• 14 Mar - 27 Mar 2016

    11D8N Europe Highlights + 2N DubaiSophia Seng (14 Mar - 27 Mar 2016)

    我也很满意带我的导游Tammy Tan,非常好!感谢你有机会在参加Eu holidays TQ.

    16 Mar - 26 Mar 2016

    10D7N Aurora Chasing In NorwayFennie Tan (16 Mar - 26 Mar 2016)

    10D Aurora chasing in Norway + 1N Oslo
    Date : 16th to 26th March 2016
    Tour Manager - Kevin Cheng

    We were skeptical at first about this trip after knowing there were 31 of us (big group) and it's also Kevin's (our tour manager) first trip to lead the group to Norway.

    To our surprise, the logistic was well-managed despite the big group, from the start at the meeting point at Changi airport, transit at Doha etc etc till we at our final destination Tromso. Kevin never forget to do group count on every stop and made sure everyone of us is there. He also make an effort to help us to request for rooms with nicer view during check in to the hotels.

    Our 1st Aurora chase was tiring in the freeze cool weather but we were happy and excited to see it only at the 2nd venue. Knowing we were not contented (we were grumbling) as Aurora chasing was the main purpose and one chase is definitely not enough. Kevin took the initiative to search for additional Aurora chase for us at Lofoten and seek our permission if we want to go for it. This was a surprise as it was not part of the itnerary. Thou we need to top up for this optional tour, we were delighted. If he did not make the effort to arrange for this optional chase, we could have miss our 2nd chance to see the Aurora in Lofoten.

    We managed to see not 1 but 3 times at 6 different locations. The experience was amazing as most of our tour mates were professional photogragher and many beautiful pictures were taken. Teamwork was seen here while we helped each other to take good photos. Kevin was considerate to set up a group chat for the group so that we can share our photos. Of cos, he seeked all of our permission again before setting up the group chat.

    We even managed to see the Aurora on board MS Richard cruise from Lofoten back to Tromso. The Aurora was like waving good bye to us.

    We enjoyed this tour and made few good frens in this group. The quality time spent with the tour mates were fantastic, we joke, have fun and look after one another during the trip.

    Also, we want to say thanks and good job to our tour leader Kevin for his patience and care despite the big group.

    Before we end our review, we like to feedback some of these as well which could do better.

    Hotels - All were good and excellent except we were disappointed to have to stay at the old looking Quality Hotel instead of Scandic at Narvik and First Hotel at Oslo.

    Optional Tours - Were surprised there isn't. Could be better if there are few optional tours such as Snow mobile or Dog sleging. I guess our tour mates wouldn't mind topping up since we have travelled so far for this trip.

    Kudos to Kevin. Will be back again to EU for our next trip.

  • 17 Mar - 27 Mar 2016

    10D7N Mamma Mia ItalySally Tay (17 Mar - 27 Mar 2016)

    Just came back from 10 days Italy trip with h my spouse . Was amazed by the tour leader/tour manager service and his knowledge. Must really recommend Mr Sebastian Mak. He's really helpful and authentic with his attitude. Always looking out for members in the grp. He's funny too telling us jokes.Overall,was really pleased with EU HOLIDAYS which are our 1st time joining them.Enjoyed my Italy trip with Sebastian.Oh,he always keep reminding us to be careful of pick pockets and keeping us safe at all time.

    16 Mar - 26 Mar 2016

    10D7N Aurora Chasing In NorwayLow Ying You (16 Mar - 26 Mar 2016)

    Norway aurora chasing 16mar16-26mar16~ this is our third time with EU holidays! Most JaW droPpiNg trip so far! Totally enjoyed ourselves... Gonna give cheers to our
    1) AwesOme toUr manager Kevin Cheng! His professionalism, dedication and patience has made our trip smooth and pleasant! 
    2) LoVing and Caring Fantastic toUrmates! contagious laughter make this trip very special~! 
    3) Splendid Dancing gOgOgO AuroRa!  
    4) ALL of the above contributes to the wonderful moments in a tour~!

  • 16 Mar - 26 Mar 2016

    10D7N Aurora Chasing In NorwayFrancis Tan (16 Mar - 26 Mar 2016)

    10 days Norway trip departed on 16th March. We are on our last leg of the trip right now, all I can say it was an awesome trip so far...

    We chased the northern light, not once, not twice, but three different occasions. The dancing northern lights was amazing, but what was even more amazing was the whole experience, it was cold, we were anxious, but at the first sight of the lights, the whole group went wild, rows of camera lined up and firing away, no one seems to remember how cold it was. It was a priceless experience.

    We were happy with our hotel room so far, most of them have good view, and were clean although Quality Hotel at Narvik was a bit on the old side. What surprises us was the cabin in the cruise was better than our expectation.

    Food was great especially the breakfast from the hotel, love the one at Tromso and Lofoten Island, as we were having our breakfast with great sunrise view outside. The other meals were ok, but some tour mates commented that the food were a bit too salty in taste. Oh... the Chinese food was a good reward after many salmon and ham meals.

    Our tour manager, Kevin, was a great guy, patient and meticulous about the details. He was always there to give us all the details from the first time we met him at Changi airport. We were well informed all the time, even with weather and northern light strength report. He even helped the ladies with carrying the tripod during the light chase, and is always willing to give a helping hand to be our part time "professional" photographer (or even model, while we adjust the setting on the camera for the right exposure) wink emoticon

    I know that if I keep those money in the bank instead of booking this trip, the interest paid for the money won't make me rich, booking this trip to see the northern lights and the whole Norway trip does put a tick on my bucket list, at the same time, got to know new friends, and most importantly I can have the bragging rights with my friends that I have seen the northern lights dancing in front of me, and it could be captured even with an iPhone.

    16 Mar - 26 Mar 2016

    10D7N Aurora Chasing In NorwayTheresa Loh (16 Mar - 26 Mar 2016)

    Simply love the relaxing yet exciting itinerary of the 10 days Aurora Chasing in Norway package! Hotels selected were magnificent with fantastic views of the snow capped mountains. Our group managed to see the beautiful dancing northern lights on all locations- including while on board the Ms Richard With cruise under the legendary Hurtigruten. Sea Eagle safari was another key highlight of the tour. Our tour leader Kevin Cheng is one of the most dedicated one I have seen so far. Doing his best to look-out for my 78 year old mom! thank you Kevin and the careful drivers! Highly recommend EU and this package to my frens! 

  • 3 Mar - 18 Mar 2016

    11D8N Spain & PortugalEddie Chan (3 Mar - 18 Mar 2016)

    我剛从西班牙与葡萄牙回来,这是我多年来參加过最好的旅行团,最好的领隊经理王家富,为我特别安排了与欧洲自由行的女儿、女婿異乡见面,虽是短暂的见面,那种兴奋难能可贵,还有在葡萄牙請大家吃最好吃的葡式蛋挞,請大家喝红酒,为团員準備生日蛋糕,毎天都带给大家欢乐,毎当換酒店时,还会亲自打电话到房间,问房间可以吗!回囯时,也等到最后一位团员出机后,叫大家 检查行李 才离开,这是我最美好、最尽责的领隊,一个好的领隊,可使整团充满欢乐,不只价錢便宜,服务一流,王家富我認定您了,我给您5 个赞!

    8/2/16 - 21/2/16

    14D11N Spain,Portugal & AndorraLynn Waun (8/2/16 - 21/2/16)

    Tour group: 14D11N (8/2/16 - 21/2/16) Spain,Portugal & Andorra
    Tour Mgr: Sabestian Mak

    We are a group of return customers. This is our 3rd time joining EU Europe package and again EU did not failed us. Most of all, for this round, we had a good and reliable tour manager who took good care of us. He is detailed and most importantly, he will not hesitate to go the extra mile for his customers, answer our queries, extend his best to help us where required. Having joined EU for 3 times, he is one of the best tour manager we encountered. We hope EU will continue to have more of such tour manager so that customers will have a very enjoyable and wonderful experience during the trip. Thank you to EU & Sebastian! We hope to have another opportunity to join the tour you lead again.

  • 5 Feb 2016 - 21 Feb 2016

    15 Days Europe Discovery + 2N DubaiChiam Cher (5 Feb 2016 - 21 Feb 2016)

    15Days Europe Discovery
    Departure on 5th Feb 2016
    Tour Manager - Kevin Cheng

    Big thanks to our tour manager Kevin who had taken good care of us and constantly reminded us on what to look out for and beware of through his "nagging" smile emoticon and really appreciate his kind actions especially he initiated to celebrate my friend's birthday which falls during the trip. Also his thoughtfulness to pack "Yu Shang" all the way from Singapore to let us "Lao" on "Chu Ba" of CNY and it came as a pleasant surprise to all of us. Our driver Mr. Pas is amazing too. His positive, helpful, honest and humor disposition had made the entire bus ride more enjoyable and he is always punctual. 
    A small flaw on this trip is the local food covered by EU. Personally felt that they can be better and i would say the worst was the Chinese lunch arranged in Paris.

    Overall a fun, exciting and enjoyable trip and I will not hesitate to book via EU again for my future trips 

    6 Feb to 15 Feb 2016

    10 Days Scenic Eastern EuropeEvie Tan (6 Feb to 15 Feb 2016)

    10 days scenic Eastern Europe 
    6 Feb to 15 Feb 2016

    Thanks to Mr Peter Teh, our great and experienced guide. He is considerate and would give us good advice at every turn, he took nice family photos for everyone and always made sure everyone is safe and comfortable. This is our first trip to Europe and the first time with EU. Our driver Mr Milan is also wonderful. With great tour mates and a great guide and great driver, even in the face of little incidents and mishaps, we all remained cheerful and were kept safe. It's a perfect trip.

  • 8 Feb 2016 - 21 Feb 2016

    14D11N Spain,Portugal & Andorra Eliza Choh-Lesniak (8 Feb 2016 - 21 Feb 2016)

    15D Spain, Portugal, Andorra (8 Feb 2016 - 21 Feb 2016)
    Tour Manager: Sabestian Mak

    Sabestian Mak is extremely responsible, knowledgeable, open-minded, detail-oriented, thoughtful, empathetic, patient, humble and funny. My friend - Miss Tan - was hurt during the trip. Miss Tan was grateful that Mr Mak stayed with her throughout the hospital consultation, enquiring and translating the important points. She felt very safe and calm with him.

    We are thankful that we have him as a Tour Manager during our 1st EU trip, even though we have been travelling for the past 15 years. He also shared other travel packages that EU offers. EU Holidays has the best employee that you could ever have. Sabestian Mak has represented EU Holidays well.

    I was also pleasantly impressed with the good quality of hotels during our trip. Out of a rating of 10 hotels, 9 was perfect!

    We are glad to have chosen EU Holidays for this trip, and will definitely consider EU for our next trip! Thank you Sabestian!

    5 Feb 2016 - 21 Feb 2016

    15 Days Europe Discovery + 2N DubaiFran Reyes (5 Feb 2016 - 21 Feb 2016)

    Just got back from our central Europe trip and I am so happy that we chose EU holidays and have Kevin as our tour leader. He was very helpful and accomodating to our needs. I can say he knows Europe very well and would give recommendations. I would definitely book EU for my next holiday and hoping that Kevin would still be our tour leader smile emoticon