• 14 Jun - 23 Jun 2016

    10D7N Scenic Eastern EuropeCJ Daniel (14 Jun - 23 Jun 2016)

    We had an enjoyable trip from 14 to 23 jun 2016 on 10 days Eastern Europe led by Ricky Woo. He is friendly, informative and attentive to the safety of tour members. Overall, we are pleased with the itinerary, hotel and meals arrangement. We would definitely choose to travel with EU Holidays again!

    23 Jun  - 7 Jul 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland FranceMark Lin (23 Jun - 7 Jul 2016)

    13D10N Italy-Switzerland-Paris
    Date: 23 Jun 2016
    Tour Manager: Susan Tan

    It was a honeymoon trip and also my first experience signing up any sort tour package. Previously, it was always free and easy with friends - hence, I was pretty anxious how an experience with a group tour of strangers was going to be like. But, my worries were completely unnecessary because our tour manager - Susan Tan - was hellva of an experienced lady who worked very hard to ensure that everyone had a good time. She also did a swap of itinerary because she felt it would have made an already-excellent tour even better. Such a dedicated staff! EU Holidays is very fortunate to have her as part of the team as the constant extra personalized service she has given to the trip way surpassed my expectation of what a tour manager would have been. Well done Susan!

    Many thanks to Susan and EU Holidays for making my honeymoon trip a memorial one! We made good friends and people in the tour group were equally amazing! It was such a great trip for newly weds like us and I have been raving about our experience with EU Holidays: on how every newly wed couples should just cut down on extravagant wedding and spend on something more worthwhile for a trip like ours. 

  • 7 Jun - 18 Jun 2016

    10D7N Italy Fiesta + 2N DubaiCher Ry (7 Jun - 18 Jun 2016)

    我和先生参加了10天意大利+2晚迪拜(7/6/16 - 17/6/16) 
    非常感谢tour manager Sabestian Mak的细心安排与讲解,让我们有个愉快和难忘的旅程。这也是我们第一次去意大利虽然我们不是很会英语但是sabestian mak都会尽量跟我们用华语跟我们讲解,真的非常棒的领导。
    很高兴在这次的旅行让我们很享受一点都不赶时间可以慢慢的欣赏风景,希望有机会再参加Eu Holidays Pte Lts公司的团。不过我们以后还是指定会选择跟Sabestian Mak做领导,非常非常的感谢你

    21 Jun - 2 Jul 2016

    10D7N Italy Fiesta + 2N DubaiSiwei Lee (21 Jun - 2 Jul 2016)

    非常感谢我们的导游Tammy, 在这旅途段期间对每位团友的照顾和热心的帮助。无论是风吹雨打,她都像小叮当可以有很多法宝还有办法,为大家迎刃而解。特别是在外国的早餐,每天的面包芝士火腿,在食物上的选择已经是瓶颈了,她特地早起很贴心的为我们准备Maggie Mee,非常感动叻!这次的度蜜月让我增广见闻,还有甜密密(Tammy的外号)哇哈哈。。。另外也认识到许多风度翩翩,美丽动人,风趣幽默,新婚夫妇还有百头偕老的团友。

  • 14 Jun - 25 Jun 2016

    10D7N Italy Fiesta + 2N DubaiJarrad Ng (14 Jun - 25 Jun 2016)

    10D7N Italy Fiesta + 2N Dubai
    Date: 14 June - 25 June 2016
    Tour Manager: Mr. Sebastian Mak

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank EU Holidays for giving me and my wife a great honeymoon trip. This is my 1st time signing packages with EU Holidays. We would like to continue support EU and join for other packages in future too ! 
    Mr.Sebastian is definitely one of the most extraordinary tour manager I have ever encounter as he give me and my wife a pleasant and fruitful memorable trip which I have an enjoyable time with my wife.

    During the trip, Mr.Sebastian is doing very well with his group members and made us feel like a one big family. He has a strong responsibility to make sure all members were well taken care of, and never been selfish in sharing his knowledge with the people. He has a good sense of humor, patient and detail-oriented. Moreover, he always try his best to fulfill to every customer satisfaction whenever time permits . Mr. Sebastian has great passion in his work as make this tour a lively, wonderful and memorable holiday. Mr Sebastian look like Thai Star, he also sing Thai song and share some joke and story to entertain us..

    In the future, we hope that the every next tour we join can be lead by Mr.Sebastian again !
    Will strongly recommend to all our friends and families about EU and looking forward on next trip with EU Holidays.

    Thank you EU and Mr. Sebastian.

    14 Jun - 25 Jun 2016

    10D7N Italy Fiesta + 2N DubaiDesmond Tang (14 Jun - 25 Jun 2016)

    10D7N Italy Fiesta 14 Jun 2016trip.

    Grande esperienza! A wonderful and enjoyable trip. Thanks to EU Holidays for their well laid iternaries and flexible options in the package. Not forgetting our humble and thoughtful tour manager Mr. Sebastian Mak that brought up the liveliness and atmosphere of the whole trip. For without both, it would be like fishes without water. Well done, EU Holidays! Keep up the good work. See you again!

    Best regards,
    Desmond Tang

  • 19 Dec - 29 Dec 2015

    10D7N Norway Winter + 1N OsoloJen Teng (19 Dec - 29 Dec 2015)

    We have been travelling with EU holidays for consecutive 3 years.

    We have travelled with different tour managers for the 3 destination and it has never failed us 

    Tours managers were all friendly and they all went extra miles to give us the best service and aassistance throughout our tour.

    Not forgetting my dear Chris Hee whom I have yet to travel, gave me travel info and first class customer service over the counter. She is so informative and even gave me suggestions and kept me updated on the fares and promotions .

    I sincerely thank Chris for her superb customer service 

    14 Jun - 23 Jun 2016

    10D7N Scenic Eastern EuropeRosy Ang (14 Jun - 23 Jun 2016)

    I joined EU Holidays for the very first time. My family joined the 10 days EU Holiday trip to Eastern Europe from 14 June 2016 to 23 June 2016, led by Tour Manager Ricky Woo. We enjoyed the trip very much. We love Vienna, Prague and Budapest. Hotel is clean with wi-fi. Sightseeing is beautiful. Ricky Woo is the best Tour Manager/ Leader I have come across so far. Keep up the fantastic job Ricky and EU Holidays!

  • 5 Jun - 22 Jun 2016

    15D12N Europe DiscoveryAnnie Goh (5 Jun - 22 Jun 2016)

    19 days Central Europe/Dubai
    Tour manager: Steve Loh

    We had a marvellous almost 3 weeks trip in Europe.....Our tour manager, Steve Loh, is one of the most motivated and awesome guide we have ever met. Prior to our departure, a 9 pages itinerary was emailed to us, indicating the different currencies, maps, weather, temperature, travelling time, hotel, vat claims explanation, etc etc...

    We bombarded him with lots of questions and he took time to answer our queries one by one, even late at nite or early am.

    During the trip, he took meticulous care of us. His excellent time management impressed us all, enabling us to include many optional tours for us to see more of Europe.

    Due to the fact that our group was divided into many families having different deviation plans, with some extending in Paris, some to London and some proceeded to Dubai. He made sure that all itinerary programmes indicated were adhered to and in addition took care of every one's needs. Some were dropped off at the Lourve museum, some to Galeries layafette and then get picked up at the Galeries later to proceed to the Moulin Rouge dinner, some were doing an optional tour going Into Lourve museum and Vasailles Palace and then proceeded to shopping n then to the Moulin Rouge dinner. It was so well co-ordinated.

    One thing that i must specifically mention is that we were notified 2 months prior to departure that Eiffel tower would not be available for visiting due to the Euro cup 2016 and group booking was not allowed. The kids were disappointed. Steve took the decision to do a last minute try, asking the driver to drive over to check it out. There wasnt a queue n he quickly bought tickets for all of us. Next we were all up at the Eiffel tower. The kids were thrilled, not only to go up to the tower but to physically touch it. Lol

    One incident that etched in my mind was that one family did an extension to London and that was not part of the itinerary as the itinerary carried on to Dubai.. Steve dropped them off at the Eurostar station while the rest of us sent them off together before we proceeded to our other tours. We were all friends now after spending so many days together. . It gave us time to bid goodbye to them and Steve did not just drop them off outside the station. He helped them carry their luggages inside ensuring that they got to the correct gate. Isnt that awesome?!

    Steve knows Europe so well that we overheard the conversation between him and the driver. He was guiding the driver on some shortcuts to get to the destination or dropped us at certain places to save us from walking too far. I remember the driver mentioned abt no parking place at one location and Steve suggested using another route! We literally saved all the time and that enabled us to see more places, some not indicated in the itinerary. He also bought each family 3 bottles of different chilli to tie us over our craze for Singapore food. He entertained us with jokes and his jovial personality made the coach rides shorter than usual. Lol He also tried his best to ensure some of us get connecting rooms or rooms that are next to each other.

    We had a great time in Dubai too esp the desert safari tour.

    The food, accommodation and itinerary provided by EU is good. I like it that this itinerary allowed us 3 days in Dubai. It saved us from jetlag as we split the time difference when we stopped over in Dubai. Emirates is good! It was an eye opener for us when we visited Dubai during the ramandan period as kids were taught more of the muslim culture as we were not allowed to eat nor drink (not even chewing a sweet) in public. Kids asked and we explained

    Is our first time with Eu holidays and i am pretty sure our vacation doesnt stop here, we will be back but we will definitely enquire if Steve is gonna be our next tour manager!

    7 Jun - 19 Jun 2016

    13D11N Spain and PortugalVanessa Koh Yu Sim (7 Jun - 19 Jun 2016)

    13D 11N Spain and Portugal
    Departure date: 7 June 
    Tour manager: John Foo

    This is my first time going for a tour (I usually travel free and easy), but I enjoyed myself immensely. John is a v responsible and organized manager and he always tries to go the extra mile to cater to our needs; for instance suggesting other optional tours when the grp is not very keen on a particular one/ doing online check in on our behalf. He's also always v concerned for our safety and well being, constantly telling us to drink up and be aware of pickpockets. He's also v bubbly and entertaining with his countless stories and animated personality. Thanks for always taking care of us and making this trip an enjoyable one!

  • 13 Jun - 23 Jun 2016

    11D8N Romantic GreeceFan Ng (13 Jun - 23 Jun 2016)

    Hi , I would recommend EU holidays to all especially those who are keen on Europe trips like Greece. My hubby n I just came back from 11n8d Greece led by tour mgr Mr Jeremiah Tan. Special compliments to him for being a very great n attentive tour guide. Being seasonal traveller whom joined many tours before, we noticed this tour manager is providing wow top notched service to us. From start of trip he'll ensure everyone is comfortably seated on airplane...then being a honeymoon couple he was particularly sensitive n took care of our needs to enjoy the 2pax space in terms of accomodation and for dinner arrangements. He was jovial n humorous n shared alot of his personal stories on the bus n makes effort to wake up same time to engage us during breakfast n meals. Even til last parting he waited at baggage corner in sg to ensure everyone gotta their luggages no lost. Indeed a tour manager who is a valuable staff. My hubby n I first time experience is so great that we would definitely join EU for our next trips.

    9 Jun - 21 Jun 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland FranceYu Shaun (9 Jun - 21 Jun 2016)

    13D/10N/CentralEurope - this was our first travel with EU Holidays. It's reasonable pricing and interesting travel highlights attracted us and Guess what, our trip was way beyond our expectations. We were bowled over and overwhelmed by the experience. It was a trip that we especially my teenage boy enjoyed tremendously. The positive experience was also made possible because of our awesome tour manager Ricky Cheong and our tour members. Professional and knowledgeable Ricky places our group's safety and interest first. Thank you Ricky