• 24 Apr - 2 May 2016

    10D Italy Mama MiaGiat Ling Selvamahesan (24 Apr - 2 May 2016)

    10DMamma Mia Italy
    24/4/16 to 2/5/16
    Tour Manager: Sebastian Mak

    Good overview of Italy if you have never been featuring the main highlights of Milan, Venice and Rome.

    Lots of shopping opportunities especially for big brands like Prada and Gucci.

    The tour manager, Sebastian was patient and helpful. Lots of shopping tips and bits of information to help you navigate around.

    All in all a worthwhile visit to Italy.

    7 Apr - 21 Apr 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France (Summer 2016)Whithy Ong (7 Apr - 21 Apr 2016)

    13 Days Italy+Switzerland+France+2 Nights Dubai
    Tour Manager : Tammy Tan

    First of all, we have to say we are the happy customers of EU Holidays. Thank you for planning such a wonderful honeymoon for me and my wife. Thank you Connie Hay who had helped us in the booking of our holidays and assisting us in making the right choice.

    Want to say a very big thank you to our tour manager Tammy. We always feel very happy and cheerful when she is around us. Her positive work attitude together with her resourceful mind has proven to us that she really can handle changing situations very well.

    She had all the 'special activities' planned for the night when we were at Trubsee Alpine Lodge (Mt Titlis). It was a memorable night! We felt so special as we were the exclusive tour group occupying the whole area and we really enjoy the night stay.

    Something worth mentioning when we were at Paris, was that she went her "extra miles" to get the local tour guide to queue for us early in the morning for tickets to 2nd level of Eiffel Tower so that we did not miss anything. Amazing and very appreciative with her actions. A big applause to her !

    Not to forget dubai when we had fun, shout and laughter at the desert safari tour together with Tammy.

    Overall I want to highly recommend EU holidays to anyone out there who wish to cover the above mentioned 3 countries with Dubai included.

    Lastly not to forget all my tour mates and everyone out there who have make our holiday a special and memorable one. Kudos to everyone !

  • 29 Mar 2016 - 8 Apr 2016

    11D8N Spain & Portugal (Summer 2016)Gerhh Goh (29 Mar 2016 - 8 Apr 2016)

    11D8N #Spain & #Portugal
    Departure Date : 29 Mar 2016
    Tour Manager : ShiQin
    #HappyCustomers #EUHolidays #No1Europe #SingaporeServiceClassAward

    I had an epic trip with one of the most extraordinary tour guide by far. Judge her not by her youth, ShiQin led the group with sheer passion which makes it hard to resist from wanting a friendship even after the tour is over. Her knowledge in the country's historical sites and features supersedes expectations. Ask her anything and if she hasn't a clue at that point in time, be sure that by the end of the day, she will have the answer for you. She paid keen attention to the Mandarin speaking tourist in the group, following them around and translating what the local tour guides in Portugal and Spain were saying. As if that isn't enough, she also ensured our safety, gently reminding us to keep a watchful eye over our belongings wherever we went. True leadership and not a single one of us was robbed. Her resourcefulness packs quite the punch especially when it came down to knowing which aisle to go through when shopping, which place to eat for specific taste buds and the most impressionable for me was going through the tax refund process. She is articulate and systematic in bringing across the refund procedure and everyone got through swiftly like a breeze at the airport. Last but not least, be prepared for plenty of laughs and nostalgia with her delectable Singaporean accent, akin to thinking of "Char Kuey Teow" as she enthusiastically answers riddles thrown to her and her quick wits to keep the laughter going on in the long coach rides. Definitely a trip to remember especially that insanely contagious laughter from ShiQin which I know for sure anyone who knows her, can agree with. Kudos "Soya Sauce"!

    7 Apr - 21 Apr 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France (Summer 2016)Chin Gim (7 Apr - 21 Apr 2016)

    Just experienced a 15D12N of Italy+Switzerland+France+Dubai with EU Holiday, Tour Manager Tammy.

    Thanks to EU Holiday gave me and my wife a wonderful honeymoon.

    The country that impress me the most is Switzerland. Everywhere has photo opportunity, like a paint. I think so far only EU Holiday will arrange their guests to stay at Mount Titlis. Can't forget the morning when I woke up, all the snow beside us, it's awesome.

    Besides, the desert safari in Dubai is another fantastic program. Racing in desert, the car went up and down.

    Last but not least, no doubt that our Tour Manager Tammy Tan did a very good arrangement in timing and places to visit. She is meticulous, patient, fulfill all members' request, extra miles plan for us, and many many more. And she arranged a privates wines and snacks session in Mt Titlis, for all tourmates to have fun together.

    Conclusion is, EU Holiday provides a 5 stars services with affordable price.

  • 7 Apr - 21 Apr 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France (Summer 2016)Cathryn Xinyi (7 Apr - 21 Apr 2016)

    13 Days Italy Switzerland France + 2N Dubai
    Departure date: 07 APRIL 2016 
    Tour Manager: Tammy Tan 
    I and my hubby joined the tour of EU holidays Pte Ltd. It is a really amazing experience to us and brought a lot joyful moment during our honeymoon trip. We would like to say a million thank you to the tour manager Tammy Tan; she brought a lot of fun and ideas to please all the tour mates every day.
    Others than that, she is a very caring, generous, cheerful tour guide and photographer, without her, we are unable to record down all the memorable moment. Also, she did give us solution when I met some problems even though it was midnight. 
    It was an awesome exposure to Western cultures. We would highly recommend EU Holidays to all my friends and families as well. 
    Thanks with love for bringing us to an unforgettable trip. See you! Tammy Jiang!
    Muaccks muaccks muaccks HAHA!

    7 Apr - 21 Apr 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France (Summer 2016)Low Tze Chiang (7 Apr - 21 Apr 2016)

    那期间....我们一起走过的日子。在我们一起为另一半编织美好回忆的同时,也同时为大家编织了美丽的彩虹,在这个故事的角色里,缺一不完美,谢谢大家在我的人生旅程里添加了色彩。.....虽说有缘再相見..却有百般的不捨。。谢谢Tammy-导游 EU holidays

  • 7 Apr - 18 Apr 2016

    12D9N USA Western Delight (Summer 2016)Jenny Tan (7 Apr - 18 Apr 2016)

    "Bodoh" Group of 8 Singaporeans and 13 pax of Chinese Indonesians were having so much fun with the tour manager, Chris Hee on 13D USA Western Delight from 7 Apr to 18 Apr 2016. Though miscommunication along the way, it was handled tactfully by Chris. She explained well and made sure everybody happy with the end results.

    Keep up the gd work Chris and may God bless you and yr family.

    7 Apr - 21 Apr 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France (Summer 2016)Betty Zhang (7 Apr - 21 Apr 2016)

    我和先生刚结束Eu (07-21/04、2016)13 days Italy Swiss Paris加Dubai的Holiday ,这是一个不错的行程。非常感谢领队Tan Jiang Xin Tammy,她的丰富经验,友善为人和敬业态度令我们团有个愉快和热闹的旅程,也因此结识好多新朋友,希望能再次共同出游!一个好的领队能丰富团友的旅途生活也为贵公司赢得好的口碑!

  • 5 Apr - 17 Apr 2016

    13D Spain & PortugalChng Wee Peng (5 Apr - 17 Apr 2016)

    Tour name : 13D/10N Spain & Portugal
    Departure Date : 5 April 2016
    Tour Manager : Robin Wong

    It has been many years since I have signed up with any travel agencies and joined a group tour as past experiences with package tours has always been packed schedules, little free and easy time and having to leave at 6am next morning to start the day’s activities. I was a little apprehensive when signing up but my friends and I were too busy to plan our own free and easy itinerary and it was sort of a spur of the moment decision to sign up for this trip. I was prepared for the trip to be an exhausting one but I’m glad to say that it turned out otherwise.

    The success of this tour was mainly attributed to the efficient planning and adjustment of each day’s activities by our very experienced TM – Robin. The flexibility in which he adjusts the itinerary, ensuring that we don’t miss out on any of the activities or tours listed, and still manage to give us ample free time to explore the towns/cities on our own if we wish to. It also gave the more elderly members of our tour group ample time for resting so that they are not too tired for the next day’s activities. Robin’s patience in translating the city tour guide’s English guided tours to Mandarin for the group members who does not understand English is also exemplary – I think some of his explanations are actually more detailed than the local tour guide – which showcased his vast knowledge of European history.

    He was also attentive and ensured that everyone’s needs was catered to as much as possible – daily reminders to check that we have all our important documents with us before we set off for the day, to be careful of our belongings when in the city – in case of pickpockets, was on hand to help everyone place orders for food at restaurants/cafes in case of language barrier – are but a few examples of his attention to details. His humorous nature and ability to laugh at himself also make the sometimes otherwise boring bus ride to the next destination more enjoyable.

    A tiny blip in the entire trip was the Barcelona leg – Hotel FrontAir Congress was really not up to a 4-star standards and with it being so far away from the city, we were not able to explore Barcelona properly. Even though I understand that there was a convention and all the hotels in the city was either fully booked or way too expensive during that period, but I would suggest not to use this hotel again. The toilet door was not even fully frosted and there was a mirror facing the toilet door, so it was a bit awkward.

    Last but not least, most of our group members were awesome and we looked out for each other during the trip – that was really the icing on the cake! Kudos to Robin and the group members for making this an enjoyable trip!

    31 Mar - 12 Apr 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France (Summer 2016)Fong Li Choo (31 Mar - 12 Apr 2016)

    I wanted to review my recent holiday (13D10N in Italy, Switzerland and France) not because I was obliged to but because it was really awesome. Our group of 25 was very well taken care of by our tour manager Ong Jia Fu. Jia Fu is really experienced in handling a large group of chatty but cooperative holidaymakers. Some of us had special requests there and then and as far as time allowed, Jia Fu would agree and what made our holiday so enjoyable (I'm still reliving those delightful moments) was the team spirit of everyone. We looked out for each other and shared a lot of laughter, jokes, etc.
    The meals provided were mostly to our satisfaction and I think all of us enjoyed the meals at the Chinese restaurant in Paris very much. Thanks, Jia Fu for the special arrangements and for nagging at us constantly to take care of our belongings. You are a wonderful tour manager and I would like to join your tour again in the near future. EU Holidays, thank you for the experience and keep up the good job!

  • 7 Apr - 18 Apr 2016

    12D9N USA Western Delight (Summer 2016)Aj Foreverlove (7 Apr - 18 Apr 2016)

    Just got back on the 18 April 2016 12days holiday to USA.Me and my husband enjoy the trip very much.The tour manager was fantastic good (Chris Hee).she joke a lots the whole trip it just enjoyable.

    5 Apr - 17 Apr 2016

    13D Spain & PortugalJulie Ee (5 Apr - 17 Apr 2016)

    Excellent experience on my 13 days tour at Spain and Portugal from 5th to 17th April and the tour manager Robin Wong, was friendly and helpful! I would definitely go again