• 9 - 24 Jun 2017

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + 2N DubaiAlicia Soon (9 - 24 Jun 2017)

    Tour package: 13 Days Italy/Switzerland/France + 2 Days Dubai
    Tour Manager: Connie Hay

    Many thanks to Connie for being a very kind, attentive, entertaining, caring and great guide! She made the hot summer weather in Italy & Dubai + long haul bus rides more bearable with her cold jokes LOL. Throughout the trip, she always goes the extra mile to make us feel comfortable/ safe, arrange for additional optionals to enhance our experience and more importantly, looks out for the entire group, which is something we all appreciate. Overall, a very enjoyable 15 days largely due to the company of the group and Connie! Would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to go on a tour with EU 

    9 - 21 Jun 2017

    13D10N Europe Central FootprintXin Yan Choy (9 - 21 Jun 2017)

    Tour Package: 13D10N All-In Europe Footprint
    Travel date: 9 to 21 June 2017
    Tour Manager: Sabestian

    Chose EU holiday for our honeymoon destination after hearing lots of positive review. It really didn't disappoint us. Thanks for assigning Sabestian as our tour manager. He did a great job during our trip by taking very good care of us, sharing his knowledge to us and reminding us of pickpockets. We will definitely recommend Sabestian and EU to everyone that I know.

  • 3 - 16 Jun 2017

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + 2N DubaiDeena Lau (3 - 16 Jun 2017)

    13D10N Italy, Switzerland, France; 3rd June 2017; Michael Yap (TM)

    This is our first time traveling with EU holidays and it has been a good experience. We like the flexibility that comes along with the optional tours. Also, the local guides were very knowledgable.

    Michael was a great tour manager - he ensures that everyone had a pleasant yet safe experience with his timely reminders. One thoughtful gesture he did was that he took notice of my mum's birthday during the trip!

    Overall, the tour was enjoyable and memorable! 

    1 - 13 June 2017

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France + 2N DubaiChitra Prasana (1 - 13 June 2017)

    13D10N #Italy #Switzerland #France + 2N #Dubai
    Departure Date : 1 June 2017
    Tour Manager : Jia Fu

    This is our first time travelling quite far from singapore for a holiday trip.we are really glad that we choose EU Holidays as our tour manager Jia Fu managed the tour very well and we all really had so much fun.hope we could go to other countries by EU Holidays for a holiday trip

  • 9 - 21 Jun 2017

    13D10N Europe Central FootprintWinky Lui (9 - 21 Jun 2017)

    Tour Name: 13D10N Europe Central Footprint 
    Dept date : 9th Jun '17
    Tour Manager : Sabestian Mak

    Was apprehensive about the trip as there were a total of 43 pax but Sabestian and the team at EU handled the logistics very well. Am also glad that all my tour-mates were cooperative   My family and I had an enjoyable trip and would like to commend Sebastian for making the effort to make it a good trip for everyone. He is very knowledgable, not just about where to eat and go but also about cultural history! Even though it was a cost-saver trip and tour guide tips were already included in the package price, Sebastian still put in effort and brought all of us to see the Eiffel tower, shepherding 40+ of us into the metro, knowing full well that if anyone got lost or have things stolen, he might be blamed. So thank you Sebastian for your efforts!

    9 - 21 Jun 2017

    13D10N Europe Central FootprintSherry Kwan (9 - 21 Jun 2017)

    Tour Package: 13D10N All-In Europe Footprint
    Travel date: 9-21 June 2017
    Tour Manager: Sabestian Mak

    My family and i are very satisfied with the service that EU holidays has provided. Thanks to Sabestian, we were able to have a memorable and enjoyable time in Europe.

    Sabestian has been attentive towards everyone throughout the trip. Once in a while, he will check on us to ensure that we were enjoying ourselves. The long bus rides that we were often experiencing had became more bearable because he will always be entertaining us with his singing skills, and also share stories and random jokes with us. In addition, because Europe is known to have a lot of pickpockets, he will always remind us to check and take care of our belongings throughout the trip. Nonetheless, he is also very knowledgeable, and would often provide us with additional information on places that we have visited.

    Other than that, although in the tour booklet it was mentioned that our itinerary will be a fast pace one, we were still able to visit additional places around in Europe, and have sufficient free and easy, as well as shopping time. This is because the tour manager had good planning and time management skills.

    We will definitely recommend EU holiday to our family and friends. Do keep up with the good work EU holidays!

  • 9 - 21 Jun 2017

    13D10N Europe Central FootprintJasmine Ong (9 - 21 Jun 2017)

    Me and my husband just came back from 13D10N Europe Central Footprint Both of us are very satisfied and happy with EU holiday tour. Especially thanks to our tour manager-Sebastian Mak. He really did an awesome job. Thanks EU, keep up the good team work. Definitely looking forward more adventures with you all !

    10 - 20 Jun 2017

    11D8N Adventure To The #Balkans En Xian (10 - 20 Jun 2017)

    Tour package: 11D8N Adventure To The #Balkans 
    Travel date: 10 - 20 Jun 2017
    Tour Manager : Darien Tang

    This trip to the Balkans is exceptionally unforgettable and amazing! Darien is a really thoughtful and understanding tour manager who took care of all 26 of us well throughout the 11 days.

    We have tour mates from the young to those in their golden age and Darien made sure to provide the best for all of us. He also made sure that we voice out any concerns and gave us a lot of assurance 

    On the second last night, Darien even had a mini wine party in his room and invited all of us to join! It really bonded us really well and I'm sure most of the tour mates will agree with me how heartwarming it was. 

    Of course, the trip would not have been so amazing without such a great bunch of enthusiastic and friendly tour mates! My family had a whale of a time and we are really thankful for the laughter and joy brought to us these 11 days. Thank you so much everyone!!! 

  • 9 - 21 Jun 2017

    13D10N Europe Central FootprintGrace Lockmiller (9 - 21 Jun 2017)

    Tour date : June 9-21, 2017
    Tour name : Central Europe Footprint
    Tour Manager : Sabestian Mak

    Going to Europe is a dream holiday for me so I want it to be perfect. And our tour manager Sabestian made it extra special. Though our group was big (43pax), he made sure everyone's been well taken care of. He would approach each table every meal time and check if all is well. Reminding us to be careful and mindful of our belongings whenever we were down the bus and admiring the sceneries. Itineraries and scheduled call time were strictly imposed hence we had more free time for ourselves which I love coz I can roam around free. Sitting in the bus for long hours have become bearable coz he would entertain us by giving and sharing his knowledge about the places we've been and what we are about to see. He would clown around as well. Oh and he got great singing voice too! A tour guide exuding charisma. Overall experience was good if not the best coz we have a not only confidently handsome man as a tour guide but with a heart as well. His service is commendable and I would definitely recommend EU Holidays and I myself will be a returning client. Travelling alone is fun specially when Sabestian is around �

    I give him 10 stars haha.. He's fantastic. Had a wonderful and unforgettable trip because you made it possible.. Cheers!! ��

    9 - 21 Jun 2017

    13D10N Europe Central Footprint Susan Goh (9 - 21 Jun 2017)

    Tour Name: 13D10N Europe Central Footprint 
    Dept date : 9th Jun '17
    Tour Manager : Sabestian Mak

    Would like to thanks Sabestian for his professional service, knowledgable & caring of everyone.
    During the trip, he always remind us to be careful with our belongings in case of pickpockets.
    During the long journey, he will entertain us with jokes, stories and even sing songs in different language.

    Thank you Sabestian and keep up the good work ��

  • 10 - 20 Jun 2017

    11D8N Adventure To The BalkansKst Sagittarius Teo (10 - 20 Jun 2017)

    Had a fun memorable n great experience travelling with tour manager Darien Tang & fellow tour mates to Balkans, well organised & good bonding among fellow mates thanks to Darien once again! Looking forward to next tour with EU again

    1 - 18 Jun 2017

    15D12N Europe Discovery + 2N DubaiQiuHui Ting (1 - 18 Jun 2017)

    18D Europe discovery+Dubai 1st June departure
    Tour manager: Kevin Cheng

    It was a fun and a trip full of experience and with a tour leader as good as Kevin, it was great