• 9 - 22 May 2017

    11D8N Europe Highlights +2N DubaiAdi Go (9 - 22 May 2017)

    We joined eu holiday 11N europe +2N dubai led by Sabestian Mak.
    He was very friendly, helpfull & knowledgeable
    Overall we are very satisfied with his service

    9 - 22 May 2017

    11D8N Europe Highlights +2N DubaiCynthia Teo (9 - 22 May 2017)

    11DEurope highlight+2N Dubai. Departure date 09May2017. Wonderful holiday for us With Our tour manager :Sebastian Mak. He is v kindness n helpful in all area. He always willing to help us when the area is not in his duty ...
    Excellent! Sebastian.


  • 5 - 19 May 2017

    15D12N United Kingdom & Ireland Explorer (Summer)Patricia Sng (5 - 19 May 2017)

    15 Days/ 12 Nights United Kingdom & Ireland Trip (5 May 2017-19 May 2017)

    Ricky Tiang is not just a tour manager. He's way beyond that, allow me to illustrate. 
    He is a Comedian , entertainer, a medic, a "local tour guide" who provided us with insight of the countries we have been ( except for Ireland , for a simple fact it was his first guided trip).

    He shows passion in his duty in a professional way.

    He is a tour manager from EU holidays PL ( this is our third returned trip with EU Holidays PL) thus far who has given us a deep impression ( even my mum sings praises of him).

    Appreciate the surprise on mother's day @ Ireland , it's a memorable Celebration.We applauded EU for having such a wonderful tour manager on board.

    Ricky , You have raised EU flag flying high. Well done !!!

    Blessings from mum and Patricia Sng

    28 Apr - 13 May 2017

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + 2N DubaiJennifer Eu (28 Apr - 13 May 2017)

    Tour package: 13 day Switzerland Italy France + 2N Dubai 
    Travel date: 28 April - 13 May 2017
    Tour Manager: Veronica Lee

    Veronica Lee is a Fantastic tour Manageress. She always provide extra miles for the tour groups.
    No words can describe for her services, fantastic , marvellous, bravo, really enjoyed the holidays and a lot of fun.
    She is always so caring and considerate for her clients! Love the way she treats all the customers as a family members!

  • 28 April to 11 May 2017

    14D11N Adventure to the BalkansTan Hong Kin (28 April to 11 May 2017)

    Review Part 1:

    Tour package: 14D11N Adventure to the Balkans
    Travel date: 28 April to 11 May 2017
    Tour Manager: Mr Wang Jia Fu (aka Michael)

    Fond memories of this special trip to share. Sincere and heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated, passionate and caring Tour Manager, Mr Wang Jia Fu, for his incessant reminders, unreserved sharing ...….

    Prior to the trip, Jia Fu did a very detailed pre-departure briefing, sharing info on climate (so you know what to bring – clothing, adapters, kettle, hair dryer etc), the currencies to bring/used there, safety aspect (beware of pickpockets etc). This was despite the big audience of at least 45 attendees for the special trip organized by the Singapore Sabah Importers & Exporters Association for 69 participants. He probably lost his voice after the briefing as there were so much small talks and excitement among the attendees. Sorry. Jia Fu led Group B comprising of 35 members while Mr Jeremiah Tan lead Group A.

    Jia Fu did the extra mile by contacting the airline on the medication which we wished to hand carry on board and kept reminding us to bring along the doctor’s memo etc. He also responded promptly to my requests for a softcopy of the itinerary (it’s my habit) and copy of the hotel list. Many many many thumbs up! Also many thanks for the pre-departure SMSes (both in English and Chinese). They are certainly very useful reminders.

    Kudos to Jia Fu for his patience, understanding, tolerance and attentive care for 14 days and more (including pre & post trip). It was certainly not an easy job considering that there were 35 individuals with diverse backgrounds, expectations, spending powers etc(十根手指, 都有不同长短)and many senior citizens in our group. I believe there were at least 11 passengers above 75 years old age in our group. During the trip, we even joked if PG card could be used in Balkans. Truly Singaporeans! Haha. There were also elderly members who only understood dialects and Mandarin. Jia Fu would help explain the sights to them while the local guide conducted the tour in English. He ensured that no one would miss anything and had good rapport with the local guides.

    Sensing the group’s composition, he was quick to suggest that we remain with the seating arrangement. Why? Simple - so that the seniors would have a more comfortable trip instead of having to shift the barang barang everyday and need to remember which seat would be next. Furthermore, most of them were already seated in front – closer to him so that he could attend to them easily. Certainly, the “younger’ ones were okay to the suggestion.

    On Itinerary, it should have covered the places of interest where a first time visitor would like to see. Nothing much to complain. While the bus journey time could be long at certain part, it is understandable considering the vast areas covered. Just one comment regarding the visit to Kotor Old Town in Montenegro. Too much travelling to/fro just to spend about 3.5 hours there although the Old Town is rich in history and culture. It was a detour just to visit this place. Lucky for us, the sky was blue and we were able to take nice photos of the place. Doubt anyone of our group member had scaled the “Great Wall” to the top. A must to mention – to save time and money, Jia Fu brought the group the public toilet and bargained for a group discount which he paid out of his own pocket – €5 for 35 paxs. WOW! A real bargain. But we must still say “THANK YOU” to our dear Jia Fu.

    On Food, generally ok as I was not expecting much. Just that there was a day where fish was served during lunch and dinner, though the cooking style might have been different. Something for EU to consider. While we were travelling along the coast, there should be more seafood meals but we got a number of fish meals and the one at Kotor – fish and 2 tiny sotongs (yummy). Two Chinese meals were served. It would be better if more could be added. Oh yes, not to mention that we had a hearty fried prawn dish in the Chinese restaurant. We were so delighted to see the ‘big’ prawns after so many days of prawn-less meals. Many thanks to Jeremiah and Jia Fu for sharing their extra prawns with us. Certainly, not to be missed the surprise dish served during the dinner in Venice island – it was super duper yummy. Besides the authentic squid ink spaghetti, along with wine, we were absolutely caught by surprise when the lobster dish was served. It was absolutely “marvel-lious” - ho jiak, ho jiak, jin ho jiak.

    On Coach - we were lucky to have Marlin as our Coach Captain. He is a very safe driver, though he was not using his own bus during the first part of the trip. When we switched to his bus, though there were lesser seats but there were more leg room. As our group members had described…. “This bus is good, roomy, newer and more comfortable. This is a business class coach. The sound system is also so much better. We have upgraded. Ichiban!”

    On Accommodation – generally ok except Westin at Zagreb. The hotel is really old and rooms are dim and facilities are not so new also. Good thing was that the breakfast place was nice and spread was good. Radission Blu Plaza at Ljubljana is nice and modern BUT they locked away the kettle, cups and mini bar. Kettle is available at €5. Well, we do not expect kettle or mini bar in all hotels, but at least, there should be cups provided. Many of us brought our own kettle but it is unimaginable that the hotel does not provide cups (or should I say it is locked in the cupboards). I seriously wondered what is customer service to them.

    On our Tour Leader, Jia Fu, there were so much to talk about him. BUT I must apologize to him since I started it “你们明白我的意识吗?”and our reply “我们都明白!”. Hope you were not offended by our teasing but I am sure that many of our group members enjoyed your company and your constant reminders with the “口头禅 - “你们明白我的意识吗?”. We had a good time.

    Jia Fu has passion for his job and displayed his professionalism. He is dedicated, knowledgeable, attentive, helpful, treat all passengers equal and served with a heart. He is also loo-soh (longwinded with his constant and repeated reminders) but all with good intentions – “Watch your belongings”, “Beware of pickpockets”, “Be on-time, please”. Despite his constant reminders, one of our members lost his wallet, one almost pickpocket (I witnessed it when the calm and suave young lady put her hand into our member’s coat pocket. On discovery, she simply walked away calmly – so professional. Unlucky for her, she did not manage to steal anything! Just for sharing – I should have shouted “小偷,小偷” instead of “watch her, watch her”. She could have been caught red-handed since she could not understand Mandarin.)

    Knowing some of our group members love shopping, he stretched whatever time we had at the outlet mall in Venice. Before that, he briefed us on the tax refund procedure, not once but many times. He also took the time to remind members to let him check the tax refund forms to ensure that the claims would be smooth. All these were done at the expense of his time. He could have gone to back to his room to rest.

    His selfless and commitment were witnessed by the members:
    a) Sent whatApps to remind us on the wake-up call, breakfast time, luggage down time, bus departure time, weather for next day, bring umbrella, if the coffee/tea and mineral water were complimentary etc. For the seniors who did not have WhatApps, he would personally explain to them and make sure they were settling well after we checked-in the hotel. It is also a useful platform to share photos.
    b) Shared his treasures: 板兰根 (Isatis Root), 降火片 and other medicines with the members unreservedly when he noticed some signs of fatigue, “heatiness” amongst some members.
    c) Wine time – understood that he bought bottles of wine for the wine lovers – out of his own pocket. 
    d) Paid attention to the Mandarin speaking members, especially the elder Yew sisters; and ever ready to help with photo taking for everyone. He also make it a point to check that the Yew sisters were coping well in the airport after security clearance while he was busy settling the overbooked tickets. When on board the plane, he also came to look for them to make sure that they were settling down comfortably. 
    e) During lunch cum city tour in Sarajevo, some members did not bring their jackets along. Jia Fu offered his jacket but was rejected and was told to take care of himself first. He later came back with a pile of jackets – he took the effort to walk back to bus, which was quite a distance away, to get the jackets. A lesson for all – never leave your jacket on the bus. Just carry it along. You never know when you need it.

    See Part 2 in the Comments section
    f) To make the bus journeys more pleasant, Jia Fu shared with us his travel experiences, giving tips on places he has visited, sang us song, played movie and bought a CD containing Chinese oldies – which the group enjoyed; having quiz and giving out prizes to those lucky ones for getting the right answers. Personally, I think he did more than what other tour managers had done.
    g) Overbooked flight – two members did not manage to get their seats due to overbooked flight – they were heading to Abu Dhabi for a few days, while the rest of us are transiting there. Jia Fu ensured that they got their seats and the three of them joined us only upon boarding the plane. Phew!
    h) Damaged luggage – before leaving for home, he kept reminding us to check our luggage is in good condition when we arrive at the Changi Airport. Not only that, our 6 members’ luggage were damaged and he stayed till the last member completed her report. We also witnessed good teamwork between two tour leaders, Jia Fu and Jeremiah. They helped each other to take care of the members. Jia Fu offered to stay at the Lost and Found counter when Jeremiah’s group had only one member making the report. He was so thoughtful so that Jeremiah could go home and have a good rest. I am sure Jeremiah would have done the same if it happened to him

    Many thanks to Jeremiah for doing the Mannequin Challenge. It was fun to watch, a sweet memory for us and both the tour leaders to bring home! Very well done and within a short time span! 

    Many thanks to our group member for helping each other out an
    d having good times.

    No one or nothing is perfect in this world. It’s a matter of how we look at things, accept, reject or challenge it. Be happy, upset or do something about it. Overall, my sisters and I are glad that we joined this package. Besides, the itinerary, we had good company, great tour leader and lots of fun and happy memories. Also we got customised luggage tags as a souvenir. Many thanks to EU Holidays, Jia Fu and Jeremiah. It is our first time travelling with EU and certainly, it will not be our last. Looking forward to the next trip.

    28 Apr - 13 May 2017

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + 2N DubaiJem Gr (28 Apr - 13 May 2017)

    I went for the April departure to Western Europe tour with tour manager veronica and she was awesome, detail oriented and hard working. Our tour went very smoothly all because of her hard work and dedication to the tour. Thumbs up for Veronica lee. You are the best!!!!

  • 25 Apr - 10 May 2017

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + 2N DubaiChng Jie Qi (25 Apr - 10 May 2017)

    13D #Italy-Switzerland-France + 2N #Dubai
    Departure Date : 24 Apr 2017
    Tour Manager : Tammy Tan Jiang 
    Tammy is caring and considerate and see to everybody's needs especially the special ones and the seniors.
    All the tourmates loved to hear her babble on the bus telling us all sorts of stories and tales and sometimes it was so soothing that many of us couldn't go to sleep without hearing her voice! But seriously, she gave us lots of info and tips just about everything we need to know at every place. Her knowledge of shopping is amazing.
    I was very taken in by the arrangements she made prior to every hotel we were settling in on our trip and even taking our case with the hotel management when things weren't so right. 
    Me and my wife are both vegetarian, she had well taken care of us.
    Would I go on another trip with her? 100% double confirmed. EU Holidays Pte Ltd is very fortunate to have a tour manager like Tammy. Her enthusiasm and dedication towards job should make the company proud. Keep it up Tammy.
    Overall EU Holidays has done a good job by giving us some extras like an extra day in Rome and also putting us in Changi Premium lounge before departure.
    Thanks a lot Tammy especially your trouble in making sure my wife's special needs were seen to and provided for.
    All the best in your future endeavours and hope to travel with you again in the near future.

    27April - 7May 2017

    11D8N Adventure To The BalkansDesmond Ong (27April - 7May 2017)

    Tour package: 11D8N Adventure to Balkans
    Travel date: 27April - 7May 2017
    Tour manager: Elvin Mok

    Elvin was professional, filled with humour and always ready to lead, entertain and bring joy to the group. He was reliable and prompt in dealing with any unexpected situations or hiccups that occurred. The tour was well-planned, and it exceeded my expectations in terms of food and accommodation.

    Once again, props to Elvin for his amazing service during this tour that my parents and myself thoroughly enjoyed.

  • 25 Apr - 10 May 2017

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + 2N DubaiToh Brenda (25 Apr - 10 May 2017)

    13D10N #Italy #Switzerland #France + 2N #Dubai
    Departure Date : 25 Apr 2017
    Tour Manager : Tan Jiang Xin Tammy

    15 days Euro trip with EU Holiday Ms Tammy Tan our Tour Manager. She awesome with her full energy and taking care of us.. Thanks Tammy.���
    Having great time and really enjoy through out the 15days. From stranger to friends... Thanks ''family" hope we meet up again for next trip.. Cheer!!!

    Good Jobs Tammy..

    25 Apr - 10 May 2017

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + 2N DubaiZiyun Zong (25 Apr - 10 May 2017)

    13D10N #Italy #Switzerland #France + 2N #Dubai
    Departure Date : 25 Apr 2017
    Tour Manager : Tan Jiang Xin Tammy

    My mum and myself took up this package with EU after many comparison between other tour agencies as the itinerary and price is much more attractive and it covers most of the places we wanted to visit. I was skeptical on joining a package tour because of all the factories visiting but for this package there is none.

    15 days are long when we are stuck with strangers but Tammy's bubbly character makes everyone feels like home and we got warmed up quickly. She treats us like family and took great care of us especially our tummy and to the uncle we have walking . We had fun, good laugh, good stay, good food, great tourmates, great tour manger. What else could you expect?

    Tammy gave great shopping tips and her rapport with the local guides and the restaurants' staffs are duper good. We learnt history of each city not just all about the shopping. Even on our free day during paris, Dubai she gave us advise on where to go and what to eat. She even make time to follow us around on our free day.

    I would like to give a shout out to Tammy our Doraemon! *GOOD JOB* your versatility surprised me everyday! Thanks EU for having great tour manager and itinerary and competitive price.

    *psst; 4 stars hotel in Europe is just above average. Don't expect much so you won't be disappointed. Overall the we are satisfied with the hotels arrangement.

  • 21 Apr - 6 May 2017

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + 2N DubaiLim Steven (21 Apr - 6 May 2017)

    Tour Package: 13D10N in Italy, Switzerland & Paris + 2N Dubai
    Departure Date: 21 Apr 2017
    Tour Manager: Sebestian Mak

    It's our 1st time for my wife n I visited Europe. Happy we choose EU n had Sebestian as our tour manager. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. Had history on all the attractions we visited. He make sure that the whole group are well informed and time management are well control. The whole journay were full of fun n happy time

    27 Apr - 6 May 2017

    11D8N Adventure To The BalkansCaroline Lu (27 Apr - 6 May 2017)

    Tour package: 11D8N Adventure to Balkans + optional day tour to Venice
    Travel date: 27 April to 7 May 2017
    Tour manager: Elvin Mok

    Our trip to the Balkans was eye-opening and rejuvenating. The itinerary was well-planned and we often had enough time to explore a place. The balanced pace of this trip makes it suitable for both elderly and youngsters.

    Special commendations for Elvin too. He was a steady tour manager who remained calm despite a series of hiccups. When you have a damn zai tour manager, you remain zai as well! His comedic personality often livened up the atmosphere on the bus.

    Would recommend this trip to anyone who wish to visit the Balkans!