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Planning A Sales Incentive Travel


Your team is the heart of your organization, and incentive travel programs are a great way to inspire and reward all their hard work. Incentive travel program is a good way of showing appreciation to the team for their contribution to the success of the company. Give your business a competitive edge with a custom group program perfect for your organisation.

incentive travel motivates employees

You can motivate your employees in a way that encourages individual excellence and enhances overall company performance. The healthy and friendly competition fostered by incentive programs can be enjoyed between employees, teams, across departments, or even among different locations.

You can plan and proactively create an incentive travel program carefully customised around the particular preferences of your group.

Finding a strategic balance between your company’s budget constraints, corporate goals and employee schedule can help you create a truly memorable travel experiences and incentive programs that motivate your employees, improve performance, and please the management.

Types of travel incentives

Hotel/Destination Incentives

Look out for flexible travel program, budget-adjustable incentive can offer employees limitless lodging opportunities. The packages can range from a one-night stay in a nearby city to a spectacular week-long escape at a magnificent destination anywhere in the world. There are hotel packages that include other amenities such as massage service, tour service, and buffet meals.

hotel incentive travel

Cruise Incentives

There are so many destinations and ships to choose from, making cruises a fantastic individual incentive travel option. Cruises provide a range of rewards to fit various qualifying levels, and can range in length from as little as three days to more than three weeks. Some cruise packages cover several destinations, like nearby countries, which allow the incentive recipient to explore other places while relaxing the mind and body from all the office workloads.

Sports Incentives

An ever-popular reward, sports incentives are perfect for the top salesperson, a corporate group, an exceptional employee, or your best client. You can create customised packages to exciting professional sporting events around the world. For instance, you can book a seat at the Australian Open Tennis Championship for tennis lovers, Grand Prix for racing enthusiasts, Super Bowl or FIFA World Cup for football fanatic. There are several famous sporting events across the globe which can create lasting memories when attended. Surely, many teams will be motivated to perform better if sports incentives are offered.

Recreation Incentives

Celebrate your employees with some well-deserved recreation and relaxation incentives. You can create a perfect custom getaway for any member of your team. Motivate your employees by offering their favourite activities in exciting destinations throughout the globe. You can offer a recreation incentive involving an exhilarating snow skiing in Canada, island hopping in Maldives, winter adventure in Switzerland, safari adventure in Africa or snorkelling in Bahamas.

reasonable incentive travel package

Build Your Own

Looking for something completely one-of-a-kind? Create the perfect unique incentive travel experience that incorporates your company’s needs, budget, and goals. Think of unique places that your team has aspired to visit or activities they dreamed to try out. For instance, you can offer an incentive program to Finland where the recipient can stay at the glass igloo to watch the northern lights or the Aurora Borealis during the night. There are many other incentive programs you can consider that will surely motivate the teams to bring more sales. The incentives don’t have to be super expensive, as long as it is something they have never tried before then it will undeniably catch their interest.