• 27 Apr - 6 May 2017

    11D8N Adventure To The BalkansJiji Chan (27 Apr - 6 May 2017)

    Tour package: 11D8N Adventure to Balkans + optional day tour to Venice 
    Travel date: 27Apr - 7May 2017
    Tour manager: Elvin Mok

    My family and I had an enjoyable trip with EU holidays. Our tour leader, Elvin Mok is also very entertaining, and calm and steady in handling unexpected situations which our group faced during the trip. His ability to converse in various dialects also creates a livelier atmosphere and makes it friendly for seniors in our group. Thanks to Elvin, we are able to have a good time.

    Also thanks to our tour group members - most of us were very accommodating and looked out for each other during the trip. :)

    21 Apr - 6 May 2017

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + 2N DubaiNur Hafidah (21 Apr - 6 May 2017)

    Tour Package: 13D10N in Italy, Switzerland & Paris + 2N in Dubai 
     Departure Date: 21 April 2017
    Tour Manager: Sebestian Mak

    Firstly we would like to thank EU holidays and Sebestian for making our honeymoon a memorable one. 
    Our tour manager was very accommodating and sensitive of what food menu the group can take. We heard lots of stories in difficulty getting halal food in Europe. Being Muslims, he will always ensure that food served to us does not contain pork and will always try his best to get separate table if the food menu has pork. We do not have to worry of food choices-all was taken good care of!

    From logistics to accommodations to food and journey; everything was well planned. Our tour manager will always remind us to take care of our valuables and be extra alert at places with higher risk of pickpockets. We feel safe when our group is united and take good care of one another.
    Sebestian always suggests the best things to buy or nicest food to try and where to visit in each city that we visited.

    During long bus rides, at the right time, he will entertain us with jokes, stories and even sing(yes he has a great voice!); such a good entertainer!

    Once again, thank you for making this trip AWESOME! We hope to have our next trip with EU holidays soon and will definitely recommend to our family and friends!

  • 27 Apr - 6 May 2017

    11D8N Adventure To The BalkansWin Nie (27 Apr - 6 May 2017)

    Tour package: 11D8N Adventure to Balkans + optional day tour to Venice 
    Travel date: 27Apr - 7May 2017
    Tour manager: Elvin Mok

    Tour leader was accommodative to requests and itinerary was good. If I didn't join the tour, I would not visit countries like Bosnia & Slovenia on my own. This had changed my perspective of joining tour group, I had enjoyed myself in this trip and would consider EU for future trips. Thanks Elvin !

    27 Apr - 6 May 2017

    11D8N Adventure To The BalkansSoh Chiun Leng (27 Apr - 6 May 2017)

    Adventure to Balkans tour
    - Elvin Mok as tour leader is great ���
    - helpful and friendly and approachable
    - speaks English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, Teochew ��� so this will be helpful to older generations tour members 
    - hotels are safe and comfortable

  • 14 Apr - 30 Apr 2017

    15D12N Europe Discovery + 2N DubaiLina Ng (14 Apr - 30 Apr 2017)

    15D12N #Europe Discovery + 2N #Dubai
    Departure Date : 14 Apr 2017
    Tour Manager : Alicia Pang

    Overall the stay, meals and trip are nice and enjoyable.

    Most importantly we have a great Tour Manager Alicia Pang who have make a lot of good arrangements during the trip. She also gave us good advices regardless of shopping or tour.

    Both EU holiday and Alicia Pang are excellent.
    Will look for EU HOLIDAY for my next Europe trip and recommend to my friends and families.

    21 Apr - 6 May 2017

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + 2N DubaiJames Fang (21 Apr - 6 May 2017)

    Tour Package departure on 21 Apr ~ 13D10N in Italy, Switzerland & Paris + 2N in Dubai 
     Tour Manager : Sebestian Mak

    What an enjoyment trip! Almost all the logistics are well-taken care. Thanks to our Tour Manager. The only challenges for us are how to make ourselves enjoy the holiday without any worries.

    Definitely, will recommend EU Holidays Pte Ltd to our Family and Friends.

    Our Tour Manager is always put in his best efforts to assure us are well-taken care, giving us well sufficient information and recommendation during the trip.Last but not least, his wellness and polite approach give us a memorable journey.

  • 21 Apr - 30 Apr 2017

    10D7N Scenic Eastern EuropeHoo Desmond (21 Apr - 30 Apr 2017)

    10D Eastern Europe....flight cancelled due to technical fault...ShiQin..the tour guide make all the effort ensure the entire group back home by the earliest flight...and the transit at dubai was fast..... Always keep the group update for delay... Very responsible tour guide..

    20 Apr - 30 Apr 2017

    11D8N Discover BalkansErica Low (20 Apr - 30 Apr 2017)

    Had my first tour with Ricky for 11D8N Balkans. He has done a good job, made us laugh and comfortable throughout the trip. Thanks for arranging an optional tour to Venice. I greatly appreciated and enjoyed it. He had changed my impression of a rigid tour. Definitely will find him again for my next trip. Thank you for the memorable trip, Ricky! ��

  • 20 Apr - 30 Apr 2017

    11D8N Discover BalkansTan Siew Siew (20 Apr - 30 Apr 2017)

    Back from 11D 8N Balkan tour departed on 20/4 lead by tour manager Ricky Tiang. We enjoyed ourselves throughout. Tks to our awesome leader Ricky. He is very experienced n knowledgeable. We are well taken care of and always at our comfy zone. He tell jokes n make us laugh everyday, sing for us with his sore throat voice. Good job Ricky!

    20 Apr - 30 Apr 2017

    11D8N Discover BalkansSally Tan (20 Apr - 30 Apr 2017)

    Went on a 11D8N Balkan Adventure (20 -30 April) led by Ricky, our tour manager. Ricky is a fabulous tour manager. Not only is he funny, he is one of the most hardworking tour managers i have met. His knowledge on the history of the various cities we have visited was impressive and his suggestions on other interesting optional tours made the holiday exciting. What impressed me most was his willingness to take the risk to bring a group of us who wished to go to Venice. I look forward to go on another tour lead by Ricky. Well done, bro

  • 21 Apr - 6 May 2017

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + 2N DubaiEmelin Goh (21 Apr - 6 May 2017)

    Tour Package departure on 21 Apr ~ 13D10N in Italy, Switzerland & Paris. 
    Tour Manager : Sebestian Mak

    It was such a wonderful trip for me. Tour Mgr has taken good care of us, the tour members. At every provided meals, he would ensure everyone were properly served n settled down happily before he starts his meal. Sebestian has been observance, polite & caring thoughout the entire trip. He often reminds us to be careful of our belongings. He is well versed in many languages & knowledgeable too. On the coach, he often entertained us with jokes n songs at suitable moments. His gesture makes us feel at ease. I would say this was one of the most memorable trip I ever had & shall recommend EU Holidays to my all friends. For me...I would definitely come back to EU for my next trip with my family.�

    16-26 April 2017

    10D7N Italy Fiesta + 2N Dubai Wang Puyu (16-26 April 2017)

    Tour package: 10D7N Italy Fiesta + 2N Dubai 
    Travel date: 16-26 April 2017
    Tour Manager: Rin Leow

    Me and my husband just came back from Italy+Dubai. Both of us are very satisfied and happy with EU holiday tour. Especially thanks to our tour manager-Riny. She really did an awesome job. Thanks EU, keep up the good team work. Definitely looking forward more adventures with you all !