• 1 - 13 June 2017

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + 2N DubaiPaul Lim (1 - 13 June 2017)

    Tour Package: 13 Days Italy / Switzerland & France plus 2 Nights Dubai
    Travel Date: 1st - 16th June 2017
    Tour Manager :Jia Fu

    This is my 1st trip with EU Holidays with my family. The itinerary was very well planned & the pace was also comfortable for all to enjoy.

    Jia Fu , our Tour Manager was very professional, efficient, caring & attentive. He always remind us of our safety & be mindful of our belongings during the whole trip. He is also very entertaining & informative during our travel in the coach by singing & telling jokes as well as promoting other tour packages by EU Holidays.

    Jia Fu also took the initiative to celebrate 3 tour members birthdays by getting cakes & everyone in the tour group involved to surprise group member who have birthday on each occasion.

    Jia Fu also sponsored wines on a few dining occasions out of his own expense for our group members to enjoy. He also handled the group purchases tax rebate very throughly.

    Overall , this trip has been very enjoyable with Jia Fu leading the group. We will definitely travel with EU Holidays in the future and will highly recommend EU Holidays to friends & colleagues.

    Last but not least , finding EU Holidays is one thing But having the right Tour Manager (Jia Fu) is Everything! ���

    1 - 18 Jun 2017

    15D12N Europe Discovery + 2N DubaiScher Manuel (1 - 18 Jun 2017)

    Tour Package 15D 12N Europe Discovery 
    Departure Date: June 1, 2017

    Our tour leader, Kevin Cheng made our EU vacation stress free. Everything was well organized and he was very sensitive to everyone's needs. You can feel his concern for all of us and made sure everyone was safe and having fun. He acted as our mother hen and protected his little chicks with all his might. He also throws jokes once in awhile to keep the mood happy and in high spirits. Some jokes were not so funny though, hehehe 
    Kidding aside, the whole trip was like a walk in the park on a Sunday morning 

    I highly recommend EU Holidays for a relaxing, adventurous and fun vacation. More so if the tour leader is Kevin Cheng, you will surely be in good hands.

  • 1 - 13 June 2017

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + 2N DubaiSharon Yeo (1 - 13 June 2017)

    Tour Package- 13D Italy, France n Switzerland + 2N Dubai
    Travel date - 01 June - 16 June 2017
    Tour Manager - Jia Fu

    A great bunch of fun loving guys and a fantastic tour manager!! ��

    1 - 13 June 2017

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + 2N DubaiJerine Peh (1 - 13 June 2017)

    Tour package: 13 Days Italy/Switzerland & France
    Travel date: 1st June - 13 June 2017
    Tour Manager: Wang Jia Fu

    This is my first trip with hubby & his family since getting married and also happens to be my first time to Europe as well, i would have to say i am very glad that we had chosen EU Holidays.
    Itinerary of the trip was well planned and we manage to visit quite a number of places within this short period of time with comfortable transportation.

    Aside to the places, hotels and food being arranged by EU Holidays, we would like to give our most sincere heartfelt thanks to our Tour Manager, JiaFu.

    Right from the start at the airport, he shown everyone his friendliness, attentiveness and fun loving nature. 
    With Everyone being strangers, Jia Fu made jokes, sing etc to help us warm up to each other and get to know more about one another. This helped us throughout the trip as everyone was on the look out for one another and greatly enjoy everyone's companionship. He is someone who is very good at making jokes and take jokes very well with all the group members regardless of gender, age or race. (Our very own Singapore version Andy Lau with his great singing kept us well entertained.. 

  • 26 May - 10 Jun 2017

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + 2N DubaiLim Xing Min (26 May - 10 Jun 2017)

    Just returned 13D Central Europe + 2N Dubai tour from 26 May to 10 Jun 17. Thanks to our dear tour leader Tammy Tan and she made our trip very enjoyable. She never seems to run out of energy and maximized our enjoyment, appreciated her bilingual explanation make us more understandable. Would HIGHLY recommend any tour that Tammy is guiding and we are grateful for such a wonderful experience.

    26 May - 10 Jun 2017

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + 2N DubaiJune Liou (26 May - 10 Jun 2017)

    Thanks and Grateful to Our Tour Guide Ms Tammy with our 15Days Trip and not easier to handles among our Tourmates from different backgrounds and needs but you had done your best with your sincerity responsibilities role to handle all the challenges,all he best hope can see you again

  • 26 May - 10 Jun 2017

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + 2N DubaiJennifer Lim (26 May - 10 Jun 2017)

    Kudos to Tammy Tan, Tour Manager for our 13D Central Europe + 2N Dubai tour from 26 May to 10 Jun 17. Despite the huge group, she is able to handle with tact and extreme patience to ensure that all tour mates are comfortably taken care of. In a short span of time, she managed to create a cordial atmosphere that facilitated new friendships amongst group members. Her professionalism is commendable. She is hardworking, friendly, responsible & caring. Tammy - thank you for the awesome photos that you took, the useful tips, the laughter ... etc. I'm sure the great memories we had for this trip will linger for a long time. All the best to you!

    26 May - 10 Jun 2017

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + 2N DubaiNg Lee Peng (26 May - 10 Jun 2017)

    Our dearest tour manager Tammy Tan, thanks for your hospitality and effort to take good care of everyone of us during our trip, really appreciated. I know it's not an easy job and you really fabulous ���

  • 27 May - 8 Jun 2017

    13D10N All-In-Europe FootprintOlivia Lim (27 May - 8 Jun 2017)

    46 of us, big group, Korean, m'sian n mainland China, how to be possible??? We have a fantastic guide Eddie ong, efficient, pleasant n watchful over his "sheep".we r so sayang by him from the beginning until the end of the trip, making sure the last piece of luggage is claimed before he goes back home to see his wife n can. Tour guide makes a great impact on the tour, his commentary is intesting ,he jokes n is so approachable n so effective to fine details.We all like him especially (group A), we will never forget our memorable Europe tour(leave behind our footprint). Eddie again��

    26 May - 10 Jun 2017

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + 2N DubaiPriti Haldar (26 May - 10 Jun 2017)

    We went for 13 days Italy Switzerland Paris trip with a short visit to Dubai... we really enjoyed our trip ...this was our first long vacation with our 5year old daughter, who enjoyed thoroughly... Our tour Manager was Tammy ... in one sentence if anyone asks me to describe I would say awesome guide lovely companions n superb tour manager... I met with an accident in the trip twisted my ankle with a bad sprain ...Tammy with her magic therapy fixed everything ...thanks lot for everything u did Tammy I will never forget the way u helped me ....you have a golden heart I must say ...hatsoff to u n all the tour mates who helped me throughout that phase when I was in pain ...my Daughter was so comfortable with each one of them....we have started missing all of u ....my Daughter says I m missing Tammy Aunty and her way of saying "wakie wakie wake up" she says thanks a lot to Tammy Aunty for the lovely gift....�May be we were from different families but those 13 days we were like members of the same family ...Missing all of u ...

  • 27 May - 8 Jun 2017

    13D10N All-In-Europe FootprintChan Zi Yin (27 May - 8 Jun 2017)

    Trip : all in Europe foot print 
    departure: 27 may 2017
    Tour Manager: Eddie Ong

    I am a Malaysian traveller, would like to express my gratitude to my tour manager Mr Eddie Ong for bringing us a wonderful Europe tour. He is very experienced, knowledgable, patience and responsible person. And he also always watch out of any suspicious person around our trip members and provide us with gentle reminder to make sure our safety. Overall a good and satisfied trip. Will consider EU holiday again if travelling to Europe in the future (will request for the same tour manager).. Thank you

    10 - 23 May 2017

    14D11N Highlights Of Eastern EuropeKatherine Koh (10 - 23 May 2017)

    Tour package: 14D11N Eastern Europe 
    Travel date: 10 - 23 May 2017
    Tour manager: Ricky Woo

    This is the 2nd time we went on tours organised by EU. Tour leaders are very important in such organised tours. This time we had Ricky Woo as our tour leader. Ricky is such a dedicated tour leader seeing to our every needs during the tour. He organised the daily activities well well and everyone in the tour enjoyed it very much. Ricky is also a fun guy and keep us entertained all the time. He is the BEST.