• 12 - 21 May 2017

    10D8N Romantic Greece Alice Au (12 - 21 May 2017)

    Tour Package : 10D8N Romantic #Greece 
    Departure date: 12 May 2017
    Tour Manager: Thong Keng Moh Andy

    I would like to thank our tour leader, Andy Thong who is very patient and take good care of our tour group.

    He specially bought ice creams for all mummies in the tour to honour Mother's Day, and not forgetting one of our friend's birthday, he actually bought him a Birthday cake! So thoughtful of him! We really enjoyed our tour, all thanks to ANDY! 

    Looking forward to more trips w Andy!

    18 - 28 May 2017

    11D9N ScandinaviaLoo Chwee Kee (18 - 28 May 2017)

    11D 9 N Scandinavia (18-28 May 2017)
    Tour Manager: Ong JiaFu

    The itinerary was well covered. Hotels n food were generally good except for Chinese food which could be better.

    Enjoyed travelling with one of the best group members who were punctual, cooperative n helpful to look out for each other.

    Met the best Tour Manager JiaFu who is very responsible, helpful n resourceful in all arrangements for the whole trip.

    The tour bus air-con broke down on the very first day. JiaFu arranged for a replacement bus immediately which arrived the next day. We were offered free Wifi throughout the trip to compensate us for the inconvenience on the first day.

    There was road closure due to snow n landslide on our way to Geirangerfjord. He made last minutes arrangements for detour route n additional two ferry trips to catch the cruise in time including lunch boxes for us to take on the way.

    The following day to Naeroyfjord, the bus was stopped halfway for inspection by the authority which took almost 90 minutes. We had to rush to catch the cruise n then the train on Flam Railways. JiaFu was seen running around to ensure that we would not miss the cruise n train due to the delay.

    JiaFu sent us the hotels list before departure including expected weather, reminder on what to bring for overnight cruise, etc. Very detail n caring. He would help us to lug the luggage up or down the stairs where there were no elevators in the hotels. Every night he would send reminder message on next day programme, weather, morning call, breakfast time, departure time.... a bit "luo-suo" but good!

    Hope to meet him again if joining EU Holidays on our next trip.


  • 18 - 28 May 2017

    11D9N ScandinaviaYap Guan Hui (18 - 28 May 2017)

    11d9n scandinavia May 2017
    Tour Leader Ong Jia Fu

    Went with our wonderful tour leader Ong Jia Fu to Scandinavia. Really beautiful place with wonderful landscape!

    1. the best tour leader of all: Ong Jia Fu
    2. great weather with beautiful destinations like fjord tours/cruise, flam railway and glaciers!
    3. some of the hotels in the mountains with really beautiful surrounding landscape 
    4. food: was not bad on average, lots of buffets and wonderful hotel buffet breakfasts. but some of the chinese food not quite up to scratch

    1. too many destinations. could have cut out oslo/bergen. felt would be nicer to spend 2d each at stockholm n copenhagen. the rest of the time can be spent in norweigian landscape.
    2. chinese food was abit :s thankfully only 3 meals. should just cut that out.
    3. cruise from bergen to copenhagen not much to see. could be cut out.

    Special Mention
    Our tour leader Jiafu was really the best tour leader I ever met. Hes very responsible, plans for the routes few days beforehand and tries to ensure smooth travel despite last min road closures and weather changes.

    He is also very helpful: he was always around to help carry luggages in older hotels without lifts especially for the ladies or old aunties. I rmb on the first day where my travel adaptor was spoilt, he lent me his through the trip though he only had 2 packed in. He tries his best to answer every question and help us with any issues through the stay.

    Though he emphasises alot on safety, he tries his best to ensure we are happy. He talks a lot of funny nonsense most of the time, and even pulls us out to dance to help us soak in the fun atmosphere on the boring cruise, and open up.

    After joining more than 7 tours, I have to say he is the best tour guide I have met! Effort wise, he puts in 200% and I must say the trip was made much more enjoyable and fun with him! 200 marks for Jia Fu!

    Overall: 4.5/5 grading for this tour. Did not regret joining it!

    12 - 21 May 2017

    10D8N Romantic Greece Serene Toh (12 - 21 May 2017)

    Tour Package : 10D8N Romantic #Greece 
    Departure date: 12 May 2017
    Tour Manager: Thong Keng Moh Andy

    I would like to thank our tour leader, Andy Thong who is very patient and take good care of our tour group. Also, at Mykonos due to a strike we did not have a ferry back to Athen and Andy was very efficient and helped us book a domestic flight and got us back to Athen in time. We had a wonderful time thanks to Andy.

  • 5 - 19 May 2017

    15D12N United Kingdom & Ireland ExplorerLydia Ho (5 - 19 May 2017)

    Tour Package : 15 D 12 N UK and Ireland Explorer
    Travel Date : 5 to 19 May 2017
    Tour Manager : Ricky Tiang

    We would like to compliment Mr Ricky Tiang for his great service to our group of 26 during the UK/Ireland trip. The itinerary itself is rather hectic and time spent on the road in the coach could be pretty long and boring daily. We like the cruise that took us from Stranraer to Belfast and Lake Windermere ferry ride as we had time to rest & relax.

    Our tour manager, Ricky Tiang, is marvelleous. He was able to lift up our spirit and keep us alive and laughing by sharing jokes and providing amusing entertainment during the road journey. He shared knowledge of various places in the itinerary and we credit him for being hardworking. He is well organised in managing hotel room allocation, seating arrangement for meals and schedule for the next day eg time for wake-up call, breakfast & set off. He would made it a point to inform us of his room number in case we needed help.

    As an experienced tour manager, Ricky shared his personal tour experience/advice and often reminded us to keep our important documents like passports, extra cash, extra credit cards close to our body to prevent pick pockets or snatch theft. We were impressed that he spent time explaining to the group on how to claim VAT refund and he painstakingly went through the documents for those who wish to claim refund.

    Ricky is also caring, considerate and generous. This is the first time we met a tour manager who gave out wet wipes & heat packs for his entourage. He also bought ginger biscuits to share with us so that if we liked it, we could buy at the next stop. He also brought us to Bettys to try out their fat rascal scones (yummy!) and York’s chocolate spread for a taste of local specialties. Last but not least, Ricky sprung us a big surprise on Mother’s Day. He gave each lady in the group a piece of Lush ‘bomb’ soap! He also taught us different ways of tying a scarf and we were really impressed! Ricky also provided porter service by helping us to carry our large baggage over flights of steps in some hotels.

    A big THANK YOU to Ricky Tiang for his great service ! We hope to have the opportunity to travel in your group in future!

    From : The “HO” sisters – Veronica, Betty, Lydia & Felicia

    11 - 22 May 2017

    11D8N Adventure To The BalkansSamuel Sze (11 - 22 May 2017)

    Tour package: 11D- 8N Adventure to the Balkans 
    Tour Date: 11May -22May 2017 
    Tour manager: Ms Leow Siew Juan

    Our family of 4 appreciate our tour leader Siew Juan vy much for being a caring, helpful n approachable fren to us. She gave gd advice on whr to shop n the gd buys to bring bk fr diff parts of the trip. Everyday she wd ask if the meals suit our taste. On 2 occasions she sacrificed her food portion to her grp members who do nt take certain food. Thumbs up to our dear Ms Leow.

  • 17 Mar - 2 Apr 2017

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + 2N DubaiMee Wong Lam (17 Mar - 2 Apr 2017)

    13D #Italy-Switzerland-France + 2N #Dubai
    Departure Date : 16 Mar 2017
    Tour Manager : Tammy Tan Jiang Xin

    从欧洲旅游回来已经将近2个月了,但凡遇到朋友问起此行好不好玩时, 我就会毫不犹疑地就告诉他们,对于首次到欧洲圆梦的我是一个美好的回忆,有机会一定要去走一趟。跟着EU Holidays 的旅行团是蛮不错的,我们的领队Tammy小姐 对我们照顾有加,每到一处,什么是好吃的、 好玩的、值得买的都一一地先让我们知道,所以我们吃喝玩乐都很尽兴。 最难忘的应该是艾菲尔铁塔一游。我们不仅有机会登上了铁塔,欣赏了Paris的美景,还游船河,看着铁塔就在我们眼前大放光芒,闪闪发亮。这是一个浪漫的夜晚, 成双成对的团友们手里拿着Tammy买的香槟,举杯畅饮,然后相拥而吻,好Romantic!真是毕生难忘!多情的Tammy还为每一对couple拍照留念呢! 好幸福哦!

    9 - 22 May 2017

    11D8N Europe Highlights +2N DubaiAlex Yeo (9 - 22 May 2017)

    11D8N Europe Highlight + 2N Dubai
    Travel date: 9 May 2017
    Tour Manager: Sabestian Mak

    Had a wonderful and enjoyable holiday trip to Central Europe and Dubai led by Sabestian Mak. Very knowledgeable about history which taught us several useful and interesting facts/stories, and despite the huge numbers of tour pax (40+), still able to control time management really well. Manage everybody's expectations well too when certain small things were not in our favor such as traffic and food (due to cultural differences).

    Overall it was a fantastic vacation I had with EU, and I'm sure my next planned holiday (probably to Eastern Europe or US) EU will definitely be top of my appointed tour agent list.

  • 9 - 22 May 2017

    11D8N Europe Highlights +2N DubaiLim Gangyuan (9 - 22 May 2017)

    Tour package: 11D8N Europe Highlight + 2N Dubai
    Travel date: 9 - 21 May 2017
    Tour Manager: Sebastian Mak

    At the start with 42 people going for this trip it really makes me think will it turn out good? Or most of the time I will need to wait for people? But I was wrong, with 42 fun and cool people and also a very caring and thoughtful tour manager this whole trip change my thinking.

    Throughout the trip, we look out for each other, and Sebastian work extra hard just to make sure all 42 of us get the best experiences throughout the trip. it is just so amazing how he can manage all of us and make sure we all are safe and had fun. He is really a very good tour manager. on top of that he tries to get to know every one of us, everyone in the tour group just likes to talk to him I don’t know why haha.

    What really impressed me a lot about Sebastian is that he really go the extra mile for all of us. After we went back to the hotel, he will take out time to bring us to the nearest shopping malls after a long day of work. And he is always so willing to bring us to make sure we really enjoy our trip to the fullest.

    Thank you, Sebastian, for going the extra mile for us!! This trip was good but with the people added in, it is just amazing!!

    30 Apr - 10 May 2017

    11D8N Discover BalkansShao Yun (30 Apr - 10 May 2017)

    Tour package: 11 D 8 N Discover of Balkan 
    Travel date: 30 April - 10 May 2017
    Tour Manager: Roger Koh

    We are very impressed by Roger for his tireless spirit and cheerful disposition. We had non stop laughters all the way. Roger had transformed us from 26 total strangers to one Big family. We really enjoyed our happy time together. He is very knowledgeable and very inspired person. He even made an effort to translate the tour in mandarin as there were quite a few mandarin speaking adults. The vegetarian meals provided throughout the entire trip were delicious as well. It was very thoughtful of him to prepare snacks for us to munch on for the long journeys. We were very well taken care of for the trip. In addition, our driver, Mr Luka is very polite, cheerful and ensured that we were always driven to our destinations safely. However, it would be nice if EU could arrange newer hotels for whole trip. Nonetheless, it was a great experience with EU and we will definitely join future tours.

    Thank you Roger ! Keep up the good spirit !

  • 9 - 22 May 2017

    11D8N Europe Highlights +2N DubaiLim Yilin (9 - 22 May 2017)

    Tour package: 11D8N Europe Highlight + 2N Dubai
    Travel date: 9 - 21 May 2017
    Tour Manager: Sebastian Mak

    A different experience compared to many others. At the beginning when I found out that the group size was 42pax to be honest, I was concerned on the time management. After the trip I was amazed by how everything was well managed and handled. During long rides, my brother and I will tend to be found doing our own things however, during this trip though the journey was long, we were fed with just nice history lesson of each country, entertainments such as signing, jokes and movies that made the journey a little enjoyable.

    Above and beyond the daily itinerary, many times Sebastian will be found telling us what was good to to do around town with his experiences. There were especially two incidences that left an impression. One was the night in France we were suppose to be getting our dinner in town where we’re at in the day however some of us missed that out. What Sebastian then did even after a long day was to bring us to a nearest mall which was about 10-15mins walk from the hotel. It was a place with more than one option that we could get food knowing that it may not fit everyone with one option. Secondly, when were at Dubai the day-trip ended earlier and we were given free and easy time knowing that it was many of our first time in Dubai, Sebastian could have easily told us how to get there via train or even asked us to uber over. But he again took the extra mile and brought us from our hotel to Dubai Mall entrance not only that, he also told us where are the different part and what are the things that we can do there.

    Lastly we will like to also comment on the handling of each family and respecting our decisions, as a family we have been to a few trips together and there were some incidences where we choose not to join the optional tour to have our free and easy time around town we noticed that we were given a “separate” treatment but during this trip when we choose not to go for some of the optional tour we are still handled the same way as those who did during this trip.

    Overall, we have enjoyed our time in Europe and appreciate the coordination and service that was provided throughout the trip. Kudos and keep up(:

    9 - 22 May 2017

    11D8N Europe Highlights +2N DubaiIrwan Chuang (9 - 22 May 2017)

    Tour package: 11D8N Europe Highlight + 2N Dubai 
    Travel date: 9-21 May 2017
    Tour Manager: Sabestian Mak

    Just reached SG. I want to take this opportunity to thanks our tour manager for his excellent services throughout the tour. As our tour group consider big size, Sabestian shown proper management to lift up to everybody expectations. Thank you EU holidays and Sabestian for this wonderful trip.