• 20 Nov 2016

    11D8N Europe HighlightsDawn Chong (20 Nov 2016)

    11 Days Europe Highlights

    Departure date : 20 Nov 2016

    Tour Manager : Sebastian Mak

    First time travelling with EU holidays and it was an enjoyable and good experience. We like the tour manager who is very caring and experience.

    He was able to meet individual needs during the trip be it sight seeing or shopping. He was able to balance this proportion very well.

    Of course, not forgetting the entertainment he had provided us during the long journey to keep us accompanied. He is a really good singer.

    Thanks for arranging such a good tour manager for our trip and we will definitely travel with Sebastian Mak again if we book with EU Holidays.


    15D12N Europe Discovery + 2N Dubai Lauro Mercado (01/11/2016-15/11/2016)

    Tour: 15D 12N Europe Discovery tour+ 2N in Dubai
    Date: November 1
    Tour manager: Sebastian Mak

    We have travelled to a good number of places in Europe, the USA and neighboring asian countries. This trip provided to us by EU was by far the best we have experienced. It was fun filled, exciting and superbly amazing. The places we visited, we once upon a time only dreamed about, had become a reality. Though the trip was fast paced, there was always time for everyone to enjoy, view and take pictures to capture moments worth remembering. I would like to give credit to our tour manager Sebastian for his dedication in catering to all our needs. There was never a dull moment even if the road trip takes hours as Sebastian will readily entertain us with his anecdotes, funny tales, singing, his amazing knowledge of geography and history, and his unbelievable knowledge of the Bible and the Quran. I too would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the tourist bus captain Mr. Pierluigi Casali for driving us safely to all those places. Thank you too to all the local tourist guides who ably helped us to be familiar and understand the history of each place visited.
    Given a chance to travel again to a country or place we have not been to, we certainly would opt to avail the service of EU for a tour package it may provide us!

  • 01/11/2016-15/11/2016

    15D12N Europe Discovery + 2N DubaiDixon Vadil (01/11/2016-15/11/2016)

    Tour: 15Days Europe Discovery plus Dubai
    Date: 01Nov
    Tour Manager: Sebastian Mak

    We had the best time in Europe for a very short period of time. EU holidays provided us with a very comprehensive itinerary and the best tour Manager ---Mr Sebastian Mak who is very informative and accommodating. The long trips were made more bearable by his engaging personality. He also looked out for his group very well and ensured that everyone is accounted for in each location that we go to.

    Just 2 recommendations--- maybe if we can adjust the timings so we could spend more time especially in those very nice locations, that would be nice ( maybe less time at factory/ shopping?) and 2. a hotel closer to the city for the Paris free day (last day) for easier navigation in the city.

    Thanks, Sebastian, Peter (our bus captain) and to our local guides for making this a very memorable and enjoyable trip!


    15D12N Europe Discovery + 2N DubaiMinna Yong (01/11/2016-15/11/2016)

    Tour: 15D Europe Discovery + Dubai
    Tour Manager: Sabestian Mak
    Departure Date: 1 Nov 2016

    My husband and I wanted to explore Europe for our honeymoon. We have heard good reviews from our friends who just came back from tour with EU Holidays. Since it is both our first time to Europe, we decided to book a package through EU Holidays too. I am impressed with the dedication our tour manager has shown throughout the trip. He was very caring and patient to answer any questions from the group. I would certainly recommend EU Holidays to my friends. Thank you EU Holidays for making my honeymoon special.

  • 01/11/2016-15/11/2016

    15D12N Europe Discovery + 2N Dubai Andy Ow (01/11/2016-15/11/2016)

    Tour: 15 days Europe discovery plus dubai
    Tour manager: Sebastian Mak
    Departure date 1 nov 2016

    I was very pleased that i had chosen this tour package from EU holiday. Fantastic itinery and great service from our tour manager, Sebastian. Special thanks to Sebastian whom had led our group with professionalism and great sense of humour. He even brought us to places out of his own will that have great scenic for photo shoot. I will definitely book a tour package with EU holiday from Sebastian the next time. I will definitely recommend EU holidays to my friends. Thank you EU holidays and Sebastian for making my honeymoon a wonderful one:)


    15D12N Europe Discovery + 2N DubaiHaw Kok Wee (01/11/2016-15/11/2016)

    Tour Manager: Sabestian
    Tour Date: 01/11/2016-15/11/2016

    第一次跟团旅游选择了EU 15天的Europe Discovery,原还担心跟团会很累,相比自由行会因时间紧迫而错过许多重要景点;但却不然,大伙在我团领队以经验熟练的带领下,对于其安排、协助等各方面都极其满意,他的努力和用心,让我们在旅途中欢乐并安心地渡过。感恩您和旅游伙伴在这短短的几十天给我美好的旅游回忆。有机会再会!�

  • 26 Oct - 7 Nov 2016

    12D9N All-In-Europe FootprintAziz Ismail and Jasmin Koh (26 Oct - 7 Nov 2016)

    Good afternoon EU,
    My wife and I participated on a European Footnote tour departed on the 26th October 2016 and it was led by tour manager Mr John Foo. We was well advice by Mr John Foo on the Safety aspect and relentless and up to date information was delivered along the tour route. The local tour guides and coach captain, EU engaged is professional and the information given was very educational (only to those who are interested to listen), even though times is restricted we do recommend that EU should consider extending it in a place like Sirmone Castle because of the alley the we can explore. Shopping times is more than enough unless you are willing to pay for extra baggage and the only concerned is that there is no air-condition and we have to leave the window slightly open for the cool breeze and ventilation, this might invite burglar. In my case, if my neighbour open his/her window it is just next to my open window so we decided to keep it closed.

    For the price we paid even though we stayed in a 3* - 4* hotel (we only need a clean room and bed to sleep) it was a Very Good Tour experience.

    WELL DONE EU holidays and Thank you Mr John Foo for your patient and EXCELLENT service rendered.

    Aziz Ismail and Jasmin Koh

    14th Oct to 27th Oct 2016

    14D11N Highlight Of Eastern EuropeKS Goh (14th Oct to 27th Oct 2016)

    Dear Sir

    We just got back from the a/m tour today, and would like to comment about your excellent tour manager Mr Hammond Choo who has gone through the extra mile in making our trip memorable.

    It happened mid way thru our tour as we were travelling thru Poland and on one of the stop point along the route for toilet breaks,my wife tripped on the rough granite stone surface and fell flat on her knees. She was in excruciating pain as she used her palms to cushion the impact of her fall. Unfortunately both her knees suffered from bruises.Hammond was among the first at the scene, and calmly spoke with her and accessed if she had suffered any serious injury or not.After a while she thought that the injury were superficical and not serious to warrant medical attention.Hammond told me that he would pass me some Chinese oinment"Zeng Gu Shui" and also Antiseptic Cream,citing that the Zeng Gu Shui is effective for treating the injury. We continously applied for the next few days with much improvement and managed to enjoy the rest of our tour. Indeed we are thankful to Hammond for the meticulous and foresight to carry this medication with him, besides the normal tablets for common motion sickness.

    Hammond is a jovial guy, excellent character and dedicated leader and helpful to everyone in his group. There is no boring moments for every body whether young or old.This is our second trip wit EU ( first one to Central Europe in 2015).We had fond memories and pleased with the professionalism of the tour leaders.We greatly appreciated Mr Hammond Choo for making it happened.

    Keep it up.

    Best Regards

    Mr And Mrs Goh Keng Siang

  • 14 to 27 Oct 2016

    14D11N Highlights Of Eastern EuropeYvonne Chin (14 to 27 Oct 2016)

    Dear sir

    We would like to express our thanks to Mr Hammond Choo for been a wonderful, patience and excellence guide.

    He not only took care of each of us ....(1st few days), he also have to endure with a little hot temper & slightly impatient European Driver (witnessed by Ms Chia, Mr & Mrs Lim & few others - however Hammond NEVER said anything or took upon us).. We also notice Hammond will quickly load & unload most of our heavy luggages (no doubt is a guide's job but we usually/mainly drivers are the one handling most of the luggages).

    Hammond not only bought tea break for our driver but also for the other group driver whenever we meet at rest area. He also paid for some of us who do not have the local currency.  The total experience was very nice and memorable when we started the tour we were strangers to each other's but when we left we have developed friendship.

    Hammond deserves a pat on his shoulder and good monetary gift/reward.

    Last but not least...the driver overall service is good.

    P/s Hammond - if you happen to meet Carly (the driver), please convey our thanks as we didn't manage to thank him individually at the airport...thx

    Best regards

    26th Oct  2016 to 07th Nov 2016

    12D9N All-In-Europe FootprintVictoria Ong (26th Oct 2016 to 07th Nov 2016)

    this is our first time join to EU Holidays tour . we have total 27 pax among those who are
    2 weeks old honeymoon couple.
    2 year anniversary couple and
    20th year anniversary couple.
    happy family
    happy group of friends
    friendly seniors

    tour package is best . reasonable  yet met everyone expectation . whole trip was wonderful and joyful. every one of us were enjoy every moment , big big thanks to our coach captain and our tour manager Mr.john foo.
    both of them provided excellent service with friendly and approachable . they make whole trip to be safe and enjoyable for everyone. we are strongly recommend to those who want to have wonderful and happy holiday to EU Holidays
    and our tour manager MR.JOHN FOO.

    for his best service.
    to make our 20th anniversary holiday for happy memory  .



  • 8 - 20 September 2016)

    13D10N Italy Switzerland FranceVictoria Chan (8 - 20 September 2016))


    Just got back two weeks ago from our trip. Would like to write in to express my gratitude towards our Tour Manager Susan Tan. Susan was a great tour manager to begin with. She has a vast knowledge about the places we've visited. Susan also filled us up with the history and culture of each places and country. Susan was really meticulous and took care of us really well. She would remind us to be mindful of pickpockets and to stick to the group tightly so that we will not go missing. Also, due to Susan's great time management and route planning, our tour was smooth sailing. Despite already having optional tours, Susan threw in some additional tourist attractions for us to drop by for a short photo taking session. My parents and I really enjoyed ourselves during this trip.

    During long coach journey, Susan would randomly crack up some jokes to entertain us which made the entire tour group laugh. Occasionally, she will also request some of the tour members to sing us a song, which I find it really entertaining and made us easier to bond with one another. Although there were some hiccups on the first day after we landed as one of our tour member's baggage got delayed because it was damaged. Thankfully, based on Susan's experience, she handled the situation very well. 

    Overall, this was the best tour I have ever joined and will definitely recommend it to my friends and relatives. Lastly, we are really thankful and lucky to have Susan as our Tour manager. Two thumbs up for EU Holidays and Susan Tan.

    Victoria Chan

    8 - 20 September 2016

    13D10N Italy Switzerland FranceCharles and Jacqueline (8 - 20 September 2016)

    Tour Name: Italy, Switzerland and France 13D10N
    Tour Date: 8 - 20 September 2016
    Tour Manager: Susan Tan

    Our tour manager - Susan Tan is very talkative; she can talk continuously throughout long bus journeys of all the stories related to the next destination and even shared with us her own life experience. For those who had fallen asleep and missed the stories, she will repeat after each tour and come out with pop quizzes to make sure you remember what we have seen.  

    Susan is so famous in all the cities we visited. All the local tour guides, bus drivers and local business owners love her so much. Her popularity actually brought us a lot of privileges like the warm welcome we receive from several restaurant owners with some even waiving service charges for us. We will always remember the fun times we had with the owner at Bebbis, Grindelwald for our cheese fondue dinner. She also has a good relationship with local bus drivers who would work over time for her/the tour group without complaining.

    Overall, the itinerary was good but with Susan, it became better. She managed to change our itinerary to cut short the travelling time and to include additional itinerary for us. The time allowance for each destination was also sufficient and this was something that we really appreciate - being able to explore each destination on our own. This is also something different from the tour packages we join from other travel agencies and we hope that EU will keep this practice with all tour groups.   

    There were 2 aspects of this tour package that we hope could be better though:

    1. The optional tours - We hope that by stating "optional", we can really have an option to take up the tour/s or not. In some situations, if we do not join, we figured that we would be left in a hotel that is very far off and inaccessible. If that's the case, it is not really an "option". We understand that optional tours are sources of income but I hope that EU would be different from the other agencies and allow customers a reasonable alternative for not joining optional tours. Good thing Susan managed to make the optional tours enjoyable with her experience. 

    2. We were upset about the dinner arrangement on the night where we were in Florence - it is the first time that we paid so much for something so awful. If there is really no meal choices around the vicinity, would appreciate that the company can make the meal as part of the package. We can accept 1 meal or 2 in the package that isn't good but we can't accept paying 15 Euros a person for something that is just edible.   

    All in all, this was our honeymoon trip and we're still glad that we have chosen to embark on our journey with EU Holiday. We have met many amazing friends in the group as well. Both EU Holiday and Susan have done a very good job, thank you. 

    Charles and Jacqueline