• 9 Jun - 21 Jun 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland FranceTeo Lye Heng (9 Jun - 21 Jun 2016)

    13D10N Italy/Switzerland/France
    Tour Leader : Rick Cheong
    9/6 - 21/6/2016

    Awesome Europe Holidays. Value for money - interesting itineraries, comfortable hotel stay & nice food. Most importantly , awesome tour leader Rick. Rick is meticulous & helpful in coordinating & taking good care of all administration procedures. He also pays attention to details & take good care of all passengers young & old. Kudos to Rick, we have a memorable Europe holidays 

    9 Jun - 20 Jun 2016

    12D9N USA Western Delight Le Yuan (9 Jun - 20 Jun 2016)

    12 days 9 night USA west coast delight
    Travel date: 9 June - 20 June 2016
    Tour Manager: Chris Hee

    Just back from this wonderful trip. Thank you for our tour manager Ms Chris Hee. She has very good knowledge and also a good photographer. She even Bring us to the Universal studio Hollywood and Q with us together under the hot sun for the rides . Really appreciate the hard work and I should say she done a very good job. Thank you for EU holidays for the wonderful arrangement , comfortable accommodation and we will definitely come back again. A happy customer ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Best regards 
    Michelle Le

  • 7 - 18 Jun 2016

    10D7N Italy FiestaDorothy Seah Lee Khim (7 - 18 Jun 2016)

    Dates of Tour : 7 – 17 June 2016
    Title of Tour : 10 Days Italy Fiesta + 2 Nights Dubai
    Tour-manager : Mr. Sabestian Mak

    This vacation offered more than my expectation. It was my first time travelling with EU Holidays. The tour-manager, Mr. Sabestian Mak, is a responsible and approachable guy. He took great care of us by ensuring that the elderly members were kept on pace with all. He did this by inviting them to walk in front with the local guides whilst on excursions. This helped prevent them from being left behind.

    Although Mr. Mak looked like a K-pop idol most of the time, he is really knowledgeable in Medieval Europe and the Renaissance age. He is a well-read and well-travelled gentleman who could articulate fluently with folks of all walks of life.

    Being eloquent in English, Chinese and dialects, he was good at communicating with the non-English speaking travellers. He is easy-going yet firm with decision-making. Thus he was instrumental to making the trip a success because we covered many places including those we might not get to go. This is really value for money and it is an indeed a pleasant surprise to all.

    Our group thought Sabestian demonstrated good team-spirit. He is an exemplary leader with a heart to serve. We hope to travel with him again in our next trip.

    3 Jun - 15 Jun 2016

    13D9N Best of Eastern USA & CanadaDelphine Foo (3 Jun - 15 Jun 2016)

    13D9N Best of Eastern USA & Canada (Summer 2016) 
    Departure Date : 3 June 2016
    Tour Manager : Timothy Wee
    4* for the itinerary 
    5* for our TM and the group

    We chanced upon EU Holidays at the Travel Revolution in March and made a swift decision to book our first trip to the Big Apple  
    The itinerary was comparable to the other travel agencies, but at a more affordable price. 
    This trip combined 2 countries with pretty different characteristics, a more relaxing and laid back Canada and a vibrant and captivating USA. A good mix if you are looking for a balanced trip.

    The hotels provided throughout the trip was really satisfying. A must stay would be Sheraton on the falls at Niagara. The awesome view of the Niagara falls will take your breath away.

    Our TM really did a good job handling this huge group of 33 of us coming from different backgrounds and cultures. 
    He was a thoroughly conscientious TM, devoted to his duties. He went the extra mile to pay room visits to weigh our luggages on the last night in NJ. He constantly reminded us to be vigilant at all times, and we were glad everything went well. 
    We were lucky in a way whereby we were given the opportunity to actually roam the streets of NYC on foot due to road closures/blocks (due to Puerto Rican Day Parade) on the 12th of June during our NYC tour. TM patiently navigated and lead the big group of us to Rockefeller Center and then to Times Square.

    It's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion comes together. Keep going forward and don't look back.

    Thanks to all my group mates, EU holidays and Tim for making this such a pleasant and enjoyable holidays :))

  • 19 May - 3 Jun 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland FranceChew Wei Liang (19 May - 3 Jun 2016)

    13D10N #Italy #Switzerland #France
    Departure Date : 19 May 2016
    Tour Manager : Kevin Cheng

    Had a great holiday trip to Central Europe and am glad to have Kevin as our tour manager. With his careful planning and coordination, the overall trip was conducted smoothly! We followed through our itinerary nicely and it was great to be able to experience so many wonders of Europe within 13 days. This is no easy feat given the amount of coordination and good forecast of plans required, and we would like to convey our thanks to Kevin, as he ensured that all the plans, reservations & etc were ready and affirmed before hand, so that there were no hiccups for the tour group. With his forecast and experience, Kevin ensured that our daily schedules were fully utilized and made sure all available time were given for us to properly enjoy the site visits and experiences.

    We would also like to thank Kevin, for his consistent reminder on safety. He was always there to remind us from time to time on safety matters and warnings to look out for so as to ensure that our safety and physical items such as belongings were not compromised. Kevin was also always ready to share his experiences with us, so that we can understand the places we were visiting better and to enjoy, not only the physical beauty of it, but also the rich culture and history behind it.

    Once again, big thanks to Kevin for making the trip such an enjoyable and memorable one. It has certainly been a great experience traveling with EU Holidays!

    7 - 18 Jun 2016

    10D7N Italy FiestaTan Soon Chuan (7 - 18 Jun 2016)

    10D7N #Italy Fiesta
    Departure Date : 7 Jun 2016
    Tour Manager : Sebastian Mak

    The traveling to the various places is very long but Sebastian will entertain us with his jokes n sharing to brighten up the journey.
    As Italy is an unsafe place( pickpocket). Sebastian will keep remind us to be wary of our wallets n belonging. He is also always on the look out for elderly n parents with kids.
    Lastly, he will try his best to allocate more time for the group for free time n shopping.
    Is a nice experience to be with him as a tour manager.

  • 11 May - 28 May 2016

    15D12N Europe Discovery (Summer 2016)Calvin Koh (11 May - 28 May 2016)

    My retired and elderly parents went on a Europe trip with tour manager John Foo that departed on 11th May. It was their first trip to Europe and John really took good care of them.

    My parents are not tech savvy nor are their english good. I told him to help me look after and take care of them at the airport when i bid my parents farewell. To which he did an excellent job.

    Right from the start of their journey, John would send me pictures of my parents on whatsapp, where they visited, and update me on where they will be heading to next. He even let me talk to my parents via whatsapp call.

    This set my mind at ease on the well being of my parents and i really feel that john has gone beyond the call of his duty as a tour manager.

    I would definitely recommend EU Holidays to all my friends whose elderly parents are intending to go on a holiday. We need more tour manager like John Foo who knows how to take care of the elderly and are willing to go beyond their call of duty.

    12 May - 29 May 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France (Summer 2016)Calvin Chan (12 May - 29 May 2016)

    Hey eu hoilday, me n my wife would like to take this opportunity to complement the group manager Rick Cheong, we had took up the europe package on 12th May to 27th May, we really enjoy and appreciate his effort and accompany n guide throughout our whole trip.
    Hope will have another chance to have him as our tour guide again for the next trip with eu holiday again soon.

  • 19 May - 3 Jun 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France (Summer 2016)Kallista Tan (19 May - 3 Jun 2016)

    13D Central Europe + 2N Dubai 
    Tour leader: Kevin Cheng

    Just returned from my maiden Europe experience and also a first time on a tour guided trip! Kevin has been a very responsible and attentive tour leader, ensuring us a smooth and value worth journey throughout 

    Thank you Kevin for making our honeymoon a memorable one!

    19 May - 3 Jun 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland France (Summer 2016)Zachary Ng (19 May - 3 Jun 2016)

    13D Italy, Switzerland, France + Dubai optional.
    Tour leader : Kevin Cheng

    My 1st tour guided trip and after comparing with other tour agency decided to settled down for EU.
    Throughout the whole trip I never once regretted my choice. Fantastic tour leader, Kevin, who texted us individually reminding us the temperature few days before the trip. Very attentive, patient and fun guy who brought lots of fun and joy to the whole trip.
    I will definitely sign up another tour with EU recommending Kevin Cheng to be our tour leader for the trip.

  • 19 May - 31 May 2016

    13D Spain & PortugalFai Marn Wong (19 May - 31 May 2016)

    Joined EU holidays for 13 days Spain & Portugal (19 May 16). Tour manager Sabastian Mak. Very fruitful trip a lot of nice scenery, fabulous cathedral and monastery. Bought few bags, port wine and olive oil. Tour manager is resourceful, understanding (I brought my four years old daughter along) and helpful. He always reminded us about our passport and pick pockets when we are going to crowded places. Thank you for the wonderful experience

    19 May - 31 May 2016

    13D Spain & PortugalKimmy Lim (19 May - 31 May 2016)

    13D 10N Spain & Portugal
    Dep: 19 may 2016
    Tour manager : Sabastian Mak

    I was scouting around for Spain package when my friend recommended me to EU holidays after his trip with EU holidays lead by tour manager Sabastian Mak in February 2016. Not only did he share his trip itinerary, he shared his overall experience on the trip with me as well which was obviously positive.

    Coincidentally when I booked my trip at the travel revolution, I was served by Sabastian Mak. I quickly text my friend to confirm if it was the same tour manager he mentioned (in case there is more than one Sabastian)

    I have requested Sabastian to be the tour manager but wasn’t sure if the group was lucky to have him lead the tour the 19th May Spain tour. 2 weeks before briefing, he informed me that he will be leading this tour. I was delighted since I 
    heard and read so many positive review about him from my friend and EU FB review.

    Indeed Sabastian has proven to be a responsible, knowledgeable and entertaining tour manager. He always cautious the group about 
    pick pockets/ ensure customer satisfaction of the group, sharing his experience on the various countries that he has been, cracking jokes, and singing for the group. Our long bus journey of 4 – 6 hours was never boring. More importantly, he also tried to fulfil the group shopping request by doing the extra miles. 
    He is able to communicate in some basic Spanish/ Vietnamese/ Thai/ French… command of speech is good. A versatile person.

    I have been to Europe Tour lead by CTC last year. This trip by EU helps me to distinguish the differences in the 2 agencies, in terms of the program, tour manager, and hotels provided.

    I would highly recommended people to join EU tours lead by him.

    Thank you EU & Sabastian.