was indeed professional and well informed about the surroundings. He cared for the entire group. On one instance, I left my bag on the bus and he brought it in for me in the cold with a smile and without any complaints. He also used his own money to purchase wine for us to sip and enjoy. Having travelled with other companies, i can safely say no other company has cared for us till this extent. Well done EU holidays and most importantly thank you Jia Fu for making this holiday extra special. �

    03/12/2016 – 14/12/2016

    10D7N Italy Fiesta + 2N DubaiJane Teo (03/12/2016 – 14/12/2016)

    Tour Name: 10D 7N Italy Fiesta + 2N Dubai 
    Travel Period: 03/12/2016 – 14/12/2016
    Tour Manager: Mr Sebastian Mak

    This was our family first time travelled with EU Holidays. It was highly recommended by my sister (she had a good travel experience with EU during last 2 years) to join with EU for Europe Trip.

    EU Holidays provided a well planned itineraries for the tour programme in Italy which covering most tourist attraction places. We also enjoyed the optional tour- Desert Safari in Dubai, it was a memorable and great experience to our family.

    I would also like to praise Mr Sebastian Mak who has been very professional in fulfilling his duties as tour manager. We had a big group member of about 40 pax on board, he was very organized and managed our group well. His time management on every attraction stop was well controlled and clear instruction given. During the long drive in the bus, he entertained us with his songs, jokes and life stories. He also share with us the style of pick-pocket in Italy and alert us to be careful.

    We are very lucky, throughout the whole trip there was no raining day at all.

    Not forgetting to thanks all our tour-mates who were very co-operative in punctuality of reporting time and also help to take nice picture for our family.

    Overall, we are satisfied with this great travelling experience with EU Holidays and the services by Mr Sebastian Mak.

    Looking forward to join EU Holidays again for our next vacation.

  • 1/12/16

    13D Italy Swiss Paris + 2N Dubai Jia Jia Qi (1/12/16)

    Departure date: 1 Dec 16
    Tour manager: Jia Fu

    Family of 3.

    I am truly impressed with the attention to detail and constant availability to help us as and when needed. Likewise as Sandy, we took up the following itinerary as EU was unable to form the Europe Discovery group.

    The trip from start to finish was far and away better than we ever imagined. With tours including the amazing architecture and city, local food and drink spots, wineries, and a local festival. We would have missed so much had we not taken the tours and tried to plan this trip ourselves. The drivers and guides were always on time and friendly. Especially Jia Fu, one thing that I like was that he will constantly remind us to be cautious on our belonging. He was attentive, knowledgeable, always trying his best to meet our demands, making an effort to bond with us even after a long day, recommend what are the possible souvenirs we can get, trying to engage us during our bus ride like preparing games and prizes in order not to keep us asleep and forking out his own money to treat us wine or so..

    As for the hotel wise 2 (ART MUSEO & CAVALIERI DELLA CORONA (STD)) wasn't what we were expected as it was stated in the itinerary that it was a 4/5 stars hotel but it turn out to be small and old, more like a 3 stars hotel. My mum almost fell from the old fold-able bed. The food was generally acceptable except the dinner at Milan if I'm not wrong. The creamy pasta was tasteless. None of us finished it.

    Overall, it was a positive experience I would say. The tour manager (JIA FU) was excellent. Itinerary wasn't that rush. However, I do hope that for future tour, maybe it would be good that for trip that require extensive walking should be arrange on a second / third day. It was exceptionally tiring for the SQ group on the first day to walk around. We will definitely be back. Good job EU and Jia Fu. Thank you very much for bringing us around. We really did enjoy ourselves.


    13D Italy Swiss Paris + 2N Dubai Daphne Lim (1/12/16-16/12/16 )

    13D10N Italy Switzerland Germany France
    Travel date 1-16Dec16 free stop in Dubai
    Tour Manager Ong JiaFu

    This was my first time joining tour after 10 over years ago because of bad experienced with tour agents used. This time with EU Holiday has gain back my confidence joining tour group especially with our tour manager. He did an excellence service job by providing us with care n reminders. He made sure our safety and alert us the surrounding situation as all are aware of Europe country full of pick pockets. On behalf of our tour group, I would like to thanks JiaFu of our safety and concern from small to big issues he cares for us whom I have never seen such professional manger from other travel company. Keep it up JiaFu although you have to do this repeatedly.

    In term of meals provided, I would said out of all one restaurant in Italy serving creaming pasta was the worst meal. Only 5percent took the meal. Hope EU can change the menu otherwise the rest is ok.

    Giving me a chance to go in group, I would not forget EU Holidays as my priority choice to look out. I will shared my memorable trip with my friends about EU service.


  • 10/12/16

    10D7N Italy Fiesta + 2N Dubai Онг Рей Щин (10/12/16 )

    10 Days Italy Fiesta + 2D2N Dubai
    Departure Day: 10 Dec 2016
    Tour Manager: Sabestian

    We started in Dubai, the Safari Desert was surprisingly fun. Scenery in Venice and Cinque Terre was especially beautiful.

    Thanks to our tour manager, everything was done on schedule and his timing was very exact. He is very experienced. He even knew which toilets were free and not free. While these may seem trivial, it helped us to have a smooth trip throughout.

    Thank you Sabestian and EU Holidays!

    2/12/16 - 12/12/16

    11D8N Europe Highlight Gerlynn Nieva (2/12/16 - 12/12/16)

    11D Central Europe 6 Countries
    Date: 1December to 12December 2016
    Tour Manager: Mr. Michael Yap

    The package tour is really worth the price, super enjoyable, tiring but worth it.. thanks to our tour manager who is very patient and systematic on ensuring that everyone is there and on time with schedule at the same time, He made sure that no time will be wasted if something went not as expected. It was full of fun and building of new friends along the way.

    Will book to EU Holidays again next time for another destination and even recommending it with my friends too.

    ������ goodluck and more power to EU holidays and continue on finding good places with affordable value, so that a lot more travelers can experience the memories of their lifetime.. ����

  • 13 December 2016

    11D8N Aurora Chasing In Norway Desmond Wai (13 December 2016)

    Our Norway trip last week is our second trip with EU holidays 
    Yes we had a great time at this trip
    Aurora is great
    Hotels and food are both very good
    Donovan is one of the best tour leaders we have met 
    Highly recommended !!!

    1 December 2016

    13D Italy Swiss Paris + 2N DubaiSandy Pek (1 December 2016)

    Departure date: 1 Dec 16
    Tour manager: Jia Fu

    I have a group of 5 travelling on the trip, including myself. Initially we signed up for Europe Discovery package, but as EU was unable to form a group departure, we were offered to take on 13D10N package with an additional 2N, covering both Belgium and Holland. The itinerary matched up and we decided to take up the offer. Prior to departure, Jia Fu gave clear instruction during the tour briefing.

    Upon arrival in Rome, we met up with Jia Fu and began on our itinerary. The tour itinerary was pretty extensive and we managed to cover most places that interest us. Jia Fu was very considerate and consistent throughout the trip, knowing that my parents walk at a slower pace and had difficulty walking long distance, he always think ahead of time and guide us towards the meeting place in advance. Should the place offer escalators or lifts, he will advise my parents to take them. We were thankful to have met a caring tour manager like him.

    Jia Fu was very clear while leading the tour, he will normally let us know the run-down for the next day in advance. I would say, his many years of experience in running Europe tours aided in a very successful tour for our group. Whenever we have questions, he was knowledgeable and quick to answer. He will also recommend good places to shop and affordable restaurants worthy to visit. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour. He often value-add by offering additional perks during meals - e.g. purchased wine out of his own expense for the group's enjoyment, entertain us in all ways on the coach while travelling from place to place, held mini trivia with prizes; again out of his own pocket.

    Food wise, most of the meals were acceptable. We had a few Chinese meals which were appropriate for us Asians, who are accustomed to Chinese cuisine after being in Europe for a week or so. So good job, EU! However, there was this particular dinner we had in Milan (if I'm not mistaken); it was the usual western cuisine but we had cream pasta which was bland and tasteless. Given our feedback, Jia Fu was quick to address the issue and we were delighted to know that the next tour group will not be visiting that same restaurant. Something good about EU is the readiness to respond once feedback and comments are given.

    Overall, the tour was amazing in itinerary aspect (thou we missed out Austria which was present in our initial itinerary). But much more, I believe an excellent tour manager does make a huge difference as to whether the group will actually enjoy the trip. Kudos to Jia Fu & I'm sure the good tour experience will lead to us returning to EU for future trips!

    P/S Driver Dario was really good with directions and knowledgeable about which route to take and the exact pick up locations.

  •  9/12/16-21/1216

    11D9N Europe Highlight + 2N DubaiDylan Chng ( 9/12/16-21/1216)

    I went on the tour to Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium & Netherlands from 9th to 21st Dec 2016. On this tour we got to see many different cities, sights, shopping and try local foods. The itinerary was well-organised and not too rushed. The Driver and local tour guides especially in Paris were great too. The pace was just right and not too rush. A good amount of meals and tours were also included.
    The tour manager Ms Tammy Tan was very friendly, caring and helpful right from the start. She gave helpful recommendations & tips as we were new to the places. Tammy was hardworking, professional and caring and make sure everything went smoothly for our group. I had a great time on this trip and enjoyed even more because Tammy assisted a lot on our tax refunds,making things easier for us. Keep up your great work Tammy!


    13D Italy Swiss Paris + 2N Dubai Vivian Lim (10/12/16-24/12/16)

    I just finished my Central Europe tour with EU holidays it was fabulous and fantastic. Our tour manager Ken Yong , i love his service and his product knowledge is excellent . Well done Ken Yong . Looking forward to join the next Eastern Europe trip with EU again.

    Date: 10/12-24/12