• 8/12/2016 - 18/12/2016

    11D8N Adventures To The BalkansKrystal Chia‎ (8/12/2016 - 18/12/2016)

    My family recently returned from an 11 day adventure tour to the Balkans in Dec and we would like to compliment our tour manager, Ms Lynette Lee for making our trip a most enjoyable and unforgettable one. Thanks to her steady stewardship and good chemistry with the group, everyone was patient and cooperative, like what she said - "nice things happen to nice people". Throughout the tour, Lynette has been very patient, helpful, organised and engaging with her 30+ years of experience and a good sense of humour. She even shared her personal life story and set up a whatsapp group for the group to share photos and keep in touch. She also gave the group very good advice on what to buy and where to eat during our free and easy time, and handled any special requests and individual needs very well. We look forward to meeting her again and hope she would be our tour manager again on our next tour with EU Holidays!

    13/12/2016 - 24/12/2016

    12D9N Spain & PortugalBee Lian‎ (13/12/2016 - 24/12/2016)

    12D 9 N Spain Portugal Tour
    Period : 13 Dec 2016 -24 Dec 2016 
    Tour Manager : Roger Koh

    It had been splendid vacation with Roger as our tour manager and a group of wonderful tour mates! Roger went out of his way to meet the requests and ensure the enjoyment of the tour mates. He would tell us the best spots at each location for photo taking, which outlet for good value purchase, the local delicacies and always volunteered to take shots for the tour mates.

    Roger was also very jovial, related well and took good care of the tour mates, driver and local guides as well as proactive in the planning of the daily schedule.

    I commend Roger as our tour manager for his maturity in handing situations, experience and excellence in service!

  • 16/12/2016 - 25/12/2016

    10D7N Winter Adventure In Finland + Norway King Crab Safari Gerrie Wong (16/12/2016 - 25/12/2016)

    We are so blessed that we managed to catch the aurora on our last night in Lapland.

    10D7N Winter Adventure In Finland + Norway King Crab Safari
    Departure Date : 16 Dec 2016
    Tour Manager : Gerrie Wong

    10/12/2016 - 20/12/2016

    10D Italy Fiesta缘中乐 (10/12/2016 - 20/12/2016)

    Tour name : Italy Fiesta
    Departure date : 10 Dec 2016
    Tour Manager name : Sebastian

    We had a great trip to Italy recently. Great co-ordination from Sebastian and we were able to complete the tour on schedule 

  • 3/11/2016 - 15/11/2016

    13D10N Mexico & CubaKaren Lim (3/11/2016 - 15/11/2016)

    13 D Mexico and Cuba 
    Dep : 3 Nov 2016
    Tour Manager Wai Kuan Mei

    We had a wonderful trip to Mexico and Cuba in Nov 2016 ! It was a maiden trip by EU Holidays and led by much sought-after tour manager, Wai Mei Kuan . We had joined and enjoyed a few maiden trips by Mei . Nevertheless, we were still apprehensive on these two exotic destinations but our fears were unfounded !! Everything was smooth sailing for our group of 9 friends; from the itinerary, meals, coach to hotels . We were even upgraded to the posh villa suites at the hotel in Cancun , where we stayed for 3 nights, enjoying top class cuisine , unlimited food, wine and liquor , visiting UNESCO Chichen Itza , enjoying the beach and Caribbean Sea .

    Mei took good care of our needs and comfort . The tour was almost perfect . We enjoyed all the visits to the UNESCO sights , tried the famous cigars , Havana Club rum of Cuba and of course the beaches !

    Kudos to Mei and EU Holidays for organising such a memorable trip !! We would not hesitate to join you for more maiden adventures !!

    8/12/2016 - 18/12/2016

    11D8N Adventures To The BalkansLim Linda‎ (8/12/2016 - 18/12/2016)

    11D8N Adventure to THE BALKANS 
    Departure date: 8 Dec 2016
    Tour Manager: Lynette Lee

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a great host, guide and friend of our group and your impeccable service for making our holiday trip a smooth and meaningful way.
    We had a great time and looking forward to travel with you again on our next holiday 

  • 3/12/2016 - 15/12/2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland FranceYan Shin (3/12/2016 - 15/12/2016)

    "Holiday is the best time for family bonding, recharging yourself from daily work and memory will be never fading away" once told by my dear Friend, my tour Manager B.h. Steve Loh during my Europe holiday from 3rd Dec 16 to 15 Dec 16 with EU Holidays and it is indeed true for me and my family. 
    Having a good leader and responsible Tour manger is crucial to memorable short journey and Steve Loh is a good example of strong leader who managing time and program very well, great communication skill, knowledgeable of history in Europe aspect, professional, most of all "A Friend" who made us enjoyable and safe holiday. 
    Highly recommended Tour Manager and Thank you EU Holidays with this memorable Holiday 

    4/12 - 13/12/2016

    10D7N Winter Adventure In Finland + Norway King Crab Safari Pete Pui Meng (4/12 - 13/12/2016)

    We were leaving Temppeliaukio ('Rock') Church, when I turned back and took this photograph. In the process, I accidentally captured Vicki Tan, our tour manager in it. She was behind us, checking to see if any tour members were left behind. This photograph aptly captured how Vicki always had our backs throughout this Finland+Norway tour. She was highly responsible and sensitive to the needs of her tour members, and effectively diffused any anxiety that some tour members had during some of the activities. Her positive and cheerful demeanour also helped to bring tour members from being total strangers to acquaintances who started sharing life experiences and laughter during the trip.

    Vicki's patience was also remarkable. For example, the usual tour guide would often rush tour members along, assuring them that they would get to take more photographs of sceneries when they returned (and sometimes that would not happen). Vicki also dutifully gave such reminders but she would never rush her tour members. Instead, she would patiently wait for some of us (who were overly-excited) to finish taking our photographs, before guiding us along for the rest of the tour. This little gesture was among many others which showed how outstanding Vicki was as a tour manager, and I had her to thank for providing a fully memorable travel experience for the tour group and me.

  • 4/12 - 16/12/2016

    13D Italy Switzerland FranceFenny Wong (4/12 - 16/12/2016)

    謝謝Kevin Cheng 導遊帶我們去意大利,瑞士和巴黎,我們很喜歡的一次旅程拍到美麗的風景也知道我們要的是什麼,所以我們有很多美麗的照片想分享給大家,在一次謝謝kevin Cheng 

    1/11/ - 12/11/2016

    10D Italy Fiesta + 2 Nights Dubai Free & EasyWeePeng Chng‎ (1/11/ - 12/11/2016)

    Tour name : 10D Italy Fiesta + 2 Nights Dubai Free & Easy
    Departure Date : 1 November 2016
    Tour Manager : Connie Hay

    This is the second group package that I have signed up with EU Holidays and I am glad to say that it was as enjoyable as the first one.

    The itinerary covers quite a number of major attractions in Italy – such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Pisa, Venice, etc., which makes it quite worthwhile as we got to see quite a number of famous sights.

    Kudos must be given to Connie, our TM. She pays attention to details and plan everything well in advance – sending us a daily itinerary with the route that we are travelling each day as well as a brief description of where we are going. She takes the time to explain what we will be doing and constantly reminds us to check that we have our belongings with us before departing for the next destination. Her efficient planning and flexibility in adjusting the itinerary also made the journey less tiring and gave us ample time for rest between stops and entertaining us with funny stories during the long bus journey.

    During the tour, she is very attentive and observant, always anticipating our needs even before we even realised it. She takes care of everybody in the group, ensuring we all have umbrellas when it is raining, helping us with orders for our food during our F&E time even though she is not obligated to. I specially want to my express my thanks to her for helping me to look after my mom, ensuring that she is settled down comfortably in a nice little café as she couldn’t walk far and ordering tea for her while my mom waited.

    The 10 days we spent with Connie was really enjoyable and we were sorry that she wasn’t following us to Dubai. The group was awesome and we made new friends during this trip. J

  • 30/11/2016 - 10/12/2016

    11D8N Europe HighlightHidayah Ahmad (30/11/2016 - 10/12/2016)

    Can't sleep, jet lag, missing Euro already.. thanksEU Holidays Pte Ltd & Tan Jiang Xin Tammy for this wonderful experience. Hopefully we can go back here in the future!

    20/12/16 - 1/1/207

    14D10N Highlight of Eastern EuropeChong Richard (20/12/16 - 1/1/207)

    An employee is what makes or break a company and Sam Lee is one such person who makes the company.
    Knowledgeable, kind, helpful and always willing to go the extra mile.
    My family and I had never travel with EU before and what a pleasant surprise it turn out to be.
    No small change for toilet breaks? Not enough foreign currencies? No worries, Sam is someone who is well prepared. He even brought chocolate, biscuits and small snacks for some Q&A at his own expense. Need chilli sauce to go with your meals? Ha ha, Sam brought some along with him. The list goes on.
    Congrats EU for having Sam. We really enjoy our trip and the company of the other members of the group.
    Once again, a big THANK YOU, Sam. You did a good job